Asterisk - Recap

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The episode begins with Harvey meeting Donna and handing over a bonus check to her; asking her to come back. But in response, she rips it apart. She is pissed at Harvey for fighting her battles for her. Well, last time she was upset that he didn’t do that! Anyways, Harvey says that he needs her and the firm knows that. She is happy and she readily accepts the offer. At the office, it is bonus time! And Louis hands them over to the associates; but surprisingly he doesn’t have Mike’s check. Mike goes to Harvey’s office to find out and Harvey tells him that Jessica doesn’t think that he should be given one as he is not a lawyer. But Harvey thinks otherwise; he has a BIG bonus check ready for Mike for the recent cases.

But Mike tells Harvey that he might want to hold on to that check as one of their leads, Hanson, is gone. He took a job at the Justice department. Well Mike takes his check. Next, Luis walks into Hardman’s office and big news await s him. Hardman tells him that he is naming Louis as the new senior partner. As per the firm’s law, Hardman has a write to pick one senior partner every year and Louis is the chosen one. But Hardman wants to announce it during the managing partner’s meet. So as of now, it is a secret. Next, Louis and Donna make a confident and dramatic entry on the floor. Both of them are happy. Donna fires the temp.

Next, we see Harvey and another lawyer, in the courtroom watching a tape about Roberto Solis, a sportsman, who is allegedly doping. But the case is about the sportscaster, Zewinski, who is repeatedly making allegations on Roberto. But the opposing counsel has some video about Lewinski when he is not on television. The video is played and we see that when the cameras are not rolling, Lewinski is telling someone that he is going to ruin the Roberto’s career. The case goes to trial. Outside the courtroom, the opposing counsel shows Harvey and Mike the results that prove that Roberto is clean and that the sportscaster needs to apologize and an “on air complete retraction”. At the office, Louis comes to Donna’s table to apologize to her.

She notices the suit he is wearing. She remembers that this is the suit Louis had kept aside to wear on the day he is made senior partner. Donna rushes to Jessica to give her the news. Jessica realizes that Hardman did this to receive another vote. When they get back at the office, they find that Mike’s grandmother has brought him lunch. She says that she also wanted to see the people Mike is working with. Jessica confronts Hardman. But he says that he has nominated Louis as per the company by- laws. She offers him a deal to leave with a few senior partners and set up shop elsewhere. But he refuses. Harvey is pissed that Jessica confronted Hardman. Jessica wants Harvey to sway Louis.

Mike is apartment hunting for his grandmother. Rachael helps him with the same. Next, Louis is video chatting with his parents. They don’t seem too excited about him being made senior partner as they don’t understand much about all this. They tell him that he is losing his hair and he has no spouse. Just then Harvey walks in. he gives Louis the address of a tailor where he could get a new suit for tonight’s dinner. Harvey wants to congratulate Louis for being made senior partner. At first, Louis doesn’t take it well, but later he agrees for the dinner. During the dinner, Harvey shows the financial records which proved that Hardman was embezzling. Louis realizes that he helped prove that and also that he was the “fall guy” for Hardman.

Louis is pissed that Harvey is bringing this up now and he sees through Harvey’s game. He says that there is nothing that Jessica can do if he decides to vote for Hardman. He leaves. Next, Rachael and Mike finally decide on an apartment for Mike’s grandmother. He then goes to meet Harvey. Harvey tells Mike that Louis shut him down. But we know that Harvey isn’t going to take “no” for an answer! Next, they meet Zewinski, and ask him to apologize on air. But he declines to do so. He says that he wants Roberto out of the team and that he stands by what he said. Mike asks him to tell them about the source because of which he is so sure about Roberto doping. He says a no.

On their way back, Harvey feels that if Zewinski is so sure then Roberto might be doping. Harvey wants to find out how Roberto passed those tests. Next, Harvey goes to Louis once again. But once again Louis shuts him down. Harvey says admits that what Louis said during dinner was right. This is his decision. He points out that Louis hated Hardman. But Louis tells Harvey that Jessica didn’t even show the courtesy of personally asking for his vote. Instead she sent Harvey. Louis wants him to tell Jessica that the great Harvey Spector couldn’t close Louis. Later, Rachael shows Mike the envelope which has her LSAT score. Mike opens it for her and she has scored a 172!

She is going to be a lawyer and probably Mike might be out of a job. Next day, Mike tells Harvey that he found out who Zewinski’s source might be; Reuben Hernandez. Hernandez is a sportsman and he played with Roberto three years ago and they played ten matches together. Mike find some video tapes where he saw Hernandez talking to Zewinski , when he was supposed to be practicing for his game at some other place. It also appears that since it was Hernandez’s rookie year, Roberto got Hernandez to take the test for him. Next, Harvey goes to tell Jessica that he couldn’t close Louis and that Louis wants to hear it from Jessica that he deserves to be senior partner. Harvey tells Jessica that Louis wants them to feel the pain. He asks her to give Louis his office.

Next, Mike meets Roberto. He tells him that he represents Zewinski. He tells him that Hernandez isn’t on his team anymore and he is their source. Roberto knows that Zewinski will not give up Hernandez. But Mike says that he will. He tells Roberto to drop the case and announce his retirement from baseball. If he does that then Zewinski will never mention his name on air and if he doesn’t then the whole world will know who he is. Jessica walks into Louis’ office. Louis knows what she wants. He tells her that there is an “us” only when she wants something from him; else he is a mere outsider. She asks him what he wants. He says that for once he wants Harvey to be a mushroom growing under his shadow; otherwise Jessica is going to be sorry as he might vote for Hardman.

Jessica doesn’t respond well to threats. She tells him that Harvey was ready to give up his office for Louis, but bow, she is offering Louis no such thing. Instead she tells Louis that she will win tomorrow and if Louis is on the wrong side then there is no coming back for him. Louis goes to meet Hardman and confronts him about trying to frame him five years ago. But Hardman plays his “changed man” card. He also strokes Louis’ ego and plays with Louis’ need for approval. Next day, Harvey tells Zewinski that Roberto has dropped the suit and retires from baseball. But in return Zewinski will have to stop talking about him. Harvey then tells him that he knows that Hernandez is the source.

Hernandez walks in with Mike and he is not happy that his name is out. Harvey tells Zewinski that the case going on trial means Hernandez’s career would end and he doesn’t want that. Zewinski takes the deal. Louis walks into Jessica’s with his buy-in check. He also tells her that she will have to wait for 24 hours to find out who he will vote for. Next, Mike is waiting for his grandmother in her new apartment. But instead, Rachael arrives with the news that his grandmother passed away. She didn’t even get to see her new apartment. Mike hugs Rachael and cries. The episode ends.