Earth - Recap

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Johansen checks over Young and he says she's beautiful, and then apologizes for hurting her. As they kiss, Young wakes up from his dream and is called to his scheduled meeting. He meets with Camille and the two of them use the communication stones to switch bodies with two soldiers on Earth at Homeland Command. Telford is there to greet them and take them to meet with General O'Neill, who says they've figured out a way to get them home.

Dr. Williams explains that they've calculated the power necessary. Young is skeptical, noting that it sounds dangerous, but Telford insists he's seen the situation aboard Destiny and it's dire. The scientist admits that the only way they can get further hard date is to give it a test run. When Young says he wants to discuss it with the others on board, O'Neill asks to talk to Young in private and tries to reassure him, but Young refuses to order his people to do something they don't want to do. The general reminds him it's not a democracy and makes it a direct order, but Young refuses to comply until he's discussed it with the others.

Camille goes with Carl Strom, the IOA representative, to the park and he assures her that everyone believes she's well. She points out that she was overlooked for promotion four times and asks for an explanation. Strom tries to put her off and she figures he is only dealing with her because he doesn't have a choice. Camille pushes for an answer and Strom explains that they need the process to work so they can get the Icarus project back on track. They're not convinced that Rush wants to come back. Strom concludes by reminding her how much she has to gain personally... if she lives.

On Destiny, Eli tries to explain how much power they have and how long it will last. Brody and Franklin admits it's possible that the proposed experiment could work, but want to see what Rush says. Meanwhile, Young and Camille return and talk to Rush, who warns that it's extremely risky and Young will have to choose who to believe.

Chloe and Eli prepare to use the communication stones to transfer back to Earth. Young joins them and they switch with Telford, Williams,and McCormack. Telford then calls Rush and Scott in and tells them he's been order to enact the rescue plan and he's assuming command of Destiny

On Earth, O'Neill explains to Young what has happened and the colonel points out he looked up to O'Neill for doing the right things regardless of orders. The general admits he doesn't like the situation but doesn't have any choice. Young then tells Eli and Chloe what's going on and admits the IOA doesn't trust Rush. Eli wonders what happens if the ship explodes and Young admits they'll probably die too. He informs them they can see their families while they wait to hear the outcome of the experiment.

On Destiny, Telford orders Greer locked away. Meanwhile, Williams and McCormack explain to the crew what's going in and insist that they will be in no greater danger than they already are. Camille backs them and Williams insists the best minds they have are working on the problem.

Telford goes to see Rush in the observation deck. Rush warns control over the ship's systems is limited and warns that their plan to fire ship's weapon systems without making repairs is extremely dangerous. Telford is unimpressed and says he only came to update him on the situation.

Eli finally nerves himself to see his mother and claims he's a friend of Eli's.

Chloe visits her mother and admits she's not sure how much longer she can handle the situation given the death of her father.

Eli tries to explain the situation without either explaining that he's there and when they will be coming back. She offers to make him some cookies and wonders why Eli hasn't called more often. Eli tells her that the work is important and his mother admits that she never thought her son would apply himself. He assures her that Eli doesn't blame her and mentions her health. When she notices that he seems to know where everything is, she begins to wonder, and insists that she wants to know that Eli is okay. Eli insists that he is and she asks him to make sure Eli knows that she's proud of him.

Telford accuses Rush of stalling, and the scientist explains that they need to check all systems for damage. The colonel points out that with only two spacesuits, that will take months. Riley and Brody prepare to go out, but a coolant leak forms in the airlock. Rush warns that if the ship's shields are breached while they're at FTL, the entire ship could go. Riley tries to stop the leak and it explodes, slamming him back into the wall.

Later, Johansen tends to Riley's wounds and warns that it'll be touch and go. Telford goes to see Rush in the mess hall and tells him they're begin the procedure the next time they drop out of FTL. Rush warns that Telford already got a man killed but the colonel points out it was Rush's decision. Rush accepts responsibility for his decision but believes it's necessary, and warns that there's a right way and a wrong way and Telford and the IOA are using the wrong way. Telford admits he tried to get Rush off the Icarus project and figures that he's worried they won't let him come back. Rush simply gets up and walks away.

Chloe calls Eli to see how he's doing, and he admits he couldn't tell his mother the truth. She asks him if he wants to hang out with her and her friends and she quickly agrees.

