Rewind - Recap

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The episode begins with Harvey telling Mike that he is not coming in today. He asks Mike’s opinion why he thinks Hardman will win the race for the MD’s position. Mike says that he will not call for a vote; unless he has one. Harvey thinks that they need to tip the scales in Jessica’s favor; and for that they might have to cross lines. Cut to five years ago, Donna tells Harvey that his father called and that he asked as to why hasn’t the firm made Harvey a partner yet. She tells him that Louis is getting a secretary named Norma. Alongside, we see that Mike is still a pot smoking bike messenger and he lives with a roommate named Trevor.

At the office, Jessica tells Harvey that she needs his help in figuring out who is stealing from their client’s escrow accounts; he needs to be discreet. He agrees but he says that in return he needs a “seat at the table”. Harvey tells Donna about his secret mission. He tells her to find out about five escrow accounts and she tells him that Zoe handles the accounts. Next, in the present day, Mike asks Rachael’s help for getting in touch with Monica Eaton who no longer works with the firm. Cut to five years ago, Louis is trying to get close with Monica but no luck. Harvey arrives and Louis wonders why Harvey gets a one-on-one with Jessica and he doesn’t as Louis is the junior partner and Harvey is still an associate. Harvey goes to meet Zoe.

He flirts a little with her and she realizes that he wants to have a look in at her files. He asks her to type her password and leave for five minutes. Mike and Trevor at a bar, trying to hook up with women. Trevor tries to impress the girls by telling them about Mike’s intellect. But Mike isn’t too comfortable. He asks Trevor to stop. At the office, Harvey tells Jessica that Louis is the guy they are looking for. He has been spending a lot of cash recently. Jessica calls in Louis for a talk; but she realizes that he is not their guy. She storms into Harvey’s office and tells him that he gave her the wrong name. Harvey infers that Louis is being framed. He tells Donna that even if Louis hasn’t done it, he can help him figure out who is doing it.

He goes to meet Louis. Trevor tells Mike that he has already hooked with the blonde girl. But Mike tells him that he prefers the blonde instead of Nikki. But Trevor has already called the blonde. Harvey meets Louis and shows him the papers; the names have been blacked out for privacy. Louis, the financial wiz instantly figures out that someone is being framed by the embezzler to take the fall; well poor thing isn’t aware that it is him! In the present day, Mike meets Monica. He tells her that he knows that five years ago, she “got screwed”. He has drawn up a lawsuit in her name, seeking $10 million from Pearson-Hardman as damages. He is ready to help and he ensures Harvey’s backing. Jessica need not know. But Monica says that she doesn’t want anything to do with this.

He tells her to call him if she changes her mind. Cut to the past, Harvey tells Jessica that it is Daniel who is stealing the money. He is moving money from one account to another making it look as if Louis is doing it. Jessica takes a look at the proof and realizes that Harvey is right. He tells her to go to the DA; but she is taking it to Daniel. Mike arrives to meet Nikki; but he still likes the blonde. But as per the rules, Trevor is going to get her. Jessica confronts Hardman and he tells her that he did that for Alisha; she is dying of Stage Four breast cancer. He stole that money for her treatment which is not covered by insurance. During their date, Nikki tells Mike that she will pay him $1000 for taking her LSATs. He realizes that this is the reason she wanted him to date her instead of Jenny, the blonde.

He walks off. He then goes to see Edith; she has had a fall and is going to need full time care. Harvey thinks it is wrong that Jessica is ready to let Hardman walk off. But she feels that he is the reason why she is in the firm and besides she feels sorry for his wife. Mike tells Nikki that she has to pay him $5000 for taking the tests; but he wouldn’t tell her the reason. Donna meets Rachael and learns that Monica is at her weekly Pilates class. She lights up and rushes to tell Harvey. Next, we see Harvey arriving at a hotel room. Hardman is in the room with Monica and all the money is not going for his wife’s treatment; it is obvious now. He is having an affair with Monica. He asks him to sign his resignation and name Jessica as his successor.

Harvey tells Hardman that if he doesn’t sign it, his wife will arrive in this room in minutes. In the present day, Louis tells Hardman that he knows Mike met with Monica. He thinks that means Jessica is making a move. Since Jessica hasn't been as good to Louis, he is giving him this information. Harvey walks into a place that is closed for maintenance. Cut to the past, Mike arrives for the test; he is high. Nikki gets worried but he says that it is alright. Harvey arrives at the office, declaring to Donna that Hardman is gone. But she is upset. She tells him that his father had a heart attack and he passed away. Harvey fights to hold back his tears. Jessica fires Monica.

Monica tells her that if she does so, she will sue the firm for wrongful termination. Jessica tells her that she will implicate her in Hardman’s crimes. In the present day, Hardman barges into Jessica’s office telling her that he didn’t expect her to play dirty; he tells her about Mike’s meeting with Monica. But she doesn’t know anything about it. She confronts Mike and asks him to drop what he is doing. Rachael is pissed on learning why Mike wanted her help. He tells her that sometimes they need to cross the line to do the right thing. Harvey has trained him well! In the past, Trevor shows Mike a bag full of weed that can make them rich and he is planning to move out.

Jessica calls Harvey and tells her that she is announcing his name as a partner in the partner’s meet. He will be taking her office while she is going to move into Hardman’s. Zoe tells Harvey that she is leaving the firm; she feels that he has lost his way. In the present day, Harvey arrives at a cemetery. He pours two shots of scotch. He drinks one and leaves the other one on his father’s tombstone. At the office, he has a conversation with Jessica. We she was in on the Mike-Monica plan the whole time. If they could manage to screw Hardman once, they can do it one more time. There is one more thing; he says that he is going to get Donna back. The episode ends.