Meet the New Boss - Recap

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The episode begins with Mike’s grandmother paying him a surprised visit. Actually, they had decided to meet for dinner. But Mike forgets about it as he has been too busy with work. Next day, at the office, Jessica formally welcomes Hardman into the office. But Hardman makes it clear that Jess is still the boss and that he is in the number two position. Jess tells the team about their latest case; Prescott Hospitals’ negotiations with its nurses. They don’t want a strike and so they need somebody to bring it home. Hardman jumps in and says that he is the one who should be looking into the case as he was the one who brought Prescott to the firm. But Jess says that she has prepared Harvey for the same and also that he has been preparing all morning.

In her office, Jess tells Harvey to put Hardman in his place. Harvey comes to Mike and tells him that he wants the complete summary of the Prescott’s Nurses’ union negotiations from Rachael; but Mike says that he cant talk to Rachael. He also wants four Pro-Bono cases immediately. Donna collects those files from Rachael. Rachael realizes that Mike is too scared to ask her directly. Harvey meets Hardman in his office; it is a child custody dispute. Hardman tells Harvey that he is not going to look into this case. Harvey tells him to stop poking around in his cases and that he will report only to the number one; Jessica. Hardman tells him to learn to respect him. Harvey flings little Lenny’s file on his table and leaves.

He then meets the representative of the Nurses’ association. He puts forth the proposal. But she rejects it saying that the hospital can raise funds for new equipments but not the nurses. She says that they have their strike fund and they are going to make use of it. next, Jess arrives at Louis’ office and reprimands him for causing too much trouble for his associates. And because of this, Harvard is withdrawing their on campus recruitment privileges. Louis talks to the staff and tells them to lie to the representative from Harvard that they are very satisfied with their bosses and company. Next, Harvey realizes that Hardman has rescheduled his hearings and he is totally pissed. But Hardman tells him that the Judge is his golf buddy and Harvey is not going to get what he wants.

Hardman tells Harvey that if he wants to work together, then it will work out just fine; else it is going to be like this. To get back at Hardman, Harvey goes to the Nurses’ representative and tells her to start the strike right away. He knows that their strike fund would last for a week and there would be no meeting regarding this issue for at least a month. He tells her that the latest offer on the table is cancelled and now it is the one before that which is valid. Mike thinks that Harvey was a little harsh. Harvey knows that the client and the nurses, both cannot afford this situation and they will cave. Next, the representative from Harvard, Sheila arrives at the office and Louis introduces her to the team. She looks exactly like Louis. Hardman meets Harvey and tells him that he made the wrong move.

He tells him that this could anger Prescott and if they go down, then the firm would not be able to afford it. Harvey tells Hardman that all this could have been avoided if they had gone in for an injunction instead of a TRO. He tells him that Mike had the same idea; but he is a newbie and Hardman has been around for years. Hardman needs to stop thinking like a rookie. Meanwhile, Rachael and Donna are having fun at the bar; lying about themselves to every man they come across. Next, Mike meets Hardman. He wants Mike to go and talk to the head of the union as he and Harvey aren’t in a position to do so. Mike agrees. He takes her to meet his grandmother Edith. But things don’t go the way he planned.

The representative tells Mike that the union needs the money and there is going to be no compromise made. Next, Sheila tells Louis that his associates feel that Louis doesn’t work and he makes them do all his work. But both of them think that they are wrong. Next, Mike meets Harvey and tells him that the nurses consistently stay back late and they are not paid for it. He confirmed that by looking at his grandmother’s charts. He says that all they want is extra staff so that they don’t have to work more than 15 hours a day and it would cost only 10% of the new equipment fund. Harvey meets Hardman in the washroom and tells him that Hardman would be the only one responsible if this whole thing goes wrong. He shouldn’t have sent Mike to talk to the other side. Mike meets Hardman in his office; they have to discuss the case and it might take all night.

Meanwhile, Harvey and Louis have a small talk. They remember their old days. Just then a thought crosses Harvey’s mind. He tells Louis that “he is the man”; something that he would never repeat. But Louis has it recorded. Mike goes to Rachael’s office but she is not there. He sees that Rachael is trying to register on a dating site. Rachael arrives and Mike tells her that he was looking for a file for Hardman. She tells him that she has been working on an essay for the past three days and it is blank. Mike decides to help her with the essay. Next, Louis finishes his associates’ works for them and tells them that he can do it faster than them. But he wants them to do it so that they can learn. He has ten new cases for them and his associates gladly volunteer to do those.

Jess has a smile on her face as she is watching the whole thing. Hardman takes Mike for the negotiation, but Harvey is already there. As always, he steamrolls the nurse, and she is forced to sign the contract. Mike is pissed that Hardman and Harvey are playing each other and they are using him. He makes it clear that he doesn’t want to get caught in the middle of it ever again. At night, Rachael arrives at Mike’s door. She asks him that if she can say all those nice things about her then why he can’t be with her. She feels that he is hiding something from her. He tells her that he can’t tell her. She is upset and she leaves.

He stops her and tells her that once he tells her the truth, he can never take it back. This is everything for him and he cannot afford to mess with it. Next day, Harvey and Jess are in her office, and Hardman walks in. he wants to know whether they are celebrating their victory of the case or his defeat. Hardman tells them that he is not there for a fight but he has come to apologize. Jess meets Louis and tells him that she is impressed by the speech he gave his associates the previous day. Mike walks into Harvey’s office and Harvey tells him Hardman’s story. He tells Mike that he trusts him and hence wanted him to know. Next, Rachael is appearing for the law school entrance exam. Mike goes to meet his grandmother and spends time with her. The episode ends.