She Knows - Recap

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The episode begins with Mike walking into a restaurant to meet Jessica. He tells her that he is nervous; she tells him that she doesn’t want him to lie. Cut to the next scene, Mike tells Harvey hat he thinks that Jess knows the truth. But Harvey thinks otherwise, as Jess has invited most of the senior partners for dinner on their first year and so it is a good sign. Harvey wants to know about the status of his merger but Mike thinks that he being exposed is a more important issue. Next, Jess and Mike are having dinner. She tells him a bit about her past and now she wants to know about him. She wants to know about Harvard. Mike tells her about his life; but definitely not the truth. She wants to know why law. He tells her that her parents died in a horrible accident.

He later found out that there was a restaurant that kept feeding his father alcohol despite being aware of his medical condition. He felt helpless and that is why he decided to take up law. Jess asks him to pay for the dinner and she leaves. But before leaving she states that Harvey was right! Jess arrives at the office and Harvey is waiting for her. He wants to know what is happening. She tells him that there was an allegation against Mike that he isn’t from Harvard or any other law school. But she found his record squeaky clean. She knows that there is a record for Harvard; but there isn’t one that proves that he has gone to any college on the face of earth. She knows that he is full of shit but she also figures out that he is very good at what he does; probably better than the two of them. But she wants Harvey to fire Mike.

Next day at work, Donna figures out that Jessica knows about Mike. Mike walks into the office, unaware of what is in store for him. Donna takes their leave and now it is on Harvey to break the news that he is firing him. Mike is in high spirits and he starts talking about the Squinton merger, where the woman thinks that the publishing stole one of her book ideas and she wants to file suit. Donna is watching the scene from her table. Harvey asks Mike to sit down and they talk. Minutes later, Mike walks out. Donna tries to talk to him, but he walks away. Donna goes in to talk to Harvey and realizes that Harvey didn’t fire him. He was too overwhelmed and he decided to buy Mike some time. Instead, Harvey told Mike that he was proud of him. No wonder he looked so dazed! Next, Mike goes to a book store and asks for book by James Jenkins. He then hands the lady, Myrah Harrison a copy of the complaint and steamrolls her.

But she wants him to listen to what she has to say. She tells him that she had an idea about the story and her boss asked her to pitch it to her. Then she went ahead and told the story to James Jenkins. She tells him that she just wants to be paid for her idea. Next, Harvey walks into Louis’ office and tells him that Jess took Mike out for dinner the previous night. He tells Louis to lay off from Mike for a few days. Next, Mike meets Jenny. She wants to know what is going on between him and Rachel. She tells him that she doesn’t trust him as he had not told her about the kiss. Mike tries to defend himself but to no avail. Jenny wishes him luck with Rachael and walks away. She stops and tells her that he should have asked how she came to know about the kiss; Trevor told her. She also tells him that Trevor was going to tell Jess about Mike’s truth. She calls him a fraud and leaves. Mike is in shock.

He walks into the office and heads for the washroom. He meets Louis. Louis tells him that he is still going to report to him and Harvey cannot help him with anything. He wants a detailed report about the redundant department list of the Squinton merger before he leaves. In the ladies’ washroom, Rachael tells Donna about the kiss. But now she is confused. She tells Donna that she left a message for Mike saying that she cannot stop thinking about the kiss and he hasn’t replied. Donna suggests that probably he had made his choice. Just then Donna gets a message and leaves. Mike walks into Harvey’s office and confronts him. Mike is upset. Donna walks in with news; Alicia Hardman died. Now Harvey is upset and he leaves. Louis meets Jess and tells him that he has asked Mike to compile the list on the Squinton merger. Jessica thanks Louis and goes to meet Harvey. She knows that Harvey made Louis to work with Mike and if Mike leaves abruptly then Louis is going to ask questions.

He tells her that she has bigger fish to fry and hands her the letter which says that Alicia Hardman is dead which in turn means that Daniel Hardman is coming back. He reminds her that the only way they could get rid of Daniel is by threatening him about his affair that would be exposed to his wife Alicia; and now with Alicia being dead, they have lost their leverage. Daniel is coming back and will ask for the complete power. So, instead of going behind Mike, she needs to focus on Daniel. On the other hand, Mike meets Beckman and asks her to give her employee, Myra an appropriate compensation for her story. He tells her that this law suit is the one thing that is holding up a billion dollar merger and every day it is being dragged on, it is going to cost them money. All he wants her to do is give Myra a very small part of all the money. Mike hands Myra a check of $30,000 and she is not happy.

Harrison tells Mike that she knows about the merger. She gives back the check. At the funeral, Harvey and Jess talk to Hardman. He tells them that the last five years have changed a lot of things in his life. He is a changed man now and he thanks Jessica for it. But they still don’t trust him. Harvey tells Jess that he can keep Hardman from coming back. But he needs extra motivation. She knows that he wants Mike to stay. She tells him to keep Hardman away and that he just got himself a deal. Harvey comes back and asks him why his merger on it is way of closing. Mike updates him that Harrison realised that she was in a unique position to affect the merger. Mike is cross with Harvey as he thinks that Harvey is going to fire him. But he assures Mike that he is not going to do any such thing and he asks Mike to take care of that law suit. Next, Harvey goes to meet Hardman.

He threatens him that if he decides to come back then he will tell his daughter what kind of a man her father was. Hardman wants to know why he is doing this and Harvey tells him that he is trying to protect his own. Meanwhile, Mike manages to get the plaintiff and the defendant face to face. Mike tells Beckman that Myra Harrison wants credit and that she should be given that. He asks Myra to sign the agreement. But Myra wants public credit. But then Mike lists the names of few books and suggests that Myra had plagiarized her pitch. So he asks her to sign the deal and go home; else he will sue her for plagiarizing their previous works. She signs the deal. He tells her that if she wants to be a writer then she should write; but never threaten him or his firm again. Harvey and Mike meet at the office.

Harvey welcomes him to the firm and Mike tells him that the merger papers are on its way. But then Harvey is shocked to see Hardman standing in the office, addressing to the team. Hardman decides to come clean about his past, not only with his co-workers but also with his daughter. Harvey asks Mike to go home and not come back. Mike confronts Trevor. He tells him that he too can mess with his life. Mike knows Trevor’s SSN. Jess tells Harvey that Mike needs to be fired. Harvey tells her that he is not staying either. He points out that she needs him while she deals with Hardman. Mike receives a call and Harvey asks him to come to the office. At the office, he finds Jess waiting for him. She wants to know how he managed to get Harvey to hire him. He told her how. She figures out that Mike beat Harvey. But she tells him that she i snot Harvey and she doesn’t need a computer. Mike clears his throat and meets her gaze. The episode ends.