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Season 4

72 :04x01 - Discomania

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Guest Stars: Pierrino Mascarino as Tony Mariposa | Michele Turner as Waitress | Bunny Summers as Mrs. Pat K. Anderson | Paula Sills as Michelle Brady | Debbie Chaffin Pare as Rita | Tom Tarpey as Officer Harding | Amanda McBroom as Sergeant Lizzie Thorpe | Susan Duvall as Judith | Bruce Scott as Walt | Adrian Zmed as Marty Decker
Director: Arthur Marks

73 :04x02 - The Game

The cops plan a game to gauge their ability to track down a suspect after they failed to get Ray Pardee.

Hutch is to hide for a week and Starsky must find him or eat his words because he blames Hutch's incompetence for losing Pardee.

But their game is complicated when Hutch gets food poisoning.
Guest Stars: Joseph R. Sicari as Ernie Silvers | D.J. O'Neill as Officer Simmons | Jack Ging as Samuels | Suzanne Charney as Gina | Raymond Allen (2) as Merle the Earl | Liz Torres as Anita
Director: Leo Penn
Writer: Tim Maschler

74 :04x03 - Blindfold

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Guest Stars: Howard George as Pinky | Joan Pringle as Sharon | Sheldon Allman as Doctor | Robin Strand as Kenny Widdicombe | Gary Wood as Don Widdicombe | Kim Cattrall as Emily Harrison
Director: Leo Penn

75 :04x04 - Photo Finish

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Guest Stars: Eldon Burke as Patrolman | Jayson Kane as Troy Braddock | Annie O'Donnell as Secretary | Hank Brandt as John Reinhart | Sally Kirkland as Greta Wren / Dora Pruitt | Lois Hamilton as Paula | Fran Ryan as Landlady | Shera Danese as Nicole Monk | Brit Lind as Marcie Fletcher | Graham Jarvis as Basil Monk
Director: Sutton Roley

76 :04x05 - Moonshine

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Guest Stars: Don Maxwell as Manager | Lanny Horn as Kid | Dennis Fimple as Virgil | Johnnie Collins III as Frank | Bill Cort as Detective Hank Munson | Bruce M. Fischer as Rudy | Lee McLaughlin as Earl | Mary Louise Weller as Dolly Ivers | Shug Fisher as Sam Ivers | Zachary Lewis as Melvin Hall | Billy Green Bush as Willy Hall | Pat Corley as Ben Meadows | James Noble (1) as Treasury Agent Kendall
Director: Reza Badiyi

77 :04x06 - Strange Justice

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Guest Stars: Mary Crosby as Leslie Slate | John Zenda as Captain Ed Myerson | Susan Heldfond as Cassie | Fredric Franklyn as Hotel Clerk | Wendell Wright as Officer | Carl Anderson as Marsellus Cobb | Tom Baker (2) as Officer Chuck Dobson | Kenneth McMillan as Lieutenant Daniel "Dan" E. Slate | Joseph Reale as Lenny Biggs | Woody Eney as District Attorney Arnold Rich | Leslie Bloom as Officer Dee O'Reilly | John Lisbon Wood as Higgins | Juli Andelman as Lori Prescott
Director: Reza Badiyi

78 :04x07 - The Avenger

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Guest Stars: Steve Mayne as Barman | Suzanne Kent as Girl in Disco | G.W. Bailey as Hotel Clerk | Charles Cyphers as Medical Examiner Delaney | Hildy Brooks as Bobbie | Michael Delano as Roger | Joanna Cassidy as Monique Travers | Marki Bey as Officer Minnie Kaplan | Tim Thomerson as Phil
Director: Sutton Roley

79 :04x08 - Dandruff

The butch duo pose as temperamental hairdressers as they pursue a master diamond thief in town for a big auction. But the Baron proves a cunning adversary for Tyrone and Marlene.
Guest Stars: Yuliis Ruval as Voluptuous Girl | Ed Wright (1) as Old Man | Sydney Blake as Lorraine | Susan Mciver as Nurse | Pearl Shear as Bernice | Stefanie Auerbach as Mrs. Doyle | Layne Britton as Shasha | Eldon Burke as Hotel Guest | John Fujioka as Adachi | Alex Rodine as Van Dam | F. William Parker as Harry | Norman Alden as Buddy Owens (Norm Alden) | Rene Auberjonois as The Baron | Madison Arnold as Dinty | Blackie Dammett as Ellis | Tracey Walter as Leo | Jacques Aubuchon as Davidowsky | Audrey Meadows as Hilda Zuckerman | Leigh Hamilton as Vivian
Director: Sutton Roley
Writer: Ron Friedman

80 :04x09 - Black and Blue

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Guest Stars: Maurice Sneed as James | Joan Crosby as Woman | John Petlock as Doctor | Mary Marcier as Nurse #1 | Judy Jean Berns as Mrs. Freemont | Susan Kellermann as Mary | Regie Baff as Elaine | Lili Valenty as Mrs. Greene | Pamela Toll as Nurse #2 | Mykelti Williamson as Bruce (Michael T. Williamson) | Vonetta McGee as Inspector Joan Meredith | Rene Levant as Train | Candace Bowen as Vivian
Director: Rick Edelstein

81 :04x10 - The Groupie

Starsky and Hutch go undercover in the fashion world. While they are concentrating on their detective work, they receive an unusual offer from a women who wants to help them.
Guest Stars: Will Walker (2) as Man in Bar | Feather Austen as Girl | Richard Milholland as Thief | Robert Loggia as Jack Parker / Tony Zucker | Gerald Hiken as Mr. Marks | Marianne Bunch as Barbara Wilson | Darryl McCullough as Security Officer Harold | Arthur Roberts as Agent Ed Ohlin | David Knapp as Bill Walters | John Ashton as Roy Sears | Caren Kaye as Melinda Rogers

