Undefeated - Recap

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The scene opens with Rachel yelling at Mike to stop and he almost bumps into a coffee tray, but moves away just in time. She compliments his quick “ballerina” moves and he says that he used to wrestle. Rachel laughs and says that she can’t picture him fighting anyone. Mike tells that he could take her down, but she tells that he would be looking at her in tights and tells him that she is not wearing any underwear. Rachel goes to Mrs. Williams, a client along with others who are involved in a lawsuit against an oil company. Mike comes up and Mrs. Williams asks if they drew the short straw and have to deal with the oil company case. A man comes up to Mike and asks to go to Harvey’s office. Mike points him to it. Meanwhile, Jessica is in a deposition with the Oil Company getting sued for not capping an oil tank and giving cancer to a town. The star witness, Kenny, talks and says that he has lung cancer. The lawsuit is with Emerson Oil. He tells that he can’t do anything like he wanted to all because they didn’t cap their well. The man who asked where Harvey was walks through the door and gives one of the lawyers a folder.

The man goes up to Donna and lies to her so that she leaves. He walks into Harvey’s office and introduces himself as Travis Tanner. He tells that he gave a folder to the lawyers of Emerson Oil and that they are going to be asking Kenny several questions to show that he doesn’t have a chance against them. Harvey wants to know why he is there if they have it now. Tanner says that he was called in to “fix” things and says that he knows about Harvey’s Senior Year where Harvey was out of the game because of a shoulder issue. Harvey laughs and says that he is going to enjoy kicking his butt. Jessica takes Kenny to her office and tells him that he is going to have to keep his composure. Kenny says that he wants to make a settlement and Harvey comes in and tells him that is what they want. He says that he is going to fight for him. Harvey says that he wants to take this case over the fact that Tanner brought up personal stuff. Harvey goes up to Mike and tells that he needs information on Tanner and Mike tells that he doesn’t need that. Harvey says that Michael Jordon got to know his opponents and Mike says that he doesn’t believe him until Harvey says that he can call him. Mike dials the number and when Michael Jordon answers, he hangs up and says that Harvey is insane.

Later, Louis goes up to everyone and tells them to meet him in the conference room. Harold, one of the associates, tells that he thinks that it is about their raises. He is thinking of getting a tattoo and says that he is way over-paying for his apartment. However, when Jessica comes in, she tells that this isn’t about the raises. She says that someone leaked a list of witnesses to a rival firm called Wakefield-Cady. Louis tells all the associates that whoever turns in the person, they will get $10,000. Mike gets back to Harvey’s office and tells him what he found out about Tanner. He says that he isn’t known because he wins cases for big corporations and then allows them to take the credit. Harvey asks how their case is different then the others. Mike says that they were spread over cities whereas this case is focused on one town. Donna comes in and tells that Tanner is on the phone. Harvey takes it and says that he wants to meet him in front of Apple Creek High School. Mike asks why that school and Harvey says that it is ground zero and he wants all the emotion behind him when he negotiates. Mike goes to his desk and sees Jimmy and Harold arguing. Mike tells that it is one of Louis’ tests and that they need to get to work. Jimmy accuses Mike and Mike walks away. He sees the briefs that Louis wanted on Gulusca. He asks why they haven’t been given to him and says that they are all ridiculous. Mike gives them to Louis and says sorry that they are late.

Harvey meets with Tanner and he tells that he doesn’t care about the fact that their oil well was on the High School’s land because he can see other things that are bad for them that are around the school too. Harvey says that it is more then that and Tanner says that the partners want to settle. However, when Harvey opens the paper, it is not a settlement at all. It is a challenge. Harvey calls Mike to get over to Kenny’s house to make sure that Kenny doesn’t cave. They get there and Kenny says that it wasn’t Tanner who came over, but some other guy. He says that he came by and told that they a settlement and if they didn’t take it, they were going to come after all of them. Kenny doesn’t remember what the guy looked like. Harvey and Mike get back to the firm and Harvey says that he is calling in reinforcements. Louis calls Mike in his office and he says that he is proud of him and says that he weeded out the real person involved. Mike looks at it and hears Rachel getting suspended. Louis gives him the $10,000. Mike goes out and tries to tell Rachel that he didn’t turn her in and she tells that she didn’t do it. Mike tries to convince Rachel to fight and she tells that she is going to stand up for herself.

Harvey goes to Vanessa, an old friend, and gives her some money. She tells that Tanner is clean, but he booked a conference room at a hotel. Harvey doesn’t like it. Mike goes up to Donna and asks about employee codes and she tells that Rachel is a 5 year paralegal and got one from the IT department. Mike goes up to Benjamin in the IT department and asks about the employee numbers and if there is a way of other people to get them. Benjamin says that someone asked him for another employee’s code. Mike tells that he is going to tell Ben every single number on the paper and he is going to tell who asked for the number. Mike walks away and calls Rachael. He leaves a message and says that it was Louis. However, at the same moment, Rachael is walking into Wakefield-Cady for a job interview. Mike and Harvey get to the hotel and they need to find the guy who was intimidating their clients. Mike walks in and finds Mrs. Williams and asks why they are all there. She says that they were called because there is a settlement offer. Tanner walks in and tells that he just came for the free juice. Harvey says that he knows that he can’t talk to the clients, but he can talk to Harvey. He starts talking loudly and tells that $25,000 is the settlement and he writes down his number. Harvey is outraged and Tanner says that he didn’t mean for everyone to hear him. Harvey tells Tanner that he is coming after him.

Harvey goes into Jessica’s office and says that if they could get a loan to cover the $25,000 settlement, then they could get them to not settle yet. However, Jessica says that it is not possible. Mike talks to Rachael and tells that they can take Louis down and Rachael says that she took a job at Wakefield-Cady. She tells him that she is going to tell them everything she knows. Harvey goes up to Vanessa and she tries to give him a copy of Emerson Oil telling Tanner to intimidate the clients. However, Harvey says that he is not going to purge himself. Mike goes up to Donna and asks what she thinks of the list being leaked by Louis and she says that Louis would never do that. Mike and Harvey meet and Harvey asks what they have to do to get ahead of him. Mike says that he has to do things that he wouldn’t do. He meets with Tanner and tells him to make them a real offer and they will settle. Harvey calls Vanessa and tells that he is going to need the wire tap after all. Mike gets in the office and Jimmy gets the last cup of coffee. Mike tells that it is not cool. Jimmy asks if Mike is going to turn him in as well. Benjamin comes in and gives Mike the computer that he won and says hello to Jimmy, but calls him Louis. Mike realizes that it was Jimmy who leaked the list and pretended to be Louis. Jimmy says that Wakefield-Cady offered him a Junior-Partnership if he leaked the list. Mike tells him that he better turn himself in or else it is going to get him eventually.

Harvey meets with Tanner later and tells that he has a recording of Tanner talking with Emerson Oil and how they told him to intimidate the clients. He says that he is about to send a form stating that he doesn’t know how he got it too. Tanner takes the deal and agrees to $2 Million per client. They tell Kenny and he thanks them. Jessica tells Harvey that he did good. Later, Louis invites Rachael in her office and says that it is good to have her back. However, she gets him to apologizes and give her a 10% raise before she takes the offer. She gets back to her office and Mike is there. She thanks him and tells him that he is going to stay and help her get her office back to where it was. The episode ends.