Storage Wars

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 Season 1(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
1 1x01 01/Dec/2010 High Noon in the High Desert
2 1x02 08/Dec/2010 Melee in the Maze
3 1x03 01/Dec/2010 Railroad Roulette
4 1x04 08/Dec/2010 War on the Shore
5 1x05 15/Dec/2010 All Guns To Port
6 1x06 22/Dec/2010 Senior Center Showdown
7 1x07 15/Dec/2010 The Old Spanish Standoff
8 1x08 12/Jan/2011 Midnight In The Gardena Good And Evil
9 1x09 19/Jan/2011 Collector's Last Stand
10 1x10 26/Jan/2011 School House Lock
11 1x11 02/Feb/2011 Gambler's Last Resort
12 1x12 09/Feb/2011 Auction Royale
13 1x13 13/Apr/2011 Young with the Gun
14 1x14 23/Mar/2011 Trouble the Oil
15 1x15 16/Mar/2011 Makings of a Mogul
16 1x16 06/Apr/2011 High End Heist
17 1x17 30/Mar/2011 Chairman of the Hoard
18 1x18 17/Apr/2011 Skullduggery
19 1x19 19/Apr/2011 Live and Let Bid

 Season 2(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
19 2x01 20/Jul/2011 Hang 'Em High Desert
20 2x02 20/Jul/2011 Buyers on the Storm
21 2x03 27/Jul/2011 Pay the Lady
22 2x04 27/Jul/2011 Santa Ana Street Fight
23 2x05 03/Aug/2011 Unclaimed Baggage
24 2x06 03/Aug/2011 Enemy of the Enemy
25 2x07 10/Aug/2011 Fire in the Hole
26 2x08 10/Aug/2011 San Burrito
27 2x09 17/Aug/2011 Tanks for the Memories
28 2x10 17/Aug/2011 Land of the Loss
29 2x11 31/Aug/2011 Almost the Greatest Show on Earth
30 2x12 07/Sep/2011 Bowling for Dollars
31 2x13 07/Sep/2011 Get Him to the Mayan
32 2x14 14/Sep/2011 Fu Dog Day Afternoon
33 2x15 19/Oct/2011 I'm the New Mogul
34 2x16 15/Nov/2011 Driving Miss Barry
35 2x17 15/Nov/2011 Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner
36 2x18 22/Nov/2011 Auction Sesame
37 2x19 22/Nov/2011 Stairway to Hemet
38 2x20 29/Nov/2011 Scoot-A-Toot, Toot
39 2x21 29/Nov/2011 The Empire Strikes Out
40 2x22 06/Dec/2011 Make It Rain, Girl
41 2x23 13/Dec/2011 Smoke 'Em If You Find 'Em
42 2x24 20/Dec/2011 The Drone Wars
43 2x25 03/Jan/2012 Brandi's First Time
44 2x26 03/Jan/2012 Hooray for Holly-Weird
45 2x27 10/Jan/2012 Don't Bid So Close to Me
46 2x28 10/Jan/2012 Not Your Average Bear
47 2x29 17/Jan/2012 Hook, Line, and Sucker
48 2x30 17/Jan/2012 Operation Hobo
49 2x31 24/Jan/2012 Blame it on the Rain
50 2x32 24/Jan/2012 50th Episode: Viva La San Francisco
51 2x33 04/Mar/2012 Highland Anxiety

 Season 3(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
52 3x01 05/Jun/2012 Third Eye of the Tiger
53 3x02 05/Jun/2012 May The Vaults Be With You
54 3x03 12/Jun/2012 The Iceman Carveth
55 3x04 12/Jun/2012 Here's Looking at You, Kenny
56 3x05 19/Jun/2012 A Civil Accordion
57 3x06 19/Jun/2012 More Like WRONG Beach
58 3x07 26/Jun/2012 All's Fair In Storage and Wars
59 3x08 26/Jun/2012 The Fast and the Curious
60 3x09 10/Jul/2012 From Russia with Chucks
61 3x10 10/Jul/2012 The Full Monty-Bello
62 3x11 17/Jul/2012 Dial C for Chupacabra
63 3x12 17/Jul/2012 The Ship Just Hit the Sand
64 3x13 24/Jul/2012 Willkommen to the Dollhouse
65 3x14 24/Jul/2012 The Yup Stops Here
66 3x15 07/Aug/2012 Buy, Buy Birdie
67 3x16 07/Aug/2012 San Burritos
68 3x17 14/Aug/2012 There's Something About Barry
69 3x18 21/Aug/2012 Dr. Strangebid
70 3x19 28/Aug/2012 Sheets and Geeks
71 3x20 28/Aug/2012 No Bid for the Weary
72 3x21 04/Dec/2012 Straight into Compton: Biddaz with Attitude
73 3x22 04/Dec/2012 The Young and the Reckless
74 3x23 11/Dec/2012 Jurassic Bark
75 3x24 11/Dec/2012 A Tale of Two Jackets
76 3x25 18/Dec/2012 Tustin, Bee Have A Problem
78 3x26 18/Dec/2012 Portrait of the Gambler
79 3x27 18/Mar/2013 The Big Boy vs. The Heavyweight
80 3x28 18/Mar/2013 The Kook, The Chief, His Son, and The Brothers
81 3x29 25/Mar/2013 Nobody's Vault But Mine
82 3x30 25/Mar/2013 Still Nobody's Vault But Mine

