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Season 4

69 :04x01 - Still Losin' It

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Director: Gerry Cohen
Writer: Ben Wexler

70 :04x02 - Still Using

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Director: Gerry Cohen

71 :04x03 - Still Selling Out

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Director: Gerry Cohen
Writer: Ed Yeager

73 :04x05 - Still Irresponsible

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Director: Gerry Cohen

74 :04x06 - Still Aging

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Director: Bob Koherr
Writer: Adam Waring

75 :04x07 - Still Bill Vol. 1

Bill's dad, Al, claims he is going to work on being a better father, but Bill is crushed when he realizes that Al is talking about being a better father to his future stepson.

Bill is looking forward to Al's visit after he tells him that he is going to work on being a better dad, but when Bill discovers that Al wants to be a better dad to his fiancé's son, and not him, he becomes jealous and acts out towards the boy.
Director: Gerry Cohen
Writer: Ben Wexler

76 :04x08 - Still the Fun One

Bill and Judy finally meet a couple they both really enjoy, but then they start to compete against each other to see which of them the couple likes best.

When the Miller's meet a couple they both want to hang out with, they end up driving their new friends nuts by one-upping each other to prove who is more fun. Meanwhile, when Brian mixes up his cell phone with Linda's, he discovers some revealing pictures of her on it.
Guest Stars: Diedrich Bader as Bob
Director: Lynn McCracken

77 :04x09 - Still Avoiding Christmas

Brian and Lauren are decidedly Scrooge-like when they go to extremes to avoid spending Christmas with their family.

When Judy asks for Brian and Lauren's help to prepare for the Christmas festivities, the kids devise a plan to avoid the chores and holiday family time altogether. But when Bill, Judy and Tina leave for Judy's parent's house and Lauren and Brian begin to celebrate their craftiness in pulling a fast one on their parents, they begin to realize that their devious escape may not be so perfect after all.
Director: Ken Whittingham

78 :04x10 - Still a Team

After working to score tickets to see the Rolling Stones, Bill and Judy may have to give up on their hopes of seeing them in concert. They work every angle to secure a pair, but the Miller's soon realize that sometimes no matter how hard you try, in the words of the Stones, "you can't always get what you want."
Guest Stars: Kerri Kenney as Marion | Selita Ebanks as Woman
Director: Gerry Cohen
Writer: Adam Waring

79 :04x11 - Still Sweet

In an effort to bond with Lauren, Judy offers to throw a Sweet 16 party for her that they can plan together. Lauren is thrilled and Judy over-promises on the party to keep her happy. Fortunately, Louise's husband comes to the financial rescue, but unfortunately for Judy, it leaves Louise feeling entitled to plan all of the details with Lauren.
Guest Stars: Sally Struthers as Bill's mom / Louise
Director: Joel Murray

80 :04x12 - Still Decorating

When Perry does not come home to help Linda redecorate their apartment, Linda picks up a new decorating project and perhaps a new man, much to Bill and Judy's dismay.

Frustrated that Perry is not coming home, Linda decides to help Kyle redecorate his bachelor pad with a more updated and mature look. But when Linda starts to get rid of all the toys in Kyle's place that Bill and Judy love, the two come up with a plan to get Perry back in town.

Meanwhile, Lauren and Brian wager on how long their Aunt Linda's marriage will last.
Guest Stars: James Patrick Stuart as Perry | Todd Stashwick as Kyle | Wendy Worthington as Mrs.Velsey | Douglas Fisher as Butler | Tony Jones (1) as Mover
Director: Mark Cendrowski

81 :04x13 - Still Flunking

After hearing that Brian is failing gym class, Bill chats with his gym teacher, who happens to be an old classmate of his and the teacher agrees to give Brian a break. However, he soon changes his mind when he recalls the jokes Bill made at his expense during their high school years.

