Season 1

01x?? - Unaired Pilot

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1 :01x01 - Pilot

Sam, a soon-to-be college graduate, has an interview set up to attend one of the most prestigious law schools in the country. His brother Dean, whom he has not seen in several years, unexpectedly shows up in the middle of the night to tell him that their father went missing while on a hunting trip. Leaving his girlfriend behind to find their dad, Sam joins Dean in order to find their father in Jericho, a small town where unmarried men have disappeared without a trace.
Guest Stars: Sarah Shahi as Constance Welch / Woman in White | Adrianne Palicki as Jessica | Samantha Smith as Mary Winchester | Jeffrey Dean Morgan as John Winchester | R.D. Call as Sheriff Pierce | Ross Kohn as Troy Squire | Steve Railsback as Joseph Welch |
Co-Guest Stars: Derek Webster as Deputy Jaffe | Jamil Walker Smith as Luis (as Jamil Z. Smith) | Elizabeth Bond as Amy Hein | Miriam Korn (1) as Rachel | Cletus Young as Motel Clerk | Robert Peters as Deputy Hein | Richard Dano as Hotel Clerk (as Rick Dano) | Hunter Brochu as Sam's Friend
Director: David Nutter
Writer: Eric Kripke
Songs: The Allman Brothers Band -- Ramblin' Man, AC DC -- Highway To Hell, AC DC -- Back In Black, Living Daylights -- Gasoline, Kid Gloves -- My Cheatin' Ways, Keith Rosier -- She Cheated on a Cheater, Eagles of Death Metal -- Speaking In Tongues, Classic -- What Cha Gonna Do

2 :01x02 - Wendigo

Sam and Dean head to Colorado to check out the coordinates that their father left them in his journal. When they arrive, they pose as park rangers to investigate the disappearance of three campers and soon discover that they're up against a Wendigo, a mythical creature from Native American folklore.
Guest Stars: Callum Keith Rennie as Roy | Gina Holden as Haley Collins | Alden Ehrenreich as Ben Collins |
Co-Guest Stars: Donnelly Rhodes as Mr. Shaw | Timothy Webber as Ranger Wilkinson | Graham Wardle as Tommy Collins | Cory Monteith as Gary | Wren Robertz as Brad | Tamara Lashley as Paramedic | Rhys Williams (2) as Local | Roy Campsall as Wendigo
Director: David Nutter
Songs: Foreigner -- Hot Blooded, Lynyrd Skynyrd -- Down South Jukin', Rush -- Fly By Night, The Cranberries -- Linger, Dave Matthews Band -- Out of My Hands

3 :01x03 - Dead in the Water

Dean comes across an article about a mysterious drowning. Sam and Dean soon find that several people have drowned in the same lake, but bodies were never found, suggesting that a spirit is haunting the lake.
Guest Stars: Amy Acker as Andrea Barr | Daniel Hugh Kelly as Sheriff Jake Devins |
Co-Guest Stars: Bruce Dawson as Bill Carlton | Bethoe Shirkoff as Mrs. Sweeney | Nico McEown as Lucas Barr | D. Harlan Cutshall as TBD | Troy Clare as Will Carlton | Amber Borycki as Sophie Carlton | Aaron Rota as Peter Sweeney | Keira Kabatow as Waitress
Director: Kim Manners
Songs: Ratt -- Round And Round, Bad Company -- Movin' On, Billy Squier -- Too Daze Gone, Black Toast -- What A Way To Go

4 :01x04 - Phantom Traveler

Sam and Dean are called in to investigate a mysterious airplane crash, and soon realize that a demon was responsible. It intends to eliminate the survivors of the crash, and is willing to kill hundreds to achieve its goal.
Guest Stars: Jaime Ray Newman as Amanda Walker | Brian Markinson as Jerry Panowski |
Co-Guest Stars: Kett Turton as Max Jaffe | Daryl Shuttleworth as Captain Chuck Lambert | Paul Jarrett as George Phelps | Fred Henderson as Security Guard | Geoff Gustafson as Lou | Amanda Wood (1) as Flight Attendant | Ingrid Tesch as Bonnie Phelps | Kelly-Ruth Mercier as Woman Passenger | Dana Pemberton as Man in Restroom | Benjamin Ayres as Homeland Security Man #1 |
Uncredited: Christopher Rosamund as Co-Pilot | Jeffrey Dean Morgan as John Winchester
Director: Robert Singer
Songs: Nichion Sounds Library -- Load Rage, Black Sabbath -- Paranoid, Metallica -- Some Kind of Monster, Rush -- Working Man

