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Superman: The Late Mr. Kent

Clark Kent realizes that an innocent man is on death row, but when he attempts to rush to his execution in order to save his life, he is involved in a car crash and presumed dead. Now, Superman must try to find a way to save the innocent man’s life, all the while saving his own life, as if Clark Kent is no more, how will he be able to live a normal life while being Superman?

Episode Info  

Episode number: 2x22
Production Number: 032
Airdate: Saturday November 01st, 1997

Guest Stars
Dana DelanyDana Delany
voiced Lois Lane
David KaufmanDavid Kaufman
voiced Jimmy Olsen
Eddie BarthEddie Barth
voiced Detective Kurt Bowman
Gregg BergerGregg Berger
voiced Manager
Joely FisherJoely Fisher
voiced Lana Lang
Mike FarrellMike Farrell
voiced Jonathan Kent
Peter RenadayPeter Renaday
voiced Clerk
Shelley FabaresShelley Fabares
voiced Martha Kent
Paul Colbert (1)Paul Colbert (1)
voiced Ernest Walker
Main Cast
Tim DalyTim Daly
voiced Clark Kent / Superman / Kal-El
Episode Notes
Detective Kurt Bowman made his first appearance in "Target."

Episode Quotes
Superman's narration: Luck. That's what it all boils down to, doesn't it? The smallest break one way or the other. It can save a life or destroy one. And you can't fight it, no matter how strong you are.

Superman's narration: I suppose I could have flown to the Government and give 'em the disk, but that could have raised some awkward questions. Maybe there was some ego involved too. I wanted this to be Clark's victory, not Superman's.

Lois: Who else but the real killer would have done this? He was probably afraid Kent was getting too close!
Detective Bowman: Kent was a reporter. Who knows how many enemies he had! This might come as a kick in the pants, Lane, but nobody likes you guys!

(On the phone)
Martha Kent: Yes, Detective Bowman, I heard you. My son's car blew up and went into the ocean.
Detective Bowman: But are you sure you... understand? I mean, this is serious...
Martha Kent: I know. I-I guess the shock just hasn't set in yet. If you hear anything else, give us a jingle. Bye now.

Martha Kent: Well, this is a fine mess.
Jonathan Kent: It's not like he's really dead, Martha, he just can't be Clark anymore.
Superman: But I am Clark. I need to be Clark. I'd go crazy if I got to be Superman all the time!!

Lois: (about Clark) I always teased him. But I had so much respect. (shedding tears) And I liked him too, I really did. I wish I'd told him.

Lois: I don't believe it! You've been sitting here in the lap of luxury while I'm out risking my neck!
Lana Lang: He was recuperating. Poor thing, when I picked him up he could barely remember his own name.
Lois: But he sure remembered yours, and you telephone number.
Lana Lang: Clark and I go back a long way. Are you... jealous?
Lois: Yeah, jealous of his endless luck.

Episode Goofs
Clark is really gullible if he thinks the computer disk would prove Walker’s innocence – it simply proves he ordered for a pizza at that time; it doesn’t prove he was home to get it. Unless he had signed something, Walker could perfectly have committed the crime. The disk can raise reasonable doubt, at best.

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