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Superman: The Last Son of Krypton, Part III

"Who is Superman?" This is the question on everyone's lips in Metropolis, especially Lois Lane – reporter for the Daily Planet, the local newspaper – and Lex Luthor, the multi-millionaire who, in his own words, 'owns' the city. The latter is particularly perturbed when Superman – as Clark Kent – starts examining the link between the theft of the LEXO-SKEL SUIT 5000, a fearsome high tech suit of armor, and Luthor himself.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x3
Production Number: 003
Airdate: Friday September 06th, 1996

Guest Stars
Brad GarrettBrad Garrett
voiced Bibbo
Charles HowertonCharles Howerton
voiced Terrorist Guard
Clancy BrownClancy Brown
voiced Lex Luthor
Corey BurtonCorey Burton
voiced Brainiac
Dana DelanyDana Delany
voiced Lois Lane
David KaufmanDavid Kaufman
voiced Jimmy Olsen
George DzundzaGeorge Dzundza
voiced Perry White
Lauren TomLauren Tom
voiced Angela Chen
Malcolm McDowellMalcolm McDowell
voiced John Corben
Mike FarrellMike Farrell
voiced Jonathan Kent
Shelley FabaresShelley Fabares
voiced Martha Kent
Nick SavalasNick Savalas
voiced Attorney
Main Cast
Tim DalyTim Daly
voiced Clark Kent / Superman / Kal-El
Episode Notes
First appearance of Bibbo (B. Bibbbowski).

Lois used to date Lex, and dumped him.

Episode Quotes
Clark: Now that the terrorists have your prototype, the Pentagon is undoubtedly gonna want you to build a bigger and better version for them. When all is said and done, this could net you a multimillion dollar windfall.
Lex Luthor: Lois, it almost sounds as if your friend here is suggesting I should be glad that my suit was stolen. You're very amusing Mr.... Kent, is it? Yes, I'll remember that.

Lois: Nice work, Smallville. You're only the second person I've ever seen get under Lex's skin.
Clark: Who's the first?
Lois: Me. When I dumped him.

Martha: I don't want anyone thinking you're like that nut in Gotham City.

Superman: (to Corben) Shall we go a few rounds without the suit?

Lex Luthor: I'm afraid we already have a window washer. Oh, the silent treatment, eh? Well I don't know what you thought you heard out there, but I know what you can prove and it's nothing. You see, uh, Superman, I own Metropolis. My technology built it, my will keeps it going and 2/3 of its people work for me whether they know it or not. Even you have to admit it's a model of efficiency. And yet, I've often thought why limit myself to just one city. A being with your abilities could be very useful to me on a - shall we say - global scale. Why don't you float on in, and we'll discuss it? (pause) SAY SOMETHING!
Superman: I'll be watching you, Luthor.

Cultural References
Lois: He's strong, he flies, he's the Nietzschean fantasy idea all wrapped up in a red cape... The Superman.

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche was a German philosopher, who became one of the most provoking and influential thinkers of the 19th century. He believed that due to the development of the modern secular world, the traditional values (represented by Christianity) had lost their power, which he translated to his infamous declaration, "God is dead". Nietzsche sustained that the purpose of human life is to encourage the great individual (whom he calls the Übermensch—"overman" or "superman"), a hero who would create meaning in the meaningless world. The purpose of this overman was to create new values and replace the traditional ones.

However, Lois's idea of Nietzsche's superman is more physical than moral.

Martha: I don't want anyone thinking you're like that nut in Gotham City.

Martha is obviously referring to Batman.

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