Time - Recap

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An 11-man team from Destiny arrives on a planet and Eli records the mission on a kino. He interviews Chloe on her first mission, and she admits it's hot and sticky but not particularly frightening. Eli is soon complaining about the heat, and notices that Scott and Chloe are together. He notices Marsden and Johansen laughing together, but they won't tell him about what and he wonders if it's about him.

The team gathers local fruits and Eli is the first to sample them. None of them taste particularly good, and Volker throws up and complains of neck pains despite the fact that he hasn't eaten anything. Johansen examines him and he passes out. Chloe passes out a few seconds later. When Johansen revives her, Chloe admits that she has neck pains as well. Scott orders a return to the ship but Johansen warns that whatever they have could be contagious. She recommends that with 36 hours remaining until the Destiny departs, they wait and see what happens. Rush is less than thrilled at the news.

They establish a wormhole and inform Young via radio what is happening. He agrees with Johansen's assessment and tells them to keep him apprised of the situation. As Greer plays loud music, Johansen administers antibiotics from their dwindling stock to Chloe and Volker in the hopes it will stop the disease. Rush disagrees, pointing out she's using supplies on a hunch, but Johansen says it's the best they can do. Eli records everything on the kino, including the fact that Scott is rubbing his neck.

Greer finds something and takes Eli, Rush, and Scott to see the objects. They are large steaming mounds of earth similar to anthills, giving off sulfur fumes. They're unable to tell if the fumes are making the others sick.

That night, it starts raining and Marsden and Franklin are both stricken ill as well. Scott starts to come down with the same illness. However, before Johansen can give him antibiotics, small alien creatures attack the camp. Eli tries to dial the Stargate but it fritzes and they can't figure out why. The kino recording the entire incident is hit by a bullet and goes down, but manages to record an alien bursting out of Chloe's body and digging itself free.

Back on Destiny the crew finish watching the video footage... including Chloe and the rest of the expedition. Chloe throws up in disgust and horror at seeing herself die.

Later, Brody, Volker, and Park discuss the fact that they dropped out of FTL, sent a kino through the Stargate, and then a team of Scott, Greer, Eli, and Rush followed it through. They found a damaged kino on the other side, its databank full.

James tells Spencer and Becker that they found footage on the kino of the expedition arriving on the planet, getting sick, and being killed by alien creatures. They also found human remains.

Chloe gets hold of herself and Eli wonders if they witnessed events from a parallel reality. Johansen suggests they quarantine everyone who went on the expedition and the people who watched the recording, including Johansen, Young, and Brody. As Johansen coordinates with the others via radio, Rush notes that the wormhole was unstable and dangerous to use for travel. They continue watching the video.

Eli records the fact that Chloe, James, Marsden, Brody, and Spencer are all dead. The Stargate is unstable and they can't reach Destiny by radio. They only have 22 hours until ship's departure. The creatures are nocturnal and have retired for the day.

The alternate/future Eli rigs a harness for the kino and records more of what's happening. Volker has died from the disease and the survivors are coming down with the same thing. Scott was bitten by one of the creatures and is in a coma. Greer finds a cave and they head there for shelter against the creatures come sunset. As they prepare for the night, Eli talks to Johansen about how his mother was a nurse and she got HIV while restraining a junkie. His father couldn't handle it and abandoned his family when Eli was 14. Johansen talks about how her father was a tailor and taught her how to stitch. As it starts raining, Eli worries about how his mother would give up if he doesn't get back, and how he came to realize his mortality after witnessing his grandfather's funeral. Rush talks about how the Ancients evolved so they didn't need physical bodies, and hopes that they can one day test the technique.

Greer has walked off on his own and is blaming himself for the people who died under his watch on the video. Young tries to reassure him, noting they can avoid that reality by not going to the planet. He goes back to find out how it turned out but Greer doesn't want to see it.

Chloe collapses after complaining that her head hurt. They realize that she collapsed at the same time that people got sick in the recording. Four more people who have come in contact with the expedition have collapsed as well and she isn't sure if it can be contained. Based on the recording, they figure they have 12 hours until someone dies.

Greer shows Eli how to fire a gun. Realizing the creatures live in the mounds, Greer and Eli drop plastic explosive into them and kill a number of creatures. Back at the cave, Johansen checks on Franklin, who has the disease and is steadily weakening. With 11 hours left, Rush tries to reestablish contact with Destiny but the wormhole is still unstable.

The disease continues to spread and Johansen has no idea how to treat it.

Come sunset, Eli, Rush, and Greer stand watch. When the batteries on the flashlight start to fade, Eli activates the night vision on the kino and they open fire as the creatures move in. Rush runs out of ammo and runs for the Stargate. Eli goes after him and Rush says he's going to use the Stargate and go for help despite the danger. Eli goes back to the cave just in time to see two of the creatures burrow into Greer's chest.

Johansen comes in to tell them that she's discovered microorganisms in their water supply, from the ice they harvested on the ice planet. The antibiotics are useless against it and they were unable to detect it initially despite procedures because it was too small.

Scott wakes up and discovers Eli dead, a hole in his body from where an alien burrowed out. He confirms the others are dead and screams in anguish. With 45 minutes left, he goes to the Stargate and records a final message on the kino, and then tosses it through the Stargate. It lands in... the jungle, next to Rush's corpse.

Rush realizes that the kino went back in time. He checks and confirms that a solar flare hasn't happened yet. As he dials the Stargate, Rush explains to the others that if a wormhole passes through a solar flare, it can travel back or forward through time. When Scott tossed the kino into the unstable wormhole, it looped back to itself in the past. Rush dials a stable wormhole and explains that they have to go back. They have Johansen review the recording, including the part where the other Scott says he was bitten. She concludes that whatever bit him gave him immunity to the microorganisms.

They dial the Stargate to the planet, an hour before the solar flare begins. Young, Scott, Greer, and Spencer prepare to go through while Eli confirms that it's night on the planet. Johansen warns that she needs a live specimen to have the best chance of creating a cure from the creature's venom.

Eli sits at Chloe's bedside and Johansen warns that she may not survive. Eli insists that she'll live.

On the planet, the team spreads out to search for the creatures.

On Destiny, Vanessa dies as they run out of antibiotics. Eli talks to the unconscious Chloe and tells her how he feels about her, that they make each other happy. Johansen listens, quietly crying, and then checks and confirms that Chloe is dead. Johansen goes outside and Park comes over to comfort her.

Rush checks in with Young and informs him that Franklin, Vanessa, Volker, and Chloe are dead. Scott is briefly overwhelmed with grief but snaps out of it. The creatures attack, and Greer, Spencer, and Young are all overwhelmed and killed. Scott grabs the DHD and runs back to the Stargate with the creatures in pursuit. He establishes a wormhole and then records a message on the kino explaining that the solar flare interfered with the Stargate and caused it to loop back in time. Scott explains that the crew is infected and the creatures' venom will cure the disease. The solar flare occurs and Scott prepares to toss the kino into the wormhole.