 Season 4(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
79 4x01 16/Apr/2013 Auctioning for Dummies
80 4x02 16/Apr/2013 Breathalyze This
81 4x03 23/Apr/2013 All's Well That Urns Well
82 4x04 23/Apr/2013 The PA Stays in the Picture
83 4x05 30/Apr/2013 A Time to Kiln
84 4x06 30/Apr/2013 Like a Kung Pao Cowboy
116 4x06 17/Jun/2014 Ghosts Don't Need Money
85 4x07 07/May/2013 Oysters on the Half Plate
86 4x08 07/May/2013 The Monster Hash
87 4x09 14/May/2013 Old Tricks, New Treats
88 4x10 14/May/2013 The Shrining
89 4x11 28/May/2013 Orange You Glad Dan Sold It Again?
90 4x12 28/May/2013 Barry's Angels
91 4x13 04/Jun/2013 The French Job
92 4x14 04/Jun/2013 That's My Jerry!
93 4x15 11/Jun/2013 This Lamp's for You
94 4x16 11/Jun/2013 There's No Place Like Homeland
95 4x17 18/Jun/2013 Total Wine Domination
96 4x18 18/Jun/2013 The Storage Buyer in You
97 4x19 25/Jun/2013 Fear and Loathing in Placentia
98 4x20 25/Jun/2013 Barry Doubtfire
99 4x21 02/Jul/2013 Battle of the Brows
100 4x22 02/Jul/2013 Super Bros. Shuffle

 Season 5(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
101 5x01 18/Mar/2014 Flight of the Gambler
102 5x02 18/Mar/2014 The Hills Have Buys
103 5x03 25/Mar/2014 Nerds of the Round Table
104 5x04 25/Mar/2014 Operation: Intimidation
105 5x05 01/Apr/2014 The Return of the King of Montebello
106 5x06 01/Apr/2014 For a Good Time Call... Ivy
107 5x07 08/Apr/2014 LBC U LTR
108 5x08 15/Apr/2014 Nuthin' But A "G" Thang, Rene
109 5x09 22/Apr/2014 Boom Goes the Dynamite?
110 5x10 29/Apr/2014 Zen Masters of the Universe
111 5x11 03/Jun/2014 Darrell Sheets the Bed
112 5x12 03/Jun/2014 The Donut Effect
113 5x13 10/Jun/2014 The Gutfather
114 5x14 10/Jun/2014 Grin and Barry It
115 5x15 17/Jun/2014 The Adventures of Max Profit
116 5x16 17/Jun/2014 Ghosts Don't Need Money
117 5x17 24/Jun/2014 Pay the Dan
118 5x18 01/Jul/2014 The Robot Cowboy
119 5x19 08/Jul/2014 It's Bring Your Kids to Work Day
120 5x20 15/Jul/2014 The Mom Factor
121 5x21 12/Aug/2014 The Man in Black is Back...In Black
122 5x22 12/Aug/2014 The Return of the Mogul's Return!
123 5x23 19/Aug/2014 Bunny Owns This Town
124 5x24 26/Aug/2014 Bowling for Brandi
125 5x25 02/Sep/2014 Deep in the Heart of Upland
126 5x26 09/Sep/2014 The Daneurysm
127 5x27 16/Sep/2014 The Education of Miss Profit
128 5x28 23/Sep/2014 Bid Strong and Prosper
129 5x29 30/Sep/2014 Hestered in the Highlands

