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Blind-Sided - Recap

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The episode begins with Mike smoking pot after having sex with Tess. Tess feels that he is trying to get high as he is scared of talking to Rachael as it was an awkward situation when Rachael stopped by and saw them together. Mike tells Tess that Rachael is just a friend. She then tells him that he needs to go to work the next day and Mike knows that her husband arriving in town the next day. The next day at work, Donna asks Harvey if he called Zoe on a date behind her back. He admits that he did call Zoe; but it was strictly for business. Well, she doesn’t buy that.

Mike walks into Rachael’s office and says that he is sorry. For what; what he did or for what he saw? She then asks him if Tess knows that six hours before he screwed Tess, he tried to screw Rachael. Mike tells her that Tess is married. Harvey arrives and takes Mike with him. They then go to meet a boy named Liam, who is the son of one of Harvey’s acquaintances. Liam tells them that he hit a man when returning from a party the last night. He tells them that he wasn’t drinking and that they can confirm the same with anyone at the party. The problem is Liam fled the scene after the accident. So, now it is a hit and run. Harvey tells Mike that he wants to sit this one out as his parents were killed by a drunk driver and so maybe he might be bias on this one. But Mike manages to talk his way in. Harvey then checks the car and sees that the damage is on the side.

This means that the man came out of nowhere. Mike arrives with the information that a man named Albert was admitted to the hospital. He has a contusion and a concussion. Liam tells them that he called 911. Harvey thinks that Liam needs to turn himself in. Liam’s mother is not too sure. Mike tells them that it is Liam’s decision. Liam turns himself in. Liam and Mike are at the station and Mike reassures him. Louis meets with Sheila who is very impressed with his promotion. She's lining up promising potential first-year associates for him. She hands him a room key and tells him to join her the following night for some kinky fun. Mike and Harvey meet Katrina, the assistant DA. Harvey tells her that they are ready to do maximum community service and also pay a fine. But Katrina asks them if they would cover the funeral costs?

They are shocked. She tells them that the man died as the concussions led to a brain bleed. She is offering Liam 10 years. Louis is interviewing the potential candidates. He like the first one he interviews, Maria, a no nonsense lawyer! Mike tells Harvey that there is a good reason Liam could not have seen the man who died; he was wearing a black hoodie, black pants and black sneakers. Mike shows a picture of graffiti on a wall. Mike thinks that Albert was tagging the wall and trying to get away. This is good news! Harvey wants Mike to meet Katrina. Mike tells Katrina they'll plead to a misdemeanor. She thinks she's doing him a favor because the DA doesn't like Harvey and a jury trial could be tough. In return for putting the deal through, she wants a job Pearson Hardman.

Harvey tells Mike that he is not interested in interviewing Katrina; but he will take the deal. Harvey tells Mike that they need to settle with Albert’s family. Mike knows that Harvey is indicating that it is the best to settle with the family before their grief turns into anger. Mike knows how it feels when someone tries to put a value to a loved one’s life. Mike tells Rachel and tells her to keep Tess’ marriage a secret. She then tells him that she too had an affair with a married man and such a relationship has only one ending. Mike then meets Albert’s family and he tells them the offer. Albert’s sister tells Mike that they only need to pay off Albert’s debts and cover his funeral costs which is $20,000. Mike insists that they should take the 100k. He insists.

The family signs the deal. Louis meets Sheila in the hotel room. He tells her that Maria is the fore runner. She agrees to help him close the deal. Harvey arrives to pick up Zoe. He meets her niece there. Zoe tells him that her brother dropped off Olivia unannounced and so their date might not go as planned. Harvey then agrees to help her babysit. Mike tells Tess about his negotiation for the settlement. He's happy he was able to give them "dignity" and says his was best-ever day at work. Harvey calls Mike and says he needs to help walk Liam through the plea deal. Mike has been smoking weed but thinks he can pull it off without anybody noticing. Liam signs the settlement; he is relieved. He tells Mike that things could have been much worse.

He then admits that he was high when he hit Albert and Mike is shocked. Mike updates Harvey. Harvey tells him that this changes nothing. Harvey knows that Mike offered them 100k when they wanted only 20k. He has warned Mike that such a situation could arise. Louis introduces Maria to Donna. Maria tells Donna that she does not remembers a guy named Mike from Harvard as she is sure that she remembers everyone from her class. Donna tells her that Mike interned for three years; so it is possible that they were not in the same class. Harvey tells Jess that Louis has hired Maria who could expose Mike. Jess asks Louis to stop the hiring as there is an employment freeze and so there is going to be no hiring for the time being.

In the court, Mike tips off Katrina with the fact that Liam was drunk when he hit Albert. But then she goes ahead with the plea as signed and the judge rules the case closed. Mike confronts her in the hallway and she tells him that she knew he was trying to break privilege and she did not want to be a part of it. Donna tells Harvey that Katrina called and said that the deal is done. He tells Donna to get the paper work started. Donna questions him if he is sure about hiring Katrina; he tells her to go ahead. Louis tells Sheila about not hiring Maria. She says she's disappointed that he's not the man she thought he was and kicks him out. Louis blames it on the freeze. She tells him she knows for a fact that Harvey just hired somebody that day.

Mike is pissed that Harvey bribed Katrina and offered her a job. Harvey tells him that he did that to save him. He knew what Mike would do and that is why he did what he did. But he also says that the next time he has to cross a line to save Mike, he will definitely thinks about it twice. Mike meets Liam with the final settlement. He is pissed with Liam and asks him to clean up his act.

Harvey arrives to meet Zoe and she tells him that her brother has terminal cancer. And she will have to look after her niece for ever after he dies. Mike arrives home and finds Tess lying on his bed. He tells her that he cannot do it anymore. He tells her that this whole thing is disgusting. He thinks that what they are doing is wrong. He asks her to leave. She leaves. The episode ends.