Stingray (1985)

Stingray (1985)

His name is Ray, but other than that, no one knows. The only way to contact him is through answering a classified ad about a '65 Corvette "for barter only".

What he does, is help people that have tried all of the conventional ways of helping themselves. For a price, that is. And the cost? One favor, no matter what he asks you to do.

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Final: 2x15 -- One Way Ticket to the End of the Line (May/08/1987)

Available Episodes

That Terrible Swift ..
May 13, 1986
Season 1 episode 10

Less Than the Eye Ca..
May 06, 1986
Season 1 episode 9

Orange Blossom
Apr 29, 1986
Season 1 episode 8

Abnormal Psych
Apr 15, 1986
Season 1 episode 7

Sometimes You Gotta ..
Apr 08, 1986
Season 1 episode 6

Below the Line
Apr 01, 1986
Season 1 episode 5

Mar 25, 1986
Season 1 episode 4

Nick MancusoNick Mancuso
As Ray


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2x11: Cry Wolf recap: Ray meets with Arnold Dodd, agent for TV actor Ty Gardiner, who plays Dr. Clinton Wolf in the TV medi-drama Cry Wolf. Dodd claims someone is trying to kill Gardiner and they want to hire Ray to find out who. Dodd tells Ray they know about Ray's payment and agrees to set up a personal meeting with Ty. They go to Ty's ranch house where he's in the pool making out with his vegetarian/dietician. She stalks out, angry, and Ray is ready to leave. Ty first snaps at him as a hired hand, but when Ray refuses to give in, Ty apologizes and explains his life is in danger. He also apologizes for being a jerk, rambling the writers on his TV show are to blame for turning his character into a yutz. He invites Ray to stay and have a steak, then watches him eat. Ty gives him a speech about how his life is on the skids, which Ray recognizes from one of Ty's movies. Ty admits that he set up a fake knife attack as a PR stunt a year ago, and now the police won't listen to him. An irritated Ray heads out the door but when Ty tries to get him to come back, a man opens fire from a car and then drives off. Ray gets the Nevada license plate number from the car as it goes... read more.

1x10: That Terrible Swift Sword recap: A figure wearing a raincoat and rubber boots stalks the alleyways of a city. The figure finds a prostitute and kills her with a cleaver. Nearby, Sister Allison MacKenzie is at a revival tent and talks with Reverend Dixon. She goes outside and notices the police cars, and goes to the murder scene where she tries to get through the police lines. She's unaware that the crusade's security chief, Lee Osborne, is following her... read more.

1x9: Less Than the Eye Can See recap: Ray is residing at a "friend's" house and preparing breakfast for himself while listening to classical music. Meanwhile, a pale sweating man is driving a truck toward the house and weaving all over the road. The man staggers to the door and hits the buzzer, and collapses into Ray's arms. He says for Ray not to touch him and mutters "mutated smallpox," then dies. Ray quickly reads up on how to deal with smallpox: clean thoroughly, burn all clothing, improvise a mask. He checks the man's ID and determines he's Louis Kelter with the World Health Organization (WHO). He then puts Kelter's corpse in a freezer, takes blood samples, then seals it with duct tape. Ray then douses man's car with gasoline and sets it on fire... read more.

1x7: Abnormal Psych recap: A private jet heads toward Los Angeles. Inside, a mysterious figure run a data search on the man known as Stingray... and finds nothing... read more.

1x5: Below the Line recap: On a late night at a diving platform belonging to the Pollard Underwater Center, a team of technicians plan to send a diver, Danny Murray, down in an experimental suit, to investigate some mysterious night dives. The boss, Henry Pollard, wonders if he's having second thoughts but Danny makes the dive. He descends into the ocean depths and as he goes down, Henry Pollard takes over the oxygen controls and triggers a switch disrupting the pressure. Danny's suit overinflates and then explodes, killing him... read more.
Recurring Guests

Robyn Douglass as Daphne Delgado (3 eps)
Gregory Sierra as Tony Mendoza (2 eps)
James Handy as Chief Nelson Riskin (2 eps)
Susan Blakely as Evelyn Decter (2 eps)

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