Break Point - Recap

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The episode begins with Harvey jogging in the Central Park. Just then he meets Jeffery. Jeffery tells Harvey that he is on the verge of signing Marco Mendoza; the 16 year old tennis phenom. But there is a slight wrinkle. Next, Harvey meets Marco. Jeffery wants Harvey to emancipate Marco from his father. Marco tells him that his father doesn’t want him to go pro and hence he wants to be emancipated. Donna is in the file room and she is holding the sought after memo from Coastal Motors. She is hovering over the paper shredder. The memo has her signature on it. She is lost in her thoughts when Mike interrupts her. He tells her that she looks as if she is trying to bury a dead body. She leaves.

Next, Harvey, Jessica and Hardman are discussing the Randall’s case with Allison. Hardman wants Jessica to hire Allison to represent the firm in their case against their Randall’s. Harvey doesn’t seem to keen about this. Jessica wants to talk to Allison in private. After Harvey leaves, Allison tells Jessica that if she wants to win the case then she should keep Harvey out of her way and Jessica relays this message to Harvey. After Jessica leaves, Mike walks in with an address. Harvey goes to meet Jennifer Randall. He knows that she hates him for what he did to her husband. He then shows her paperwork that shows that he is their anonymous donor. Jennifer thinks that it is his guilty conscience. But he tells her that he isn’t the one that hid that memo.

But Jennifer tells him that she is not dropping the suit. At the office, Harold is trying to make Louis’ cat eat something. Mike sees that Harold is allergic to cats, but according to Louis, allergy is a sign of weakness. Next, Harvey walks into the conference room with Jeffery and Marco and Marco is surprised to see his father sitting there with Mike. Harvey asks Jeffery to leave as Marco is his client and not Jeffery. He leaves. Marco father is adamant about not letting Marco turn pro. He ends the discussion and leaves the room. Marco is sure that he wants to file for emancipation. Harvey wants to do what Marc wants him to do. Mike isn’t too happy with this decision and feels that Harvey is only after the money.

Harvey tells Mike that if he doesn’t want Marco to file for emancipation the he should try changing Marco’s mind. Next, Donna goes to Rachael for some birthday card. But when Rachael is unable to find it, Donna loses her cool. Minutes later, Rachael arrives at Donna’s desk with the card and slams it on the desk. She doesn’t appreciate Donna’s behavior. Donna apologizes and tells her that it has got nothing to do with her. Mike sees the whole thing. Just then Donna gets up with the folder with her name on it and goes to the shredder. As she tries to start the machine, Mike tells her that he unplugged it. He knows that she was carrying the same file in the morning. Mike knows that she is holding the memo Harvey is being accused of burying. Donna tells him that she doesn’t know what to do as the file has her date-stamp on it.

He tells her that they need to inform Harvey as he has been operating under the assumption that they don’t have this memo; shredding it will be a crime. He tells her that if she doesn’t tell Harvey, he will. Donna goes into Harvey’s office to give him the file, but before she could do so, Daniel and Allison arrive. They are pissed at him as he spoke to the plaintiff without their lawyer present. Now Travis Tanner is going to depose everyone under oath. Harvey tells them that he is pre-deposing their depositions and, that they can start with him. Meanwhile, Mike talks to Marco and tells him that his father is only trying to protect him. But Marco doesn’t want to listen to this talk. Mike then tells him that for emancipation, Marco will need to prove that his father is an unfit parent.

But Marco tells Mike that there is nothing like that. He also adds that his father blows up when he is defied. Marco wonders what would happen when nobody else is around. Next, Allison deposes Donna, and Donna doesn’t take her seriously. Allison later accuses Donna of hiding the document for Harvey. Donna leaves. Next, Jessica is sure that Harvey wouldn’t have the memo hidden. Alliosn then wants Harvey to sign an affidavit saying that the office never received any such memo so that she can file a motion to dismiss. She knows that she is doing this cover both their backs. Louis yells at Harold for giving his cat half and half instead of milk. Mike checks on Harvey and finds out that Donna hasn’t told Harvey about the memo.

Mike then shows Harvey hospital reports that show injuries to Marco caused by his father. Mike wants to argue the case for emancipation by himself. Jessica walks in and declares that Allison is signing a motion to dismiss and tells Harvey to sign the affidavit. Harvey is about to sign it and Mike spills coffee on it. Jessica leaves and Harvey wants to know why he did it. Mike tells him that he would be committing perjury by signing the memo. Harvey finds Donna in the ladies’ room. He feels that she betrayed him. She tells him that she was only trying to protect him. He explains to her that the memo doesn’t hurt him; it only helps him. It helps him prove that he didn’t bury it. But then he sees Donna’s reaction and knows something is wrong. Donna destroyed the memo! Harvey tells Allison what happened and Jessica believes him. Allison wants to make a deal and Harvey wants to go to trial.

He says that despite what Donna did, he never saw the memo. Jessica tells Allison to set up the meeting. Mike arrives in the Family Court. He claims that Mr. Mendoza gets abusive while he tries to discipline his son. He then asks him about his visit to the hospital with Marco for dehydration. They had argued about Marco’s decision of going pro and as a punishment, he had made Marco run extra laps. Daddy loses his cool and swears at Mike. Mike rests his case. In the coffee room, Louis tells Rachael that his cat is suffering. Louis leaves and Mike arrives. Rachael wants to know what is going with Donna. He tells her that Donna screwed up and it is not small. He feels that Harvey is going to fix it. Harvey tells Mike that Donna destroyed the affidavit. Suddenly Mike realizes something about Marco and he leaves. He tells Harvey to let things go with Donna. Allison walks into Jessica’s office.

She has brought in the settlement offer for 5 million dollars plus legal fees and Harvey is stripped of his senior partnership and reported to the NY Bar. Allison tells Jessica that she should take this deal. Meanwhile, Harvey meets Jennifer Randall. He tells her that he is sorry and that he should have known about that memo. She slams the door on his face. Jessica talks to Hardman; she knows that he wants her to cut Harvey loose. She doesn’t want to scapegoat him. Mike brings in the copy of emancipation to Jeffery. There is just one problem: Marco lied. Mike knows that his father would never point out the fact that his son perjured himself. Mike tells Jeffery that Marco’s dad wasn’t even there when he ran those laps but Jeffery was there and he did nothing. Jeffery admits it but he feels that it doesn’t matter as they won. Mike tears those papers.

Jessica walks into Harvey’s office. He tells her that he went to the plaintiffs again. He tells her that there is a deal on the table and there is some hard news that she has to tell him. Meanwhile, Rachael wants a favor from Mike. She wants a signed ball from Marco but doesn’t tell Mike why she wants it. Jessica asks Hardman to come to her office. She wants Hardman to let Allison go as he was the one who brought her in. she tells him that she cares about her position in the firm and she wants to win. She knows that he is trying to threaten her that if she is not careful then he will take this office back.

She knows that a law has been broken and she is going to do something about it. Next, Rachael brings Marco’s signed tennis ball for Louis; she knows he is a huge tennis fan. Jessica meets Donna. Donna is fired. Donna packs her things and leaves. Mike, Rachael and Harvey are watching her leave. Mike thought Harvey would fix it. The episode ends.