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Superman: A Little Piece of Home

While trying to stop a couple of petty criminals from robbing the Lex Luthor Museum of Natural History, Superman stumbles upon something that will plague him evermore: the immobilizing Kryptonite. Luthor, watching the surveillance tapes of the incident after the fact, also noted the powerful effect the alien rock had on the Man of Steel, and immediately hatched a plan to dispose of the Last Son of Krypton with its help.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x5
Production Number: 005
Airdate: Saturday September 14th, 1996

Guest Stars
Brad GarrettBrad Garrett
voiced Bibbo
Clancy BrownClancy Brown
voiced Lex Luthor
Dana DelanyDana Delany
voiced Lois Lane
John Garry (1)John Garry (1)
voiced Hanes
Lisa EdelsteinLisa Edelstein
voiced Mercy Graves
Tress MacNeilleTress MacNeille
voiced Tour Guide
Victor BrandtVictor Brandt
voiced Professor Hamilton
John RubinsteinJohn Rubinstein
voiced Peterson
Scott ValentineScott Valentine
voiced Sam
Thomas F. WilsonThomas F. Wilson
voiced Joey
Yuji OkumotoYuji Okumoto
voiced Security Guard
Main Cast
Tim DalyTim Daly
voiced Clark Kent / Superman / Kal-El
Episode Notes
First appearance of Mercy Graves.

John Rubenstein who voices Dr. Peterson played Dr. Vale, Metallo's creator, on Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

Episode Quotes
(Nitto and Sam steal a diamante)
Sam: What do you think we'll get for it, Nitto?
Superman: I'd say five to ten. With time off for good behavior.

Sam: You know, he don't look so hot. Maybe we should help him.
Nitto: Sure, we'll send him a chicken soup. Come on!!

Lex Luthor: Well, next time you see one of my museums being robbed, call someone who can do something about it, like the police!

Lex Luthor: You work for me, Peterson, don't forget that! There shouldn't be an opinion in your head that I haven't put there!

(Clark stands in front of some rocks he thinks to be Kryptonite)
Clark: Nothing's happening.
Old lady: You were expecting them to dance for you?

Lex Luthor: As long as I have the rock, you can't stop me. But it is bothersome to have you always trying, so, the deal is this: you leave me and my operations alone, and I and my little green rock will leave you alone.
Superman: I don't make deals with criminals
Lex Luthor: I control everything in this town, Superman, your cooperation is not really necessary. The offer was merely a courtesy.
Superman: You will never control me, Luthor. Never! (flies away)
Lex Luthor: Well then, I guess I'll have to kill you.

Professor Hamilton: The fact that your body chemistry absorbs the radiations so readily, leads me to believe that you share with it a point of origin.
Superman: You mean it came from Krypton?
Professor Hamilton: More than likely it is Krypton, or rather a small piece of it. 'Kryptonite' if you will.

Lex Luthor: Ah, Professor, Mercy will see you safely home now, won't you my dear?
Professor Peterson: Please, no! I-I-I mean, I can see myself home, really!
Lex Luthor: But I insist. Metropolis can be such a dangerous city, Peterson. I'd hate to wake up tomorrow and find out that something terrible had happened to you...

Episode Goofs
When Mercy shot at the Kryptonite, it should have shattered it like the glass.

Cultural References
Title: A Little Piece of Home

This title is a pun of the 1991 TV movie A Little Piece of Heaven.

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