Pilot - Recap

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This episode starts off with Kim masturbating with an electric toothbrush over her and Sugar Kissing.

During the episode Kim tells Sugar she wants to have sex with a man and picks Dale as a subject. So Sugar invites Kim round to her house gets her in her room makes her drug and asks Kim to "Pull her."

On returning home in high heals which she can not walk in, she finds Dale having sex with Stella. Kim goes to call Sugar when there is a knock at the door, its Tom.

Tom is the next door neighbor's son, when in Kim's room he talks about one of her posters and ends up kissing her to tell her he's "not queer."

While Tom runs to the bathroom to freshen his breath, Kim decides to go out and find Sugar.

While Kim is out Nathan talks to Stella about Kim's Odd behavior.

Sugar introduces Kim to Darren her boyfriend and his friend Donkey.

Kim is not bothered by Donkey and ends up in the toilets day dreaming about Sugar. After half an hour Sugar comes and finds Kim and climbs in to Kim's cubical to draw foot prints on the walls.

On the way home from the club Kim cries in the taxi, when she arrives home she checks on her brother (dressed as an astronaut) and hears Stella on the phone to Dale in the bathroom.

Nathan brings up dinner and the show ends like it started with Kim masturbating with the electric toothbrush.