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Season 11

219 :11x01 - Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire

After the Darkness passes over them, Sam and Dean wake up and Dean realizes that he encountered the creature at the heart of the storm. Meanwhile, Castiel prays to Heaven to help him, and Crowley takes steps to avoid Castiel.
Guest Stars: Emily Swallow as Amara | Laci J. Mailey as Jenna Nickerson | Aaron Hill as Mike Schneider |
Co-Guest Stars: Albert Nicholas as Jonah | Dylan Archambault as Efram | Jesse Reid as Minion #2 / Jarvis | Kurt Evans as Marnie's Husband | Duncan Minett as Dale | Jillian Fargey as Deb | Ryan Grantham as Hunter Boy | Lee Shorten as Minion #1 | Kirsten Robek as Marnie
Director: Robert Singer
Songs: Tom Jones -- It's Not Unusual, Creedence Clearwater Revival -- Run Through the Jungle

220 :11x02 - Form And Void

While Sam tries to find a cure for the Darkness virus invading his body, Dean takes Jenna to her grandmother's. Meanwhile, the angels torture Castiel for Metatron's information, and Crowley learns of the Darkness.
Guest Stars: Lee Majdoub as Hannah | Laci J. Mailey as Jenna Nickerson | Lisa Berry as Billie | Gracyn Shinyei as Young Amara | Christine Willes as Grandmother Nickerson | Trevor Roberts as Captive Rabid |
Co-Guest Stars: Albert Nicholas as Jonah | Dylan Archambault as Efram | Mercedes Gendron as Rabid #1 | Dana Stoutenburg as Rabid #2 | Joel D. Montgrand as Rabid #3 (as Joel Montgrand) | Will Erichson as TBD
Director: Philip Sgriccia
Writer: Andrew Dabb
Songs: Jen Titus -- Oh Death, Jimmy Gilmer & Fireballs -- Sugar Shack

221 :11x03 - The Bad Seed

When the Winchesters learn of demons killing witches, they approach one and have her find them Rowena so that they can have her cure Castiel. Meanwhile, Crowley raises the young Amara in Hell but soon discovers that the Darkness may be beyond his control.
Guest Stars: Ruth Connell as Rowena | Emily Swallow as Amara | Gracyn Shinyei as Young Amara | Adam Hurtig as Demon in Bar |
Co-Guest Stars: Yasmeene Lily-elle Ball as Teenage Amara | Courtney Richter as Claudette | Christa Anderson as Grand Coven Witch #2 | Lane Edwards as Angel at Bar | Raven Sto as Grand Coven Witch #3 | Masne Day as Castiel's Victim | Chantal Bul Viet as Magda | Fei Ren as Asian Woman #1 | Sergio Osuna as Demon Aide | Tina Pham as Asian Woman #2 | Tasya Teles as Nanny Demon | Leanne Wang as Asian Woman #3 | Deni Delory as Grand Coven Witch #1 | Daniel Deorksen as TBD
Director: Jensen Ackles

222 :11x04 - Baby

Sam and Dean battle a part-vampire/part-ghoul creature that is trying to raise an army to fight the coming Darkness. Meanwhile, Sam receives another cryptic vision, and the Impala witnesses everything.
Guest Stars: Matthew Cohen as Young John Winchester | Teach Grant as Deputy Donelly | Sarah Jane Redmond as Lily Markham |
Co-Guest Stars: Danyella Angel as Jessie | Catherine Jack as Jessie's Friend | Megan Kaptein as Piper
Songs: Bread -- Guitar Man, Big Jack Johnson -- I Wanna Know, Bad Girls -- M.I.A., Bob Seger -- Night Moves, Judy Collins -- Someday Soon

223 :11x05 - Thin Lizzie

Sam and Dean track down a double axe-murder at Lizzie Borden's home, and soon realize that something Supernatural is involved. As they continue their investigation, they soon discover that Amara is responsible for creating an army of soulless killers.
Guest Stars: Jared Gertner as Len Fletcher | Tess Atkins as Sydney |
Co-Guest Stars: Yasmeene Lily-elle Ball as Teenage Amara | Claude Knowlton as Detective Madsen | Tracey Power as Dawn Pinsky | Finn Wolfhard as Jordie Pinsky | Thomas Jones (1) as Mason Kemper | Glynis Davies as Mrs. Kemper | Emily Haine as Wendy | David Lennon as Wendy's Boyfriend
Writer: Nancy Won
Songs: Harry Dacre -- Daisy Bell (Bicycle Built for Two)

224 :11x06 - Our Little World

Sam and Dean get a lead on Amara's location, and try to break in to Crowley's stronghold to kill the embodiment of the Darkness. Meanwhile, Castiel tracks down Metatron and finds him in sorry straits.
Guest Stars: Curtis Armstrong as Metatron | Samantha Isler as Young Amara | Luke Jennings as TBD |
Co-Guest Stars: Yasmeene Lily-elle Ball as Teenage Amara | Jesse Reid as Minion #2 / Jarvis | Claude Knowlton as Detective Madsen | Eva Day as Goldie Schmidtlapp | Grace Vukovic as Goldie's Friend | Mike Gazzola as Marco | Dan Willows as TBD | Dani Alvarado as Rene Watkins | Warren Abbott as Cop | Araz Yaghoubi as Demon Aide | Tommy Douglas as TBD
Director: John Showalter
Songs: Urge Overkill -- Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon

