Identity Crisis - Recap

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The scene opens with Jessica and Harvey going up to Lucille Jackson of “Stable Shelters”, a company who lost all their money for investing in Anthony Mazlo’s company. Harvey tells Lucille that he is working on it to get her a settlement worth while. Jessica tells that Harvey is imposing Elliot Perkins, Mazlo’s right hand man today. Meanwhile, the paralegals are going over Lucille’s case and Mike laughs of the receipts that Mazlo has for Greece. Rachael laughs and says that her first time was in Greece. Louis comes over and tells them that they are to work, not giggle and flirt. Harvey comes in and says that he needs Mike to come because Jerome Jensen is there and he needs him. Louis tries to put his foot down, but it doesn’t work. Harvey and Mike meet with him and he says that he is worried about his daughter. He shows a fake ID that Lola had and says that he needs them to check into it. Louis comes up to Donna and says that Harvey needs to be deposing Elliot Perkins and tries to interrupt his meeting. Donna stops him by mentioning a day only he knew about. He folds and leaves.

Louis decides to start to deposition by himself and starts drilling into Perkins like he is a high-security criminal. His lawyer tries to stop the attack and Perkins asks for a break, but Louis says that he can’t have it. Meanwhile, Mike says that Lola looks sweet, but Harvey says that she is not as sweet as she looks. He says that he is busy with the Mazlo case and asks Mike to take this one. He agrees. Harvey walks through the hall to find that Perkins is getting wheeled out on a stretcher. Harvey goes up to Robert, Mazlo’s attorney, and asks what happened. He tells him to ask Louis. Harvey goes into Louis’ office and asks about Perkins. Louis says that he couldn’t take the pressure and is faking a condition. Harvey gets a text that says that Perkins wasn’t faking anything. They go into Jessica’s office and she is not happy. However, Louis tells that Perkins deserved it. Jessica tells that she needs to talk to Harvey alone. He leaves and Jessica tells Harvey that he is going to have to work with Louis on this case without fighting about it.

Mike comes up to Harvey and tells that the name is an employee of Clarity Drilling, the same company that Jerome owns. Harvey says that he is not interested, he just wants it fixed. Mike asks if Louis really killed a guy and Harvey sees that the rumor has already been started spearheaded by Louis himself of course. Harvey goes to his office to find that Louis is there. He is looking at Harvey’s records and says that he is missing classics. Harvey asks what he wants and Louis says that he is trying to build up a report with him. Louis says that he wants to lie about what Perkins said. Harvey says that they are holding off on all meetings, despite what Louis thinks. Mike goes up to Lola and tells that forging a government document is hard to do. He tries to tell that her father is concerned and that she has to return the money that she has stolen. She shows Mike why she did it and says that the water that they are supplying has harmful chemicals in it. Mike realizes that the company that Lola created was Locksley LLC, just like Robin of Locksley or Robin Hood. She tells that she is not giving the money back, she is going to give it away.

Harvey goes to Rachel for more information and Louis walks in and says that Rachel is his paralegal. Louis tells that Mazlo and Robert are in the conference room. Harvey realizes that Mazlo knows that he has an advantage and he is pushing it. They meet with Mazlo and Robert and they ask to settle the case for $15 Million. However, they don’t accept it and tell them to leave. After the meeting, Harvey says that based on what Mazlo gave them, it shows that Perkins was innocent. Harvey sits down with Lucille and Jessica. He tells that Mazlo is offering $15 Million, but they are not going to take it. Lucille tells that is a lot of money and says that if she doesn’t jump on it, she will lose her business. Harvey says that he is not going to let Mazlo win. Jessica tells that they are waiving their fee to show that they are going to get her a better settlement. Louis has the paralegals get down to trying picking Mazlo’s empire apart and tells Mike that he is going to be working on the Mazlo case. However, Mike tells that he answers to Harvey.

Mike goes up to Harvey and asks for his corporate credit card. Harvey says that if it smells like stripper, then he is fired. Mike takes Lola to Jerome and she asks why he is there. He says that they have apologized for contaminating the water. He tells Lola that she is a thief and tells that she is a criminal. Mike tries to calm the situation, but Lola walks away. Jerome asks if they paid the money back and he says that the money is irrevelant and says that he needs to fix their relationship. Later, Harvey visits Mrs. Perkins and says that he wants to bring Mazlo to justice. He tells that he needs to know what Perkins to him. Suddenly Louis comes up and she slaps Louis. She tells Harvey that the deal is off. Harvey is upset that he came and he says that he was trying to say sorry and Harvey says that he just cost them a witness. Later that night, Lola comes to Mike’s apartment and tells him that he better back off her or she will reveal that he is a fake lawyer and that Harvard has no record of him graduating.

The next day, Harvey tells Mike that Lola is just trying to distract him. Meanwhile, Louis goes up to Mazlo’s assistant and asks her to roll on Mazlo. He says that he will make it worth her while. She says that she will. She meets with Harvey and Louis and gives details of accounts in Dubai. Mike meets with Jerome and says that he is the problem of repairing his relationship with his daughter. He tells that his daughter is an adult and if she is not going to return the money, then he is going to have to press charges. Meanwhile, Harvey and Louis meet with Robert and tell that they know about the paper trail to Dubai. However, Robert reveals that the assistant was lying and that Louis offered her a job as assistant to Jessica. Harvey is upset that Louis did this and even more upset when they decrease the settlement by half. They go to Jessica and Harvey says that Louis brought Jessica’s name into it. Harvey says that he needs time without Louis. She gives him until the end of the day. She tells that if Louis tries to bring her name into it again, he will be fired. Mike goes into Harvey’s office and says that Jerome is ready to pull the trigger. He tells Harvey that they should have hacked Harvard to protect him and says that he has to fix his case.

Mike goes up to Lola and tells that she needs to look at a company that is in danger and rather then trying to bring down her father’s company. She goes to Harvey’s office with Mike and says that there are banks that could have Mazlo’s money, but they can’t find it. Jessica comes in and says that they need an expert on Financial Crime and that means that he is going to have to talk with Louis. Harvey finds him at a shooting range. He asks for Louis’ help. Louis gets down to the case and asks about what could possibly be the account where Mazlo would hide his money in. They find it without any problems hidden in multiple accounts. They sit down with Robert and Mazlo and tell that they found it and ask for the money and Mazlo’s resignation. Harvey says that if Lucille doesn’t get her money back today, the deal is off. Harvey gets congratulated for a good job and he tells that Louis helped a lot. Louis sees Harvey hug Lucille and she walks away. Louis goes up to him and asks why he cut him out. Harvey says that he didn’t take the credit for what he did, but says that Louis’ problem is that he would do it. Lola comes up and gives Mike a diploma from Harvey and she shows that he is protected now. He thanks her and she walks away. Rachel walks by and asks who she is. Mike tells that she gave him two tickets to Greece. She laughs and the episode ends.