Tricks of the Trade - Recap

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The scene opens with Becky and Harvey talking and she is not happy with the deal. She tells that he has to have Ms. Stone sign an important document. Harvey walks out and meets Mike in the hall. He asks if he can stand in and he says that he can. Rachel walks by and Mike pretends to be in an intellectual talk with Harvey which she ignores. Harvey and Mike meet with Gabby Stone and Harvey tells her that they have made a deal to reduce her sentence to 11 months from the Department of Justice’s original deal of 7 years. Her crime is profiting on a $10 Million stock that turned out to be an illegal Trade. She says that she didn’t know that it was illegal, but her employer says differently. She tells that she doesn’t have the resources to fight this and accepts the proposal that Harvey is presenting, but she is not going to thank anyone. Harvey and Mike walk out with their clients and they thank him for reaching a deal that ends this. He says that it is no problem and tells Mike to watch her as Gabby’s lawyer and he sign the paperwork.

Mike goes into the room where Gabby is and she asks if he is worried that she is going to sign the deal or not. She tells that her father had his funding cut and that she was going to go to Wall Street to see if she couldn’t make money before going to be a teacher. Now she is going to have to worry if felons are allowed to teach. Mike offers to get her a glass of water. In the hall, Mike meets Rachel and asks who her friend was. She tells that she is Teresa and she says that she is trying to get an internship. However, their talk is interrupted when Mike realizes that Gabby took off. Harvey goes into the office and Mike says that he is sorry. He shows that she left behind her cell phone. Harvey says that he has to go talk to the DOJ and smooth things over. Gabby’s phone gets a text and it says that a guy named Bradley wants to meet up with her at the Hudson. Harvey talks to Becky of the DOJ and she says that she is going to go after Harvey’s clients. However, he says that the case against them is no-existent now. They just have to find Gabby and everything will be fine. Harvey asks where Mike went off to.

Meanwhile, Mike meets Bradley Regar at the basketball court and Bradley asks if he is from the DOJ. Mike hints around it, but doesn’t really say that he is. He asks where Gabby went and he tells that she went back to the company that is pressing charges on her. He thanks him and walks away. Mike calls Harvey and they meet up at the building. However, they find Gabby in the back room trying to find her “Tip Sheet” that told her about the stocks. Mike tells that Gabby isn’t guilty because her actions don’t point towards that. Mike asks how Rachel’s friend, Teresa’s, internship went and she tells that she didn’t get it. She says that she is going to be a paralegal because she can’t pass the LSATS. Mike sits down and his colleagues tease him about losing Gabby. Louis comes up and asks what they are talking about and says that they don’t tease employees even if they are incompetent. He has one of the employees come to his office and he tells them that he is to pick up his phone when he calls no matter what. Louis sees two tickets to King Lear. Meanwhile, Harvey is talking to Jessica and tells that there is something going on with Gabby’s case. Louis comes in and asks when they are going to get dinner. Jessica is shocked, but says that she will have dinner with him.

Later, Harvey meets with Dean, the owner of the company that has the charges against Gabby and says that there are some things that don’t match up. He says that he wants to look around and Dean says that he can. Mike shows Rachel the LSATS book and tells her that he can help her study. She agrees to allow him to help her. Mike and Harvey go to the Trader’s and talk to Sam, the head manager, and he says that he doesn’t feel bad about Gabby’s case and says that he mentored her. Mike looks at Gabby’s desk and finds a picture. He puts it in his suit coat. Meanwhile, Harvey talks to Sam about the “Tip Sheet” and there are electronic copies and he gives them up. However, when Harvey asks about the Trades for the year, he denies and threatens Harvey that he will bury him, but Harvey fights back and tells that he will take Sam down if he wants to fight back. Mike is impressed with Harvey and the way he fought back in the argument. However, Harvey is not happy with that because they need the Trades. Later, Mike tutors Rachel on her LSATS and she isn’t happy that she is not going to get every question right. Mike says that no one gets every question right. He says that Rachel can afford to let a few trick questions go and tells about his experience with Achievement Tests and that there is no 100% on it.

Harvey teases Jessica that she likes King Lear and Jessica says that everything doesn’t have to be about “Top Gun”. Later, Burt Kimble comes over and gives the Trades to Harvey, but he throws them away and says that Burt is hiding something and tells that Mike is going to have to get the lists to the Trades. Later that evening, Mike calls Harvey and says that he is going to a bar where the Traders like to go to. He gets there and recognizes Vince Landis and other people too. He walks up to Vince and tells that he knows him. Vince buys it and they start talking about their best Trades that they made that were not authorized. Bradley Regar comes in and Mike leaves quickly. He calls Harvey and tells him that he has the list and that he is coming over. A drunken Mike knocks on Harvey’s door and Harvey takes the lists and says goodnight. Meanwhile, Rachel has dinner with Teresa and asks how she turned it around with the LSATS. Teresa says that she paid a guy $1,000 to take the LSATS for her. Mike gets a call from his friend Scott who says that he has a customer for him. He asks the girl’s name and Scott says that it is Rachel. He says that he isn’t going to take it.

The next day, Mike and Harvey visit Gabby in jail and show the lists of Trades. They realize that they are all under $10 Million. However, when Gabby had a $10 Million Trade, it was flagged by the DOJ. She says that she suspected something and went to Burt Kimble and he said that everything was fine with the Trade. Mike calls Scott and tells him to tell Rachel that he will take her as a client. In the car, Harvey wants to look at Gabby’s lawyer because things don’t match up. Mike drafts up everything that Harvey is going to need quickly and says that he cares about Gabby. Later, Rachel is in the park and Mike meets up with her. She asks what he is doing there and he says that he wanted to clear his head. She says that she is there for the pretzels. Mike tells that he is thinking of Gabby and how she made one mistake and now it is costing her life. Meanwhile, Harvey goes to Nick’s office, Gabby’s lawyer, and asks how much Burt paid him. He tries to deny it, but when Harvey threatens the involvement of the DOJ, he gives in. Harvey goes up to Dean and tells that he has to get rid of Burt because he is a cancer. Burt tries to defend himself, but Harvey says that he was giving illegal “Tip Sheets”. However, Dean says that Burt is fired and Harvey says that the DOJ is coming for him and that he will get more time. Dean tells that he didn’t know anything about this and Harvey says that it is his job to know.

Gabby gets out of jail and she says that she is grateful for them to believe in her. Mike gives Gabby the picture and she thanks them again. Later at dinner, Louis tells that he had fun with Jessica. She tells that Louis is a great worker and tells that Harvey and him need to stop the rivalry and she says that Harvey is a bigger asset to the firm, but Louis is a listener. Harvey thanks Jessica is for the Yankee Game tickets, but she tells that they are for him and Louis. Mike goes home and Rachel thanks him for going out of his way for the LSATS. He says that it is alright and he says that he made the right choice to hold off on taking the LSATS. However, Rachel figures out that Mike is the “Test Genius”. Mike admits it and she tells that she can’t believe that he would do that and leaves. He tries to tell her that is not the whole story. The episode ends.