Stranger Among Bears


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I recently followed the story of Charlie and "his" bears of 20 years, and I have to say it was a sad, disturbing story. I am an advocate for bears and the protection and preservation of these mighty creatures--and I believe this man has put numerous bears and humans on a path of distruction.

His selfish need to be "one with", an animal that needs very little more than great open spaces and plenty of food to survive,has in fact done more to harm their future than pollution or human encroachment could have done!

He has been feeding generations of these bears--black and brown---and conditioned them to humans in such a way as to serve them up to being distroyed. He states it would "kill him" if he knew one of these bears had been killed because of him!!! HELLOOOOO what does he think he has done to them by encouraging and inviting news media and journalists to come see and write about what he is doing. As I am writing this I can hear trophy hunters booking flights and drooling at the thought of shooting and killing one of these beautiful animals to mount on their walls!

IF and WHEN he is charged and arrested for feeding the bears--he will leave a population of bears to wander around looking for the food he would provide. (I know these animals continued to hunt and forage for food even while Charlie was feeding them the years but it still leaves these animals and people in a vulnerable spot.

Fish and Game and Alaska wildlife have spent many, many years and unbelievable resources trying to study the movements and nutritional needs of bears to understand what they can do to limit the bear crossing paths with humans and someone or both being hurt or killed. As a child, I went to Yellowstone and would sit with my family (it was the "thing" to do at that time) at the dumps and watch the bears eat. That led to the park having to destroy so many bears...letting them eat at the dumps was the wrong approach THEN and this is the wrong approach NOW-both led to the bears being "conditioned" to search for food around humans without "fear". We have learned so much more about how to limit the conflict between these species. After seeing this series I ask WHO WINS????? Just a thought! :)

Review posted on Tuesday, May 5th 2009 at 4:01 pm