 Season 6(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
130 6x01 11/Nov/2014 Auction Boogaloo
131 6x02 11/Nov/2014 My Little Brony
132 6x03 18/Nov/2014 Locktoberfest!
133 6x04 18/Nov/2014 The Emperor of El Monte
134 6x05 25/Nov/2014 Up the Ante in El Monte
135 6x06 02/Dec/2014 All Along the Swatchtower
136 6x07 09/Dec/2014 A San Marcos Mitzvah
137 6x08 06/Jan/2015 North Hollywood Hustle
138 6x09 06/Jan/2015 Who Let the Daves Out?
139 6x10 13/Jan/2015 Lock & Roll
140 6x11 13/Jan/2015 Gambler of Thrones
141 6x12 20/Jan/2015 Once Upon a Locker in the West
142 6x13 27/Jan/2015 Locker Mountain High
143 6x14 03/Feb/2015 Fontan-o-rama
144 6x15 10/Feb/2015 Mr. Nezhoda's Opus
145 6x16 17/Feb/2015 Leader of the Packed
146 6x17 24/Feb/2015 Lock & Roll
147 6x18 03/Mar/2015 Too Fast, Too Curious

 Season 7(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
148 7x01 01/Apr/2015 Padian: P.I.
149 7x02 01/Apr/2015 The Thrill of a Kitty and the Agony of Smoked Meat
150 7x03 08/Apr/2015 The Sweet Sniff of Success
151 7x04 08/Apr/2015 There Will Be Blood Money
152 7x05 15/Apr/2015 It's All Smoke and Mirrors
153 7x06 22/Apr/2015 Packed, Stacked and All... Trash?
154 7x07 29/Apr/2015 Bozek Is My Spirit Animal
155 7x08 06/May/2015 What Cowboy Dreams May Come
156 7x09 06/May/2015 Too Many Cooks in the Locker
157 7x10 13/May/2015 Tinseltown Tussle
158 7x11 13/May/2015 Ivy for the Win
159 7x12 20/May/2015 High Stakes and Low Blows
160 7x13 20/May/2015 Valley of the Hauls

 Season 8(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
161 8x01 21/Jul/2015 They'll Always Have Perris
162 8x02 28/Jul/2015 Some Like It Hotter
163 8x03 04/Aug/2015 Lock the Vote!
164 8x04 11/Aug/2015 All Bid and No Bite
165 8x05 18/Aug/2015 Just Deserts
166 8x06 25/Aug/2015 Auctions And Allies

 Season 9(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
177 9x01 05/Apr/2016 Mexican Grand Off
178 9x02 05/Apr/2016 From Dust 'Til Dawn
179 9x03 12/Apr/2016 Middle-Aged Mutant Ninja Buyers
180 9x04 12/Apr/2016 Downtown Lockers and Uptown Dreams
181 9x05 19/Apr/2016 Dreams of Cookies and Cream
182 9x06 19/Apr/2016 Who Wet the Sheets?
183 9x07 26/Apr/2016 Santa Ana Surprise
184 9x08 26/Apr/2016 High Scores in Arcadia
185 9x09 03/May/2016 The Lion of Lancaster
186 9x10 03/May/2016 Mary's Big Score
187 9x11 10/May/2016 Auctions Arriba!
188 9x12 10/May/2016 The One With Mary and Allee
189 9x13 17/May/2016 Sundown Showdown
190 9x14 17/May/2016 Father Bids Best
191 9x15 24/May/2016 The Fat Lady Is Warming Up

S02 - #131/Aug/2011Unlocked: Buy Low7
S02 - #214/Sep/2011Unlocked: Sell High8
S05 - #324/Jun/2014Best Of: The FindsN/A
S05 - #401/Jul/2014Best Of: The BlundersN/A
S05 - #508/Jul/2014Best Of: The StrategiesN/A
S05 - #615/Jul/2014Best of: The FeudsN/A
S05 - #719/Aug/2014Best Of: Jarrod and BrandiN/A
S05 - #826/Aug/2014Best Of: Darrell and BrandonN/A
S06 - #925/Nov/2014Best of: Barry WeissN/A
S06 - #1002/Dec/2014Best of: the AppraisalsN/A
S06 - #1116/Dec/2014Storage Wars|Xmas SpecialN/A
S07 - #1211/Jul/2015Best Bidding Wars: Part 1N/A
S07 - #1311/Jul/2015Best Bidding Wars: Part 2N/A
S07 - #1418/Jul/2015Best of Barry, Part 1N/A
S07 - #1518/Jul/2015Best of Barry, Part 2N/A
S09 - #1605/Apr/2016Barry Strikes Back (1)N/A
S09 - #1705/Apr/2016Barry Strikes Back (2)N/A
S09 - #1812/Apr/2016Barry Strikes Back (3)N/A

    Season 9 »
Classification: Reality
Genre: How To/Do It Yourself
Status: Returning Series
Network: A&E ( USA)
Airs: Tuesdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: December 01, 2010
Episode Order: 15
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