225 :11x07 - Plush

A college student wearing a rabbit mask kills a man in Minnesota, and Sheriff Donna calls in Sam and Dean for help. They soon deal with the rabbit, but a harlequin and then a clown attack the local high school coach. Meanwhile, Dean finds Sam praying to God.
Guest Stars: Briana Buckmaster as Sheriff Donna Hanscum | Brigid Brannagh as Rita Johnson | Brendan Taylor as Office Doug Stover |
Co-Guest Stars: Bruce Blain as Phil Evans | James R. Swalm as Brock Bruckner | Megan Peta Hill as Kylie | Pavel Romano as Mike Hooks | Logan Williams (1) as Max Johnson | Robert Corness as Steve Burgess | Adrian McMorran as Chester Johnson (as Adrian Glynn McMorran) | Cate Sproule as Michelle | Kirt Douglas Purdy as Stan Hinkle | Victoria Bidewell as Fran Hinkle
Director: Tim Andrew
Songs: Five Finger Death Punch -- Hell to Pay

226 :11x08 - Just My Imagination

Sam's imaginary friend Sully appears at the bunker and asks the Winchesters for help. Someone is murdering his fellow imaginary friends, and he needs hunters to track the killer down.
Guest Stars: Dylan Everett as Young Dean Winchester | Nate Torrence as Sully | Carrie Genzel as Linda Berman | Dylan Kingwell as Young Sam Winchester | Anja Savcic as Reese |
Co-Guest Stars: Benjamin Wosk as Fletcher | Scott Gibson as Sparkle | Jena Skodje as Jenna Berman | Ida Segerhagen as Nicky | Isebelle Beech as Zoe | Everett Shea as Mr. Berman | Ed Witzke as Weems
Writer: Jen Klein

227 :11x09 - O Brother Where Art Thou?

While Sam enters Hell with Crowley and Rowena to confront Lucifer and seek his help defeating Amara, Dean investigates the scene of Amara's recent killing and discovers that she has plans for him.
Guest Stars: Ruth Connell as Rowena | Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer | Emily Swallow as Amara |
Co-Guest Stars: Lane Edwards as Lead Angel | Antonio Cayonne as Daniel | Andres Joseph as Third Angel | Tim Dixon as Priest | Ronald Selmour as Evangelist | Marc Anthony Williams as TBD | Will E. McDonald as TBD
Director: Robert Singer

228 :11x10 - The Devil in the Details

Dean and Crowley join forces to find a way to send Lucifer back to his prison. Meanwhile, Lucifer tries to convince Sam to let him take over willingly.
Guest Stars: Ruth Connell as Rowena | Emily Swallow as Amara | Colin Ford as Young Sam | Lisa Berry as Billie | Valerie Tian as Ambriel | Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer |
Co-Guest Stars: Chris Logan as Demon (as Christopher Logan) | Rachelle Gillis as Girl
Writer: Andrew Dabb
Songs: Wishbone Ash -- Changing Tracks, Hal David -- Has Anybody Seen Kris Kringle, Tavares -- Heaven Must Be Missing an Angel

229 :11x11 - Into the Mystic

Sam and Dean investigate two mysterious deaths at a retirement home. Each victim was uniquely vulnerable in some way, and each one bashed his head open while claiming to hear an unearthly screaming.
Guest Stars: Shoshannah Stern as Eileen Leahy / Marlene | Dee Wallace Stone as Mildred Baker (as Dee Wallace) | Jonathan Potts as Arthur |
Co-Guest Stars: Anthony Shim as Nithael | Atlin Vera Mitchell as Banshee (at Atlin Mitchell) | Brett Alexander Davidson as Padraic Leahy | Karyn Mott as Maura Leahy
Director: John Badham
Songs: Warren Zevon -- Prison Grove, The Shirelles -- Will You Love Me Tomorrow, Johnny Mathis -- Wonderful Wonderful

230 :11x12 - Don't You Forget About Me

Claire Novak, now living with Jody, suspects that there are monsters in their quiet town and calls in the Winchesters. A beloved teacher soon turns up dead, confirming Claire's suspicions. However, Jody is more interested in getting Claire back into college and helping her get along with Alex, who she's also taken in.
Guest Stars: Kim Rhodes as Sheriff Jody Mills | Kathryn Newton as Claire Novak (as Kathryn Love Newton) | Katherine Ramdeen as Alex Jones | Ben Cotton as Garret Weiler | Jedidiah Goodacre as Henry |
Co-Guest Stars: Ty Wood as Doug | Angela Palmer as Doug's Girlfriend | Preston Vanderslice as Stephen Phelps | Veena Sood as Principal Ramirez | Merren McMahon as Alex's Friend
Writer: Nancy Won

231 :11x13 - Love Hurts

The Winchesters investigate a Valentine Day's murder when someone rips the heart out of a babysitter's chest. The clues soon lead them to a monstrous killer who takes the form of its victims' darkest desires... and Dean is next on the list.
Guest Stars: Emily Swallow as Amara | Luciana Carro as Melissa Harper | Jim Thorburn as Dan Harper | Venus Terzo as Sonja |
Co-Guest Stars: Lucia Walters as Gladys | Carmen Aguirre as Coroner | Zoe Fraser as Staci Altman
Director: Philip Sgriccia

232 :11x14 - The Vessel

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Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama | Horror/Supernatural
Status: Returning Series
Network: CW ( USA)
Airs: Wednesdays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 13, 2005
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