All In - Recap

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The episode begins with Harvey calling Ray and asking him to pick him up and bring him a tux. Harvey then arrives at Mike’s and tells him to wear a tux as they have got a situation in Atlantic City. But Mike doesn’t have a tux. Meanwhile, Louis is at a ballet and he sees Rachael is there too. Donna was supposed to come with her but she cancelled at the last moment. Louis has come alone and so he asks Rachael to join him. Mike and Harvey arrive at a casino. It appears that Mike had been banned from that place for counting cards. Harvey tells him that they are here for Harvey’s friend, Keith. Harvey is told that Keith is in the poker room. Keith is a gambling addict and an alcoholic.

They reach the poker room and they see that Keith has $3 million worth of chips in front of him. He pushes them to the middle of the table. They call the cards and it appears that Keith just lost his company. He had put it up as collateral on a cocktail napkin at the poker table. Harvey is pissed. But Keith reminds Harvey that he owes him and wants Harvey to find a solution to this problem. Mike wants to know what exactly was on the napkin. It was the company plus $500,000 of what he won. Keith was drunk when he made the deal. Harvey asks Mike to keep a watch on Keith and he goes to have a look at that napkin. At the ballet, Louis and Rachael run into Sergei, the Director of the ballet Company. He is upset about the rehearsal space his dancers have to use and Louis is more than happy to help resolve the issue.

Harvey meets Tommy, the man who has the contract napkin. Harvey finds out that the napkin does have all the criteria for a valid contract. He decides to offer $3 million dollars plus the extra to let this issue go away. But Tommy tells him that the company is worth $30 million dollars and he is keeping it. At the office, Louis wants Rachel to assist him on the ballet case. Next, Jessica calls Harvey and he tells her that he is in a meeting. She tells him that she is hiring a replacement for Donna. She also tells him that the Judge denied the motion to seal. Harvey has a friend at the casino and he tells her that he wants the surveillance footage of the poker room. Jessica goes to meet the Judge, Ella Follman. She doesn’t seem too happy with Jessica’s visit; it appears that Jessica played a prank on Ella when they were at the law school.

At the office, Harvey tells Mike that after looking at the footage, they can prove that Keith had too much to drink and wasn’t in a right state of mind when he signed the “napkin contract”. Harvey’s new assistant has brought about some changes; well not too sure if Harvey is going to like it. Harvey goes to meet Jessica and she tells him that there might be a slight problem with Ella. Harvey knows that Jessica did something; she had gotten Ella drunk and Ella ended up waking in front of the whole class, naked! Harvey is tensed about the case and Jessica has a plan. She is going to get Ella out of the case. Mike is watching the footage and he sees that Keith had 15 drinks at the casino. Rachael tells him that she is working with Louis. Next, Tommy and his lawyer point out to the Judge that Harvey had made them an offer the night Keith was drunk.

Based on that fact, the Judges orders the case should go to trial. Harvey wants Keith to have control of his company and he decides to bring Tommy for a deposition. Meanwhile, Rachael has got everything Louis had asked about the ballet company. She also got something related to lead paint. He thinks that this could change the game. Jessica meets Ella at a fundraiser. She tells Ella that her company is a platinum level donor for her election campaign. And she practically threatens Ella saying that there could be a conflict of interest and it would not look good for her elections. Louis and Rachael meet the owner of the ballet hall and tell him about the paint. They tell him that if he doesn’t get the repairs done, they would take him to court.

But the owner points out that the repairs have to be paid for by the ballet from a special fund and now the money isn’t there. E was ready to look in the other direction but since Louis walked in and threatened him, he is filing for eviction; the ballet needs to move on! During the deposition, Harvey and Mike try to prove that Tommy doesn’t have the knowledge to run Keith’s company. At the trial, Tommy points out that he doesn’t need to know anything because he hires people with the right expertise who guide him to make proper decisions. In fact, Tommy is more stable than the alcoholic Keith, who in fact wrote away his company on a napkin! The Judge gives the control of the company to Tommy. Later, Harvey tells Mike that they are going to lose and accepts that the other lawyer is better than him.

Mike has a plan; some kind of a bluff. Louis is pissed at Sergei for lying to him. Rachael tells him that the ballet is bigger than Sergei. They arrive at the theatre. Louis tells Sergei that the ballet will be able to pay their debts by firing him and his huge salary. Jessica arrives at Ella’s office as Ella wanted to meet her. She wants Jessica to admit that she played the prank as she wanted to embarrass Ella in front of the professor who was interviewing students for a particular job. Jessica does that. Mike arrives in Rachael’s office and spots Louis’ Dictaphone. He hears few recorded messages; one of them is a conversation Mike and Harvey had in Harvey’s office. Harvey meets Tommy and his lawyer and tell them that Keith has given him the power of attorney.

He says that Keith will co-operate with some pending lawsuits and that will diminish the value of the company; it is better than handing it over to Tommy. The other option is that Tommy will have to pay poker with Harvey with the company at stake. Mike tells him that it is insane to gamble away some man’s company. He then tells him about Louis recording their conversation. Harvey keeps the Dictaphone with him. Harvey then plays poker with Tommy. He rattles Tommy a bit; as he believes in playing people. He wins the match.

Jessica is worried that Harvey is getting reckless. She wants to know whether Harvey will be able to focus on the case. He says that he is focused. Harvey then goes into Louis’ office. He gets into Louis’ face and tells him that he is going to let this pass for now; but he tells Louis that he owes him one. The episode ends.