82 :04x11 - Cover Girl (a.k.a. No Deposit, No Return)

When a Model, an old girlfriend from Hutch hears she has cancer, she decides to contact a hit man. She doesn't want to die painfully and wants a unpainful death. But when the doctors discover her body is killing the disease, Hutch has to find the hit man before he kills her.
Guest Stars: Russ Marin as Dr. Harriman | Bo Byers as Officer Richards | Frank Geraci as Bartender | Ken Olfson as Big Ed | Jerome Guardino as Lindsay | Calvin Lockhart as Walter "Angel" Allen | Maud Adams as Kate Larrabee | Marki Bey as Officer Minnie Kaplan | Allan Miller (1) as James Brady | Jeffrey Tambor as Randy
Director: Rick Edelstein

83 :04x12 - Starsky's Brother (a.k.a. Starsky's Little Brother)

Nick comes to visit his older brother Starsky in town. The Officer quickly notices Nick is involved in illegal business..
Guest Stars: Elizabeth Brooks as Marlene | Joan Shawlee as Mrs. Krupp | Liberty Godshall as Katie | Linda Lawrence as Carol | Brenda Venus as Sexy Woman | Diane Copeland as Singer | David Moses as Federal Agent Bronson | Stanley Grover as Federal Agent Frank Weldon | Jill Jaress as Officer Sweeney | Antony Ponzini as Frank Stryker | John Herzfeld as Nicholas "Nick" Marvin Starsky | John O'Leary as Gerold Victor | Nicholas Worth as Al | Eddie Fontaine as Jake
Director: Arthur Marks

84 :04x13 - The Golden Angel

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Guest Stars: Lynn Benisch as Candy Reese | Paula Victor as Stella | Richard Karron as Hammerlock Grange | Steve Oliver as Buzzy Boone | Hilary Beane as Camille Boone | Ray Walston as Tommy Reese

85 :04x14 - Ballad for a Blue Lady

A torchy blues singer puts her life on the line when her gangster boss learns that she is romantically Involved with Hutch.
Guest Stars: Malachi Throne as Nick Finch | Sandy Baron as Harry Owens | Arell Blanton as Casey O'Brien | Dominic Barto as Charlie Baron | Stack Pierce as Chicky | Jenny O'Hara as Marianne Owens | John Karlen as Deputy D.A. Stanton

86 :04x15 - Birds of a Feather

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Guest Stars: John P. Ryan as Det. Luke Huntley | Barbara Stuart as Doris Huntley | Allan Arbus as Anthony Reuben | Charles Cyphers as Det. Webster | Edmund Stoiber as Det. Henderson | Anne Ramsey as Evon / Gertrude | Marki Bey as Off. Minnie Kaplan | Martin Kove as Jimmy Lucas

87 :04x16 - Ninety Pounds of Trouble

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Guest Stars: Lana Wood as Sidney Acher | Peter Mark Richman as Schiller | Kaz Garas as Eddie Carlyle | Lenny Baker as Damon | Ann Prentiss as Mrs. Carston | Joe Bonny as Off. Kromack | Mare Winningham as Joey Carston | Marki Bey as Off. Minnie Kaplan

88 :04x17 - Huggy Can't Go Home (a.k.a. Huggy Can't Go Back)

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Guest Stars: Roger E. Mosley as Big Red McGee | Richard Ward (1) as Julius T. Washington | Bryan O'Dell as Junior | Royce D. Applegate as Dolphin | Liz Torres as Anita | Francesca P. Roberts as Cora | Lee Weaver as Bozeman
Director: David Soul

89 :04x18 - Targets Without a Badge (a.k.a. The Snitch) (1)

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Guest Stars: Ted Neeley as Lionel Rigger | Peter MacLean as Judge Raymond McClellan | Ken Kercheval as Deputy D.A. Clayburn | Robert Tessier as Soldier / Barracuda | Troas Hayes as Mardean Rigger | Heather Hobbs as Jaime Rigger | Michelle Davison as Judge Belin

90 :04x19 - Targets Without a Badge (2)

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Guest Stars: Richard Herd as Smithers | Bert Remsen as Franklin Anderson | Hilary Thompson as Laura Anderson | Gino Conforti as Blaze | LaWanda Page as Mrs. Swayder | William Prince as James Marshall Gunther

91 :04x20 - Targets Without a Badge (3)

Allison's father, Thomas May, refuses our duo's help, making them dig further. Then they discover that Federal Judge McClellan is involved in a multi-million dollar loan shark operation involving "protected witnesses," and things get really interesting.

92 :04x21 - Starsky vs. Hutch

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Special Guest Stars: Joyce Ingalls as Kira (Detective Kira) | Corinne Calvet as Madame Bouvet |
Guest Stars: Richard Lynch (1) as Joey (Joseph Webster) | Topo Swope as Arlene | Yvonne Craig as Carol |
Co-Guest Stars: Susan Miller (3) as Susan | Fredric Cook as Mr. Arnold | Garrett Craig as Richie | William Sanderson as weirdo | Marki Bey as Minnie Kaplan (Officer Minnie Kaplan) |
Uncredited: Duncan Gamble as Officer Hardy

93 :04x22 - Sweet Revenge

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Guest Stars: Beverly Hart as Jenny Brown | Sean P. Griffin as Jonathan Wells | Lou Felder as Schneider | Richard De Lizzi as Patrolman | Herb Davis as Thomas | Alex Courtney as Bates | Ivan Bonar as Lancaster | Conrad Bachmann as Doctor | Stefanie Auerbach as Nurse | William Prince as James Marshall Gunther | Herman Poppe as Orderly
Warning: Starsky & Hutch guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 10, 1975
Ended: August 28, 1979
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