The Choice - Recap

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The episode begins with Mike meeting Jess in the elevator. He thanks her for keeping him despite learning the truth about him. Jess walks into the office and sees that Hardman has torn apart a part of the office; he is renovating. But the point is that he did not ask Jess for permission. Louis arrives and comments on the color of the walls. He then asks Jess if he could summarizes all the cases of the firm to Hardman. Jess tells him that he is perfect for the job. Mike meets Rachael in the office. She tries to avoid him. He kisses her and tells her that he got her message. Jess tells Harvey that she wants to win a vote for the firm’s managing partner. She wants him to do some recon and make sure that all the departments are happy with him.

He tells her that all of them are. But Donna interrupts and points out the names of few departments that hate him for being right all the time. It appears that the bankruptcy guy doesn’t have a problem with him; yet! Jess wants him to speak to the bankruptcy guy. Mike walks into the office and Jess leaves. Harvey tells Mike that he shouldn’t trust Hardman and that he might have to choose sides. Harvey tells him that he needs him to gather as much information on Paul Porter. Meanwhile, Louis talk to Donna and wants to know what is going on between Hardman and Jess. Donna tells him that she doesn’t know anything. He bribes her with tickets to an Edward Albee reading with Glenn Close and Meryl Streep. Donna is clearly tempted but she doesn’t say anything. Meanwhile, Mike goes to Rachael and asks her to help him summarize all the bankruptcy cases. But she tells him that she has to summarize all the cases at the firm for Hardman.

Mike makes plans for dinner and suggests that they could talk about it then. Meanwhile, Harvey takes Paul out for lunch. But Paul sees through Harvey’s motive. He tells Harvey that he wants respect. But Harvey points out that what Paul wants is help with a client. He has done his homework and tells Paul to let him close the client. But Paul wants Tom to declare bankruptcy. But he wants Paul to back up Jess. He put him to golf with Fred Couples and leaves. Next, Mike and Harvey meet the client. But he doesn’t want to file and he says that Madison 25 will be built. He wants to protect his family name. They need to check other options and Mike has an idea. Donna meets Louis and asks him to talk to the bank for an extension on the quarter billion loan. She seduces him to arrange a meeting with the bank. Later, Mike and Harvey talk to the bank lady and she tells them that there is no way that they can do anything about it.

Paul arrives at Harvey’s office. Harvey tells him that he is trying to do everything he can to make his client happy. He feels that Harvey’s plan is far too big and Tom needs to be protected. Paul asks Harvey to get the bankruptcy papers signed and leaves. Meanwhile, Mike is doing some research and comes up with something. It appears that the bank is financing a couple of builders in the client’s area and the client’s property is in the centre of the block. It appears like the bank needs a building when the merger takes place. And Madison 25 seems to be the best bet. The duo decides to go the bank. They tell the banker lady that they know that the bank is looking for a new headquarter and this prime price of estate is a song. Mike like to read!!

They also educate the lady with the fact that out of the six builders the bank is financing, their firm represents three of them. And when they tell them about the bank’s plans, they might end up representing all six of them and also could convince them to move their business elsewhere. This could take out a tank load of money from the bank! Next, Rachael and Mike have a wonderful date. Rachael invites him to her place but he refuses saying that they should do this the right way. Rachael agrees and leaves. Mike feels terrible. He goes to meet Harvey at his place. Harvey is surprised that he managed to find his address. He tells Harvey that he cannot lie to Rachael and that he wants to tell her the truth about himself as he doesn’t want to be in a relationship based on lies.

Harvey forbids him from doing any such thing as this could endanger the firm’s being. Hardman is coming back and if this news gets to him then Jess’, Mike’s and his career would end. Mike is adamant about telling Rachael the truth and Harvey tells him that if he does then he will be fired. Next morning, guess who arrives at Harvey’s address? Jessica! She is totally pissed with him. She tells him that he missed the point of what she wanted him to do. She wanted him to keep Paul happy and Paul is no where happy with the bank supporting Tom. She wants Harvey to tell the client that it didn’t work and make all this go away. She very clearly states that this “isn’t a discussion”.

At the office, Rachael tells Donna about her date. Mike tells Donna that Harvey doesn’t care about him. Donna is pissed and pushes him into Harvey’s office. She tells him how Harvey tied himself to Mike when Jess was about to fire Mike. Mike is stunned to hear this and doesn’t know what to do. Donna tells him to end it; gently but firmly. Meanwhile, Louis gets a gift from Hardman; a dictaphone. Louis is floored. Mike meets Harvey. Harvey tells him that Jess has instructed him to tank the deal. They then meet Paul and Tom. Paul is expecting that Harvey would tell Tom he failed and the deal was off. But Harvey does the exact opposite. He tells Tom that the bank has agreed to alter the terms of the loan. Tom is happy and Paul is clearly enraged but he hides it with a smile.

Tom tells Paul that he found him a perfect quarter-back for the fourth quarter. Jess is angry with Harvey. She tells him that she lost a voting partner. He tells her that he got her the real estates’ vote. But she tells him that they were always on her side; they only hated Harvey. She feels betrayed. He tells her that the client asked him to help him save his dream and he did. Jess doesn’t want to hear anything. He leaves. Meanwhile, Mike goes to Rachael and tells her that he cannot do this anymore. He tells her that he knows about the fact that she dated Colin who was in his first year. He knows that they fell apart and Colin lost his job.

He tells her that he loves his job and would not want to lose it. She tells him that she knows that he feels that she isn’t good enough for him. She leaves. At Hardman’s new office, Louis is seeing to it that it looks perfect when Hardman returns. Jess walks in and tells him that in the morning she was in a rush, so she couldn’t attend to him. She asks him whether he still needs her; but he says a “no” and walks away. Mike is still upset with Harvey. He points out that he did as he pleased despite Jess telling him what to do! Harvey takes Jess’ tea cart in her office and assures her that she is not alone in her fight against Hardman. Jess looks relieved. Harvey leaves. The episode ends.