Darkness - Recap

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Aboard the Destiny, Rush goes over the computer databanks and discovers something. He goes to see some of the crew, who have turned on some systems. Rush tells them that the systems need to stay off for a reason and the crew quickly turns them off.

Eli and Franklin give a report to Young and the others about what water they have. Camille suggests they can loosen up on the rationing but Young warns it's better not to take chances. Eli explains that he's found some showers that deliver a light mist. Rush arrives late and Young asks why he ignored his orders. The doctor explains that he hasn't been able to access the main systems yet to determine where the power loss is coming from. The lights flicker and Rush tells Young to order people not to turn on systems. When a technician tries to get Rush's attention, he grabs the man and slams him up against the wall, and then walks away.

Eli tries to get the crew to make video statements and demonstrates for their behalf.

Young speculates with the military officers and Camille about how much Rush is actually telling them and what he notes. The colonel admits that Rush is the best they have and for now, they'll continue to take his orders.

Vanessa James records a message admitting she doesn't want to die.

As Camille goes over the personnel files, she expresses doubt about the fact that they're reactivating Johansen as an officer. She admits that she isn't sure why Johansen resigned. Young says it isn't any of his business and goes on his way.

The crew discover how to recharge the batteries but Young tells them to wait until Rush gives the word that they've resolved the power issues.

Scott is checking out the shuttle when Johansen and Greer come to check it out. They wonder if he can fly it and Scott claims that he can. The men offer their condolences to Johansen since she was supposed to have been out two weeks ago. She shrugs it off and Scott has them go over the controls to see if they can figure out how to fly it.

Chloe and Eli are walking down the hall and she says she doesn't need him to follow her. Eli insists that he's taking the day off and says she should too. Chloe admits she has nothing to do. When Eli says he shouldn't be there and he's not capable, Chloe says he's underestimating her and Eli says she's doing the same. She asks him to show her the shower he was talking about earlier.

Young goes to see Rush and tells him that they can't be working at cross-purposes. When Rush insists that Young needs to check with him, Young says that he needs to know what's going on, starting with the power. Rush takes offense and Young assigns Volker to him whether Rush wants him there or not.

Sgt. Spencer records a statement saying he never asked for this and all he wants is to get off the ship.

Eli is carefully keeping his back to Chloe as she takes a shower. James comes in and says she needs to see Eli alone. He reluctantly goes with her.

Volker comes to see Rush and warns that he was told not to take "no" for answer. Rush insists he doesn't need Volker's help but the astrophysicist points out that Young will keep him there no matter what. Rush reluctantly has Volker go over the system and explains that their arrival has changed something after millions of years. Volker asks when Rush has had any sleep. However, when he questions Rush's estimates, Rush snaps again and orders him out.

James brings Eli to see some of the other crew who want answers on whether they're going to get back to Earth. Eli insists that nobody knows if they're going to get back but the crew believes that Eli is on the inside and knows what's going on. He tells them he'll tell them anything he discovers and they accept that.

Volker reports to Young, who wonders what he did to upset Rush. Young orders him back but Volker insists Rush is going crazy in a new way. The colonel ignores his protests and orders him back, but as they start to go, the Destiny drops out of hyperspace as the lights flicker and die. Young comes to see Rush, who admits there's nothing he can do. When Volker suggests they might be in range of a Stargate, Rush points out that there's no countdown. He tells Young that there are no reserves, and all of the power is gone.

Dr. Dale Volker records a statement and insists he's competent despite what Rush says. He tries to compare Rush to Mozart and himself to Salieri. It doesn't go well.

Eli and the others organize and people wonder if Eli knows anything. Chloe calls for help as she tries to dress in the dark, and suspects he did something. He uses the light from his cell phone so she can see and get dressed. He starts to leave but she asks him to wait for her.

Rush explains to Young that he didn't do anything but he's the only person competent enough to deal with things. The doctor snaps again and accuses Young of trying to undermine him by sending people all over the ship. He blames Young for trying to dial Earth and using up the power that he needed. As Rush starts to rant, Young calls Johansen in. The professor finally collapses.

Sgt. Hunter Riley records a statement and says he has no regrets about having traveled halfway across the universe.

Volker and Franklin confirm that Rush is right and they have all but minimal power to the shields. Rush is the only one who can tell them how much power they have, but Young warns that Rush won't be waking up for a while. The scientists warn that they don't have the power to dial out and they can't access the systems. Young turns to Eli, who says that he's sent a kino out to explore the unpressurized areas of the ship, and he's trying to reroute power from the shuttle. Young points out that Eli is the only one who is doing anything, and an embarrassed Volker and Franklin go back to work. Young tells Eli that he's going to report back to Earth about what's going on.

Lt. Matthew Scott records a statement and offers a prayer for himself and the others.

Back on Earth, Young transfers into Telford's body and vice versa. Telford is still in pain due to the injuries to Young's body, and finds a note telling him to use the crutch. He asks to speak with Rush and is told he's having a nervous breakdown. Telford goes to see Scott in the shuttle.

Young tells his superiors their screwed and then tells Major Peterson there's something he needs to do. They drive to a building and Green says he'll shout down when she's ready to see Young.

Lt. Johansen records a statement saying that she shouldn't be there because of her transfer two weeks ago.

After explaining the situation, Green leaves and Young goes to see his wife Emily. She's still not comfortable with him in another man's body.

Telford meets with Scott and Johansen at the shuttle and demands to know how Young let things fall apart so quickly. He wants to know what's really going on.

Young explains to Emily what's happened and she wonders why he's putting her through this. Young says that he wanted to tell her that he's sorry. He admits he didn't choose his job over her, but she says it wasn't just about the job. Young tells her that he loves her and then leaves. As he gets in the car, Emily runs outside and wonders what they can do about the situation. She points out that he chose to go and he knew there was a chance he wouldn’t come back. Young insists that he's coming back but Emily doesn't believe him. He asks her to be there for him when he gets back, but she says that he made his choice, she's made hers, and nothing has changed.

Telford orders Scott to do something but Scott insists that the ship came there for a reason. Young comes back to his body in the middle of the conversation and Scott explains what happened.

Lisa Park makes a statement talking about the fact they came out of FTL drive on the edge of a star system with a red dwarf. She warns that although the three planets are minimally inhabitable, the conditions may not be good.

Johansen checks on Rush as he recovers consciousness. She points out that he's been asleep for 10 hours and he needed it, and nothing has changed. Rush admits that he's embarrassed and Johansen explains that Rush and other crew are in caffeine withdrawal. The smokers are even worse. She takes him to the colonel to see what's going on.

Eli wants Rush to make a video statement. Rush doesn't say anything.

The Destiny approaches the gas giant in the system on automatic. They'll come out of the slingshot near an inhabited planet and Rush quickly figures everything out. He takes over the controls and then explains to Young that he was suffering from withdrawal symptoms. Rush has no interest in apologizing for what he said.

Engineer Adam Brody records a statement and admits that he was going to die in space.

Young warns the crew that they're going to have turbulence as they skim the atmosphere. Eli shows his friend how to operate the kino, and they interrupt James at an inopportune moment. Nobody believes it was an accident. Everybody straps in as they approach the gas giant. Eli tells Chloe to come on but she's not interested and explains she has other things on her mind. Eli convinces her to come along and see what's going on from the observation port. They get to the observation port and find everyone else there as well. Chloe gasps in awe as they approach the gas giant. The Destiny skims the atmosphere and then safely slingshots away. However, Rush realizes that their trajectory has changed. The planet has altered the ship's course and they're now headed directly for the red sun.