High Noon - Recap

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The episode begins with the vote being cast, and Jessica along with Hardman waiting for the outcome. Rachel on the other hand is surprised to see Mike at work. Mike tells Rachel Harvey doesn’t know about his grandmother’s death. Mike explains that there is a vote going on and hence he has “bigger things on his mind”. Rachel then tries to make Mike feel better about his loss, but to no avail. He makes it amply clear to her that he doesn’t want to talk about it, and asks her to stop bothering him. Jessica in the meanwhile reveals to everyone as per the results of the vote, the managing partner is Daniel Hardman “effective immediately”.

Daniel then calls Harvey aside and tells him that he wants them to find a way “to work together”. Daniel also urges Harvey to not leave the firm. Later an outraged Harvey tells Jessica that they can’t work for Daniel. Jessica though tells Harvey to keep his head down and wait till they can make a move from a position of strength. Daniel later tells Louis that his intentions are to fire Harvey, as he could create problems. Louis after a bit of contemplation asks Daniel “tell me what to do?” Louis then later hands Mike files of a few cases that he wants Mike to attend to immediately. He also taunts Mike about how he owns him now, and how Mike can quit if he doesn’t like it.

Harvey on the other hand is moving to a lower floor like he has been ordered to, by Daniel. Louis meanwhile comes in and hands Harvey a case file that he wants him to work on. Harvey later hands the file to Mike, for him to work on. Mike though loses his cool and taunts Harvey, telling him that he and Jessica have lost and he should learn to accept failure. Harvey on seeing Mike’s reaction, asks Mike to go home. With Mike gone, Harvey discovers that work doesn’t get done as fast by the others, as Mike does it. Donna reminds Harvey that it was he who sent Mike back home yesterday. She also tells Harvey that, no one else has been made available to him for help, besides Mike. Mike in the meanwhile is with Rachel, at his grandmother’s funeral.

Tess along with Rachel asks Mike to say a few words about his grandmother, assuring him that it will make him feel much better. Mike then with tears in his eyes pays homage to his grandmother. He tells everyone present how she wasn’t just his grandmother, but his whole family. Tess later tells Rachel about the history she and Mike had, from the time they were kids, till they grew up. Louis in the meanwhile tells Harvey that he wants the file he had given him earlier, completed by 4 in the evening. Then before leaving, Louis hurls a few taunts at a visibly frustrated Harvey. At home, Tess and Mike have a heart to heart.

He tells Tess he was working the day his grandmother passed away, and how guilty he feels about it, even today. He tells her how he “did not even get to say goodbye to her”. The two then kiss and begin making out. Tess then suddenly stops him and says “I am married”. Mike is shocked to hear this and asks her to “get out”. Harvey later pays Mike a visit, at his house. Mike tells Harvey about his grandmother’s death; Harvey in turn tells him that he knows. He also tells Mike that it was the very reason he was keeping Mike busy, so he could his mind off it. Donna in the meanwhile gives Louis a piece of her mind, and tells him what she thinks about him. Harvey and Mike on the other hand are busy smoking some pot, at Mike’s place.

Mike tells Harvey how he feels like an orphan now that he has lost his grandmother. Harvey then tells Mike about his father and how he had caught his mother cheating on his father when he was 16. Harvey let this go on for two years and did not say a thing about it, to his father. He then makes his point that, a person can be alone and feel like an orphan despite having a family. The two then decide to take a piss in Louis’ office, in order to vent some of their frustration. Louis in the meanwhile is trying to hack into Harvey’s office computer. He then from a distance sees Mike and Harvey walking towards the office.

Harvey questions Louis as to what Louis is doing in his office; he then proceeds to punch Louis in anger but is prevented from doing so by Mike. Louis then leaves Harvey’s office in a hurry. Later it strikes Harvey that, it might have been Hardman who planted the memo earlier. The two then conclude after looking at relevant files that, Tanner was in cahoots with Hardman. They later tell Jessica about it and ask her to call a partner meeting, in order to address this issue. Jessica though, wants proof before she can do so. Later, Harvey questions Tanner about his equation with Hardman, Tanner though isn’t forthcoming. The two then decide to settle the matter over a boxing match, where Tanner agrees to talk if Harvey can defeat him.

The two in the end decide to call a truce. Tanner then admits to Harvey that the memo was a fraud, but also makes it clear to Harvey that he isn’t ready to come forward regarding this issue. Mike and Rachel meanwhile make out in the office. Rachel though stops Mike midway and reminds him that his grandmother has just died, hence the timing isn’t appropriate. Mike though isn’t very happy at being pushed away, but respects Rachel’s decision. Louis on the other hand gets Daniel’s approval to get a drug test done for all its employees, which also includes Harvey. Louis tells Harvey how he smelled pot on him last night when Harvey manhandled him in his office.

Harvey refuses to take the test, despite Louis threatening to fire him if he does. Jessica later urges Harvey to take the test, Harvey though tells her that he can’t and confesses to her that he smoked pot last night. Later a meeting is convened of all the partners. Daniel tells the partners how Harvey has refused to take a drug test, leaving him no choice but to fire Harvey. Harvey is then given an opportunity to dispute this allegation. Harvey instead gets up and admits to the partners that he was high, as he has to work for a guy like Daniel. Harvey and Jessica then bring up the memo. Daniel though refutes the charge and says they don’t have a shred of evidence. Mike enters just then and tells everyone that there is evidence.

He then places on the table a signed affidavit by Lawrence Kemp stating that, he told Daniel about the defects in the CM hood 6 years ago. Daniel despite the revelation reminds Jessica that it won’t hold in court. He then brings up Harvey’s drug issue and calls for a vote. He is then surprised to find that he has very little support, including Louis supporting Harvey. Jessica in turn, calls for a vote to dismiss Daniel, and gets the support of nearly all the partners. Later, Mike admits to Harvey, he himself had signed the document and not Lawrence Kemp.

Later, Mike calls Tess home, and the two end up having sex. While in bed with Tess, he hears a knock at the door. He then opens it and sees Rachel standing at the door. Rachel in turn is shocked to see a naked Tess in the background. The episode ends at this point.