Season 1

1 :01x01 - Pilot

Ann hires a new lawyer for the practice to replace her husband and former business partner, whom she caught cheating on her with their couples therapist.
Guest Stars: Sheryl Lee as Mrs. Petrovsky | Michael O'Keefe as Mr. Petrovsky | Ken Page as Florian | Chris Diamantopoulos as Dr. Phil Ericksen | Mary Mouser as Ashley Petrovsky | Loren Lester as Crisis Counselor | Thomas Frenkel as Viktor | Bridget White as Donna Rodinsky | Eamon Hunt as Cop 1 | Al Woodley as Cop 2
Writer: Amy Bloom
Songs: Ani Difranco -- Sorry I Am, Kings of Leon -- Wasted Time, The Weepies -- World Spins Madly On

2 :01x02 - Between Here and There

Ann and Phil act like they are still a couple to avoid exposing their failed marriage to Ann's mother; Ann counsels a transgender teen.
Guest Stars: Alex Loynaz as Luis | Rachel Cerda as Mariel | Chris Diamantopoulos as Dr. Phil Ericksen
Director: Arvin Brown
Writer: Amy Bloom
Songs: Sanders Bohlke -- O Hallelujah

3 :01x03 - Snow Melts

Ann counsels a woman who feels guilty for giving her baby up for adoption. Meanwhile, James' ex-wife visits and begins a flirtatious relationship with Taj.
Director: Rick Wallace
Songs: Otis Redding -- (Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay

4 :01x04 - Passion Fishing

Ann and Phil fight over the division of their assets; Ann begins to date Cordelia's ex-husband after they have a minor car accident.
Director: Adam Arkin
Songs: Count Basie -- Boogie Woogie (I May Be Wrong), Waylon Jennings -- Old Five and Dimers Like Me, Mozart -- Piano Concerto #24 in C Minor, Chopin -- Waltz in C Sharp Minor

5 :01x05 - Helpy Helperpants

Ann suspects Taj's teen daughter has an eating disorder; Barry becomes involved in a custody battle between lesbian parents; and Fred uses the office as a ballroom-dancing studio after hours.
Guest Stars: Jasmine Jessica Anthony as Ella | Iris Bahr as Elizabeth Ellis | Lori Rom as Mary | John Colton as Uniformed Officer #1 | Samira Damavandi as Jhasmine Khalid | Gezel Remy as Azita Khalid | Michael McGrady as Lew White | Yareli Arizmendi as Meena Khalid | Theresa Randle as Cordelia Banks, PhD
Director: Arvin Brown
Songs: Landon Pigg -- Dressed To Kill, Amos Lee -- Keep It Loose, Keep It Tight, Joseph Sitron -- Peter and the Wolf, Elliot Lawrence Big Band -- TNT, The Rabid Fans -- To Grandmother's House

6 :01x06 - In Bocca Al Lupo

Ann contemplates motherhood when a friend asks her to take custody of his daughter if anything should happen to him. Meanwhile, a patient of Cordelia's steps over the line.
Special Guest Stars: Courtney B. Vance as William Banks |
Guest Stars: Michael McGrady as Lew White | Sally Ann Brooks as Sylvia | Mark Harelik as Michael McDonough | Kevin Rankin as Arthur Cromwell | Savannah Stehlin as Hazel McDonough | Mary Jo Catlett as Mrs. Delvecchio | Burnadean Jones as Agent Jones | Richard V. Licata as Agent Ferguson | Paul Norwood as Doctor | Chastity Dotson as Cordelia's Patient | Rusty Schwimmer as Conchata
Director: David Petrarca

7 :01x07 - O Rose, Thou Art Sick

Ann turns to Phil for comfort when her sister visits unexpectedly; Taj agrees to family counseling for his daughter's sake; and James works with a boy who won't speak.
Guest Stars: Yareli Arizmendi as Meena Khalid | Cristine Rose as Dr. Rosalind Warren | Mo Gaffney as Kay | Joel Brooks as Dr. Nour | Tom Virtue as Mr. Pfeiffer | Cheryl White as Mrs. Clare Pfeiffer | Jason Spevack as Aaron Pfeiffer | Samira Damavandi as Jhasmine Khalid | Gezel Remy as Azita Khalid | Kevin McCorkle as Adam Silver | Alec Medlock as Bryce
Director: Elodie Keene

8 :01x08 - Lost & Found

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Director: Greer Shephard
Writer: Amy Bloom