5 :01x05 - Bloody Mary

Sam and Dean hear about a man who died of a stroke while in front of a mirror. After visiting the family and interviewing the man's two daughters, the brothers conclude that the legendary Bloody Mary caused the man's death.
Guest Stars: Adrianne Palicki as Jessica | Marnette Patterson as Charlie | William Taylor (1) as Detective | Chelan Simmons as Jill | Kristie Marsden as Donna Shoemaker | Duncan Minett as Steven Shoemaker |
Co-Guest Stars: Michael Teigen as Teacher | Genevieve Buechner as Lily Shoemaker | James Ashcroft as Coroner | Jessica King (1) as Girl #1 | Victoria Tennant (2) as Girl #2 | Jovanna Huguet as Bloody Mary / Mary Worthington |
Uncredited: Dan Shea as Police Officer #2
Director: Peter Ellis (1)
Songs: The Rolling Stones -- Laugh, I Nearly Died, Def Leppard -- Rock of Ages, Fall Out Boy -- Sugar, We're Going Down

6 :01x06 - Skin

One of Sam's friends, Zach, is accused of murder, and Sam offers to help him by checking up on his younger sister, Rebecca. While visiting her, Rebecca convinces the brothers that Zach didn't commit the murder because he was with her when the murder happened. But could Zach be in two places at the same time?
Guest Stars: Amy Grabow as Rebecca Warren |
Co-Guest Stars: Peter Shinkoda as Alex | Marrett Green as Anchorman | Anita Brown as Lindsay | Shiraine Haas as Bystander | Aleks Holtz as Zach
Writer: John Shiban
Songs: Free (2) -- All Right Now, Filter -- Hey Man, Nice Shot, Iron Butterfly -- In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, Lynyrd Skynyrd -- Poison Whiskey

7 :01x07 - Hook Man

The brothers come across a girl whose boyfriend fell victim of the Hook Man. It's up to Sam and Dean to destroy the ghost's bones before she and her father become victims as well.
Guest Stars: Dan Butler as Reverend Sorenson | Jane McGregor as Lori Sorenson | Brian T. Skala as Rich (as Brian Skala) | Alfred E. Humphreys as Sheriff |
Co-Guest Stars: Chelah Horsdal as Cute Librarian | Christie Laing as Taylor | Sean Millington as Hook Man | Benjamin Rogers as Mark | Mike Waterman as TBD
Writer: John Shiban
Songs: APM -- At Rest, Quiet Riot -- Bang Your Head (Metal Health), Spit Habit -- Merry Go Round, Low Five -- Noise, Boston -- Peace of Mind, APM -- Royal Bethlehem, Paul Richards -- U Do 2 Me

8 :01x08 - Bugs

A gas & power worker is killed when insects burrow themselves into his brain and consume it. Sam and Dean research the history of the new housing development and find that it has been constructed on former Indian land cursed against the white man. Now, it's up to the brothers to get the people out before they are killed by swarms of bees, locusts, spiders, and beetles.
Guest Stars: Andrew Airlie as Larry Pike | Carrie Genzel as Lynda Bloome | Tyler Johnston as Matt Pike |
Co-Guest Stars: Jim Byrnes as Anthropology Professor | Anne Marie Loder as Joanie Pike (as Anne Marie Deluise) | Ryan Robbins as Travis Wheeler | Jimmy Herman as Joe White Tree | Mi-Jung Lee as Newscaster | Michael Daingerfield as Dustin Burwash
Director: Kim Manners
Songs: The Scorpions -- No One Like You, Def Leppard -- Rock of Ages, The Scorpions -- Rock You like a Hurricane

9 :01x09 - Home

Sam continues to have haunting dreams and convinces Dean to return home for the first time. There, the brothers have to deal with painful memories, but their feelings are put on hold when the current residents experience the same phenomena that Sam had dreamed about. But before they can stop what's happening now, Sam and Dean have to face their mother's death first.
Guest Stars: Jeffrey Dean Morgan as John Winchester | Samantha Smith as Mary Winchester | Kristin Richardson as Jenny | Loretta Devine as Missouri Moseley |