Young goes to see Emily, who initially shuts the door in his face and tells him to go. She threatens to call the police if he doesn't go, but he talks through the door and admits that she's the only thing that's letting him keep everything together. He says he just wants to come home and she opens the door and embraces him.

Chloe and Eli go to a club where Janelle MonĂ¡e is performing. A girl, Mindy, chats up Eli in his new body and agrees to dance with him. Chloe notices and smiles, and then asks about her friends Celina and Josh, who are together. Her friend Andy brings up Chloe and her father's death, and tells Chloe to pass on their condolences. Andy admits that he's got no chance of getting the Wall Street job that Senator Armstrong was going to set him up, and a disgusted Chloe walks away to the bar and starts drinking. Celina comes over and wonders when Chloe will be back, and says she has something important to say to her friend. Chloe points out it's obvious that Celina is sleeping with Chloe's boyfriend Josh. She snaps at Celina about how she's betrayed "her" and grabs her, and then tries to cover up her error.

Young and Emily are making love at home. On the ship, Scott asks to talk to Telford. As they step away, the ship drops out of FTL and Telford suddenly finds himself back in his body... on Earth, making love to Emily. Eli and Chloe are back as well, and Eli confirms that dropping out of FTL disrupted the communication stones. He tries to tell Scott something but the stones establish the link again and the Destiny trio are back on Earth. Scott tells Telford what happened and says that he thinks that Young wanted the stones shut down. Telford reminds him that it's now his command.

Young calls O'Neill about the situation. At the club, Eli tells Chloe and talks about the girl he was dancing with. The drunken Chloe explains about Celina and her ex-boyfriend Josh. He asks her to dance but she'd rather punch them in the face. Eli hastily gets her outside into the car where Chloe breaks into tears. She talks about how shallow her life was until she worked with her father, but now it's all gone. Eli admits he had a good time, until Chloe points out that Mindy was attracted to the body he's in, not Eli himself. She apologizes and admits that he's cute, and then bends over and kisses him. Eli hesitates and Chloe continues to compliment him, saying he's a good friend. She starts rambling about how she can't live up to her father's reputation and she'll never be like he was. Eli realizes it's time to take her home.

Camille goes to see Rush and admits that she has concerns, but suggests he get involved to guarantee their safety. As McCormack fires the weapons, Scott goes to see Greer and admits Telford will keep his friend locked up as long as he can. Greer suggets Scott shut down the communication stones but Scott insists that Telford is their commanding officer and they follow the chain of command.

Telford goes to see Rush, who is monitoring the power systems from the central console and has agreed to help. Rush admits he doesn't want to die.

On Earth, Emily and Young share a drink and she says she can't stand the thought of him being on the ship with "her." Suddenly Telford and Young switch again to their original bodies as the ship jumps to FTL. Rush briefly explains and then the link is reestablished again. The scientist wonders if Telford is okay and the colonel says that things will be okay soon enough.

The ship continues to jump in and out of FTL as it approaches a sun, much to Eli's dismay.The Destiny dives into the sun and Telford gives the order to power the Stargate as everyone assembles in the Gate Room for evacuation. The capacitators begin to overload and Rush warns the system wasn't meant to hold that much power. The shields begin to fail and Williams advises Telford to shut it down. Telford gives the order but Williams realizes it won't shut down. The colonel runs to the communication stones and shuts down the system before he is killed. Once Rush gets words the switch has been made, he easily shuts down the systems and tells everyone that they won't be going home... yet. Camille realizes he set the whole thing up and Rush cheerfully admits it. When Scott wonders why he didn't tell them, he notes that he didn't know who was on his side.

Later, Telford reports to the committee and notes that Telford abandoned them, and that Rush was able to shut down the systems. Williams wants to see Rush's data but O'Neill refuses, but agrees to maintain communications with Earth. When he asks for the personal visits to continue, Strom starts to object but O'Neill overrides him. Young informs them that the time he has allotted for the meeting is up and walks out on them.

Back on Destiny, Young tells everyone that they will have to work together and hang tough, but there will be sacrifices. Afterward, Eli congratulates him on his speech and Young asks him to review all the data and determine if Rush is hiding something. Eli agrees and reviews the recording of Young's speech, where he assures everyone they'll return to the ones they love.

On Earth, Telford comes to visit Emily.