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Life - Recap

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The crew exercises. Chloe practices yoga by herself.

Young watches Rush via the kino.

Park and Cpl. Rivers make love. Eli tries to work. Franklin checks the hydroponic equipment. Camille sketches a landscape. In his quarters, Spencer takes his last remaining pill.

On Earth, Telford is waiting at the communication stones when Dr. Mehta comes in to tell him his shift is over and he's to take a rest, per General O'Neill's orders. Telford goes to have dinner with Emily Young. She thanks him for being there for her and he claims that he has an obligation to tell her certain things about her husband.

Scott leads much of the crew in jogging on Young's orders, and he finds Eli sluffing off. Eli promises to join in tomorrow.

In the mess room, Rivers tries to approach Lisa, who casually dismisses him. Meanwhile, Johansen sits down with Spencer and asks if he's doing okay. He claims he's doing fine. When Johansen questions him more closely on the fact he looks tired, he gets up and walks away.

Rush calls a tired Eli that they've managed to secure two more sections of the ship and he needs Eli to scout ahead with a kino. Eli tells him that he can't because he's performing a secret assignment for Young, and refuses to give in even when Rush points out that he's a civilian. A disgusted Rush says he'll handle it on his own.

Johansen admits to Young that she's worried about Spencer, and he admits he has similar concerns about many of the crew. He asks her to start doing psych evaluations. When Johansen notes that Camille would be more qualified, Young ignores her complaint and insists she do them herself.

Under Rush's guidance via the kino, Greer and his men check out the newly opened section of the Destiny. They find more quarters and Rush has them move on.

Johansen begins by talking to Franklin. He's not happy with anything, including the fact that he's been unable to grow food, and the fact that one of the soldiers shot him.

Young checks with Eli, who has been running the calculations for Telford's plan to power the Stargate. Eli admits that he can't find any way to make them work that doesn't end in catastrophic collapse. As Young leaves, he notices Scott and reminds him it's his turn to use the communication stones. Scott says it can wait but Young insists and tells him to go with Camille.

Rush continues to monitor Greer and his team as they find a chair that resembles an Ancient control mechanism. It activates as they enter and Rush tells them to wait until he can get there to examine it.

Scott and Camille find themselves in the bodies of Telford and an airman, Mooney.

Rush explains how the chair works, by downloading information into the user's mind. He believes it could provide them with the information they need to unlock the ship's systems. The only way to test it is to have someone sit there, but Young points out a similar device nearly killed General O'Neill. Rush insists it's an early model and thus safer, but Young doesn't believe it. When Rush himself refuses to volunteer, Greer jokingly offers but Young puts the chair under guard with strict orders for no one to use it until Rush can prove its safe. Johansen calls to inform Young that Telford is there in Scott's body and wants to talk to him.

Young meets with Telford, who wonders why they haven't sent the data that they have. Young says he'll get it when they have it compiled, and Telford wonders why Young isn't doing everything possible to get back to his wife. Young just smiles and tells him to get what he needs from Lt. James.

As Camille leaves for her personal time, Strom approaches her and asks for a progress report. She tells him that Young and Rush are struggling over control, and she isn't sure which one to back. He suggests that she form her own side rather than take one or the other.

Scott meets with Dr. Mehta, who gives him his correspondence. He notices one letter in particular that catches his attention.

Johansen meets with Park, and asks how she's dealing with the stress. Park rather unconvincingly says that she reads.

Spencer takes over for Scott with the crew's exercises. He drives Franklin until the scientist vomits.

Mehta accompanies Scott to the home of Alice Balic... and her 8-year-old son Matt.

Camille goes to the home of her lover Sharon and quickly identifies herself despite the different body. The two embrace.

Brody, Lisa, and Volker are discussing Young's decision not to let anyone sit in the chair. They figure it's politics. Eventually Young will give in and if it works, he'll be the hero. If it fails, Rush will take the blame. They look at Rush, who has been listening to their conversation.

Johansen interviews Chloe and asks how she's coping. Chloe admits that she isn't sure, but that the people on board have been helping, particularly Scott. Johansen asks if she's getting serious with Scott and Chloe admits that she's not so lonely with Scott around.

Camille enjoys a long shower and then spends time with Sharon, explaining where she is.

Matt watches Scott as he sits outside the house in the Air Force staff car. Alice hasn't been home in three hours, and Mehta is wondering if she should call Child Services. Alice finally comes home and Scott comes out to see her, claiming to be a friend of Matthew Scott. He tells Alice that he's there in response to her letter to Scott.

Sharon suggests that Camille tell her parents what's going on, or at least that their daughter is okay. Camille admits that the body doesn't feel quite right. As they cuddle, she notices the landscape painting on the wall, and realizes that she forgot to include the rowboat in it, in her sketch. She starts crying and Sharon tries to comfort her.

Johansen approaches Rush about his psych evaluation but he insists that it isn't necessary. He tells her that he's fine and walks away.

Scott meets with Alice, who sends Matt to bed. Once they're alone, Scott asks her about the letter he sent, and explains that "Scott" thought she was going to have an abortion. Alice explains that she decided against it, and didn't tell Scott because he had a lot going on at the time.

Rush is examining the control systems and finds something interesting.

Johansen meets with Greer, who insists that he just wants people to leave him alone while he shoots who or what he needs to shoot. Johansen turns the conversation toward Greer's father, who served in Desert Storm. Greer refuses to talk about him, gets up, and goes.

Scott and Alice share a glass of wine, and she explains that how her mother watches Matt while she works a job as a dancer. When Scott notes that she planned to become a lawyer, Alice admits that her plans changed. Mehta comes in to inform him that it's time to go, and Scott borrows her cell phone to make a call.

Major Peterson tells Camille it's time to go. She spends a last few moments with Sharon, who tells her to do what it takes to get home and assures her that she'll be there for her when she returns.

Scott makes arrangements to have his check sent to Alice, as long as she quits dancing. She insists that she's okay with the job and that she can't see herself as a lawyer. When Scott wonders if she even tried, Alice tells Scott that she doesn't want the money.

Camille stops briefly at her family home and tells her parents. Whatever she has to say doesn't take long.

Rush informs Young and Eli that he's recovered information from one of the unmanned seeds sent ahead of Destiny to plant Stargates. There's a planet one year's travel ahead with enough naquadria to power the Stargate to get back home. However, he says that they'll need to learn how to control the ship and suggests using the neural interface device. Young figures that he's trying to manipulate the situation to get access to the chair and refuses to allow it.

Scott and Camille return. Neither one of them have much to say about what happened.

In the mess, the crew is discussing Rush's discovery. He suggests that they do whatever is necessary and goes back to Greer's suggestion that he sit in the chair. Greer is leery but Spencer says that he needs off the ship now and walks out.

Johansen meets with Volker, who talks about Rush's discovery and admits that he's nearly on the edge from being trapped.

Scott is trying to sleep but starts having flashes of Young's wife Emily... with Telford. He tells the colonel what he's experiencing and how he recognizes Emily from a photo he's seen of her with Young. Scott wonders if he had an actual memory of Emily and Telford together, but Young isn't convinced.

Johansen meets with Camille, who has heard about the planet ahead. Camille is glad to hear the news, but passes for the time being on meeting with Johansen for a psych evaluation.

Spencer picks a fight with Franklin and Young breaks them up. He tells Spencer to get control of himself or he'll be locked up.

Scott tells Chloe about discovering that he's a father, and that the mother has issues. Chloe tries to make light of it but is clearly concerned.

Eli is checking the databanks when he finds some new info.

Telford goes to see Emily, unaware that Young in an airman's body is watching. Young goes inside and accuses Telford of pretending to be him to sleep with Emily. Emily explains that Telford told her who he was, and then says that Telford told her that Young was still sleeping with another woman. As Telford makes a phone call, Young charges at him... and finds himself back on board Destiny. Dr. Boone tells him that the connection was severed. Scott and Eli find Young and tell him that Rush lied: he planted the data about the planet himself. Camille overhears the conversation.

Young goes to see Rush, who claims he planted the information to boost morale. They figure everyone knows about it from Camille. Rush insists that someone should use the chair to gain the knowledge they need, and Young finally tells him to use it himself if he feels so strongly. Rush balks and Young contemptuously walks away.

Eli finds Scott in the shuttle, hiding out from Johansen. He admits that he's avoiding her, too, so he doesn't spill something private that will get out among the crew. He congratulates Scott on his newly discovered fatherhood and things turn awkward. Upset, Scott indicates he wants Eli to leave.

Camille goes to the shower and cries.

Johansen meets with Young and gives him an update on the psych evaluations. She figures most of the crew is now avoiding her, and then asks about how his trip to Earth went. He refuses to talk to her about it.

Volker takes his turn at the communication stones. However, he goes to Young's house and attacks Telford as he comes out, and reveals that he's actually Young.

Chloe practices yoga with Eli. Camille finishes her sketch, adding a rowboat. Park is in bed making love... to Greer.

Young watches Rush via kino, and sees Boone regard the scientist in disgust for his deceit.

Franklin finds a single sprout growing in the hydroponics bay.

Spencer sits in his cabin, alone.

Scott is in the shuttle, crying.