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Space - Recap

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As the Destiny travels through hyperspace, Young is in his quarters and remembers beating Rush and stranding him on the last planet they visited. Johansen gives him a physical but finds nothing wrong, and offers to talk with him if he has any issues with the people that have recently died. Rush refuses, and she points out that he has a lot of unresolved issues. As Young leaves, Camille talks to him and asks what details he plans to report to Earth about the incident with Rush. She notes that her report may cast some doubt on his version of events, and Young invites her to accuse him if she has to. He admits that he won't miss Rush, but he doesn't want people believing that he's capable of murder.

Scott and the others are talking about Rush's supposed death, and some believe it was a good thing. Young arrives and he prepares to use the stones to report back to Earth. As Eli monitors them, Johansen and Lt. James come in, and James talks about Dr. Caine. She's unaware that he can overhear her until too late. After she leaves, Dr. Caine begins the transfer involving Young and the communication stones. He tries one and finds himself in the body of an alien aboard a distant spaceship.

On Destiny, the alien finds itself in Young and immediately attacks Scott and the others. Caine breaks the connection and Young is restored to his body. Afterward, Caine admits that he doesn't know much about the stones, and Johansen suggests that Young might have hallucinated the experience. Young insists that he was on an alien ship, and puts the communication room off limits until they get some answers.

As Young repairs his socks, Camille comes to visit him and suggests that the malfunction is a bit too convenient. She warns that it won't stop her from filing her report and accuses him of killing Rush, but Young refuses to back down.

Chloe sits down for lunch with Eli, who is in a bad mood. He admits he hasn't slept much because Young has him working on everything that Rush was working on. They overhear the crew discussing whether Young murdered Rush.

Camille meets with her civilian allies to discuss Young's control of the ship. Eli monitors them as Camille admits that she doesn't know what to do next.

The Destiny stops at a new planet orbiting a red dwarf. It has a breathable atmosphere but Caine warns against solar flares. They suit up and Young prepares to take a team through the Stargate. However, James arrives and informs them that an alien ship has arrived nearby. It merely sits and watches them and Eli suggests they communicate with it. Young tells him to open a channel in Ancient language, while Scott suggests that they're the same aliens that Young encountered. Young figures the aliens have been monitoring them for a while. The ship responds with a single word in English: "surrender." Young tells Eli not to respond and puts the soldiers on alert, and has Scott and Greer board the shuttle and prepare for departure.

The alien ship launches smaller fighter ships, while Eli reports that Rush limited the number of guns that could be on-line at once. While Eli tries to get around Rush's programming, Scott and Greer depart in the shuttle and open fire. Some of the fighters get past them and Eli manages to open fire. The Destiny takes heavy fire and the weapons drain the shield energy. Power surges erupt, killing some of the crew, and Eli begins to panic. When Young pressures him, Eli says he should have thought of that before he got rid of Rush.

Scott and Greer fly closer to the main ship, while James manages to cut off the power at the main circuit board so that Johansen can get to the injured crew.

In her quarters, Chloe sees one of the fighters attach itself to the Destiny's hull. She goes to investigate as the aliens cut a hole in the ship. Airman Dunning also hears the sound and comes to check on it. Seconds later, it departs and the other ships pull back. The hole in the ship seals automatically as Dunning avoids being pulled out by the decompression. He then calls Young to tell him what happened.

Scott and Greer fire on the retreating ships, but Young orders them back and warns that Chloe may be on board one of the ships. Once they get back, Young speculates that the attack was a distraction so the aliens could take prisoners. He refuses to grant Scott permission to attack, and tells them that he's going to use the communication device to return to the alien ship.

Chloe wakes up inside of a tank full of liquid. An alien approaches her containment unit and peers at her intently.

Johansen tends to the wounded and Camille volunteers to help. She informs Johansen that Chloe was taken. They call the mildly injured Caine to help them with the communication stones. They tie Young down, while Scott warns that it's a bad idea. They activate the stones and Young finds himself back aboard the alien ship. While he explores, the alien in Young's body struggles against its bonds.

Young finds more of the aliens, who don't seem to notice anything amiss.

Scott tries to communicate with the alien, but it apparently doesn't understand English.

Young finds a sealed door with a containment unit and investigates. Inside is Rush, unconscious and restrained in a manner similarly to Chloe. Young seals the chamber and tries to work out how to free Rush. He ends up using a pipe to shatter the glass. Rush perceives him as an alien, and Young tries to reassure him. The scientist removes a monitoring device from his forehead and realizes that it's a mind-reading device. Rush takes another one from the console and gives it to Rush, who accepts it. They both scream in pain, and Rush gains enough telepathic messages to realize that it's Young. The telepathic transmission disrupts the communication stone link, and Young is returned to his body. The alien ship closes in on them.

Rush taps into the alien's thoughts and gets images of the ship and the abducted Chloe. The alien attacks him. They struggle and Rush throttles the alien.

Young orders Caine to restore the communication stone link. However, since it's dead, they're unable to establish a connection. The aliens open fire and Eli warns the shields won't hold for long. Young tells him to bring the main weapon online and fire on the base ship. When Scott objects because Chloe may be on board, Young repeats his order.

Rush grabs a pipe and goes to find Chloe, as weapon fire shake the alien ship.

The Destiny is unable to maintain weapon fire as the shield energy drops and overloads threaten. Meanwhile, Scott goes to the shuttle to rescue Chloe.

Rush frees Chloe, removes the telepathic monitor, and assures her that he's there to rescue her. He takes her out of the chamber and into the hallways.

Young orders Eli to transfer all energy to weapons and fire on the base ship. Meanwhile, Greer insists on going with Scott on his personal mission to rescue Chloe. All of the alien ships retreat except one, which attaches itself to the Destiny. Greer and Scott investigate and find Chloe and Rush, who used the ship to escape. Greer informs Young that Rush is back from the dead.

Later, Rush tells the crew that he was exploring the alien wreck when the new aliens arrived and captured him. When they wonder if Young left him to die, Rush lies and confirms Young's story. He then admits he doesn't remember much after the aliens abducted him and kept him unconscious most of the time. They were unable to get anything from his mind, and he believes that they want Destiny, and a way past their defenses.

Rush comes to see Young in his quarters. The scientist wonders if Young is going to try and kill him again, given he fired on the alien ship, but Young points out that he also was willing to sacrifice Chloe's life for the greater good. Rush admits that he provoked Young, and the colonel admits that he had some pangs about abandoning Rush. They decide to work together to avoid morale issues, but Young wonders if they can work like nothing happened. Rush points out that they were never friends.

Caine stops by to see Johansen on the observation deck and offer her some home-brewed gin. She asks what he thinks of James, and Caine notes that it could become awkward if things didn't work out. Young comes by and, unseen, listens to their conversation.

Chloe sleeps with Scott in his quarters.

James sits alone in her quarters and cries.

Rush returns to his work on the ship's systems.

Eli and Young continue to monitor Camille and her co-conspirators.

Greer looks at an old well-worn photograph.

Johansen tends to the injured in the sickbay.

Caine sits on the observation bay and drinks alone.

Young darns his socks.

Rush meets secretly with Camille in the hydroponics bay and warns that Young is dangerous. She agrees that they need to do something about the colonel. When Rush notes that he tried and almost got killed, Camille assures him that the next time will be different.