Meanwhile, with her husband out of town, Louise finds herself with plenty of free time to teach her family some new skills, including needlepoint.
Guest Stars: Sally Struthers as Louise | Thomas F. Wilson as Coach Stone | Kellie Young as Elisa | Victor Rojas as Dexter | David Wach as Arnie | Terri Cavanaugh as Square Dance Teacher | J.C. Crimp as Reuben |
Uncredited: Branden Weslee Kong as Gym Boy
Director: Joel Murray

82 :04x14 - Still Out of the Loop

When Bill discovers birth control pills in Lauren's purse, he decides it is time to take over the parenting reigns from Judy and become more involved in his teenage daughter's life. However, Bill's continued snooping and mistrust drives Lauren further away from him, leaving Bill more out of the loop than ever.
Guest Stars: Lauren Schaffel as Becca | Scott Praefke as Nick
Director: Gerry Cohen
Writer: Ed Yeager

83 :04x15 - Still Eighteen

After spending his birthday in a club with his dad, Brian realizes his parents are right and that it is time to become a man and make his own decisions. However, Bill and Judy realize that Brian might not be ready when they discover that he has quit his tutoring job and is spending most of his time at the club. Meanwhile, Linda gives one of her poems to Lauren for a homework assignment, but wants to take the credit when Lauren qualifies for a poetry contest.
Guest Stars: Gregory Ballora (1) as Josh Milton | Tim Blaney as Jess Milton | Andy Forrest as Mr. Unger | Betsy Rue as Brandy | Jennifer D. Johnson as Sasha | Monique Cooper as Cinnamon | P.J. Marino as Bartender | Shea Parker as Ethan | John Chambers (2) as Stripper Puppeteer
Director: Gerry Cohen

84 :04x16 - Still Saying I Love You

When Linda cancels last minute, Judy has no choice but to bring her mother-in-law to the Oprah show for which Judy has been waiting years to attend. Annoyed by Louise’s non-stop complaining about the cold studio, Judy leaves to get her a sweater, but is denied re-entry and misses out on a huge surprise giveaway. Meanwhile, Lauren and her pals persuade Brian and his geeky friends to spend their meteorology club surplus money on a ski trip.
Guest Stars: Sally Struthers as Louise | Samm Levine as Douglas | Lauren Schaffel as Becca | Lauren Storm as Kaitlin | Todd Bosley as Neil | Ronnie Alvarez as Hakim | Angie Hill (1) as Paige
Director: Ben Wexler
Writer: Gerry Cohen

85 :04x17 - Still Coaching

Judy begins coaching Tina's basketball team and forces Bill to attend, causing him to miss the televised NBA games he paid to see. When he learns Tina's team might make the play-offs, he comes up with a plan to make them lose so he can get back to watching the pros.
Guest Stars: Kevin Nealon as Ted Halverson | Marin Mazzie as Kathy Halverson | Wayne Wilderson as Ref | Courtney Taylor Burness as Emily | Kylee Russell as Trudy | Lyrica Woodruff as Eliza | Chaise Goris as Hanna
Director: Mark Cendrowski

86 :04x18 - Still Bad

Judy tries for a better job with another dentist and needs the family to behave in order to impress the prospective employer, but Brian pretends to act tough in order to score with a girl---who happens to be the boss's daughter.
Guest Stars: Jill Remez as Denise Holman | Megan McNulty as Amy Holman | T.W. Leshner as Trey | Liza Del Mundo as Tammy
Director: Mark Cendrowski

87 :04x19 - Still Deceitful

When Judy finds out that Joy believes Al is a millionaire, she forces Bill to confront his dad about lying to his fiancé about his dire financial situation. However, Judy and Linda eventually discover that Al has been lying to Bill all along and must break the news to him.
Guest Stars: Paul Sorvino as Al | Sally Struthers as Louise | Connie Ray as Joy | Charles Robinson as Scully | Ron Dean as Slim | Rachel Reenstra as Attractive Woman #1 | Stephanie Howard as Attractive Woman #2
Director: Mark Cendrowski
Writer: Jayne Hamil

88 :04x20 - Still Graduating

When Brian graduates from high school and is ready to move out of his parent's house, Bill and Judy secretly swing into action to re-do his bedroom.

As soon as they learn that Brian is moving out of the house, Bill and Judy secretly make the move to change their lifestyle for the better by expanding their bedroom into Brian's and making a master suite. However, Brian is mistakenly under the impression that his parent's are broken up about his departure and believes that they have become swingers after overhearing a conversation.
Guest Stars: William Ragsdale as Dan Goldman | Judith Hoag as Melanie Goldman | Karen Gracey as Passerby
Director: Mark Cendrowski
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 30, 2002
Ended: March 08, 2006
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