Stargate Universe

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How many tie-in webisodes were produced Medium msd85• 33
• 34
• 35
• 36
How many episodes were in the second season Medium msd85• 19
On what cable network did the show air Medium msd85• TNT
• Syfy
How many episodes were in the series total Medium msd85• 38
• 39
• 40
How many seasons did Stargate Universe run Medium msd85• 1
• 2
• 4
Witch cast member is watching all other STARGATE shows episodes, before he play in SGU. Hard Bazikcho• •Robert Carlyle - played - Doctor Nicholas Rush
• •David Blue - played - Eli Wallace
• Brian J. Smith - played - Lt. Matthew Scott
Season 1, Episode 9 :: Who deleted evidence from the Kino Easy DonnieDarko• Colonel Everett Young
• Master Sergeant Tamara Johansen
• Doctor Nicholas Rush
Season 1, Episode 9 :: Life: In which room is the gun found Medium DonnieDarko• Eli Wallace
• Sr. Sergeant Ronald Greer
• Colonel Everett Young
Season 1, Episode 9 :: Life: Who is killed at the beginning of this ep Medium DonnieDarko• Sgt. Spencer
• Sr. Sergeant Ronald Greer
• Chloe Armstrong
• Doctor Nicholas Rush
Which show was the predecessor of SG-Universe Easy DonnieDarko• SG-1
• SG-Infinity
On which network does the show air Easy DonnieDarko• Sci-fi
• Syfy
In which of those movies did Robert Carlyle (Dr. Rush) appear Medium DonnieDarko• 28 Weeks Later
• Snatch
Network: Syfy ( USA)
Type: Scripted
Genres: Sci-Fi
Status: Canceled
Airs: Mondays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: October 02, 2009
Ended: May 09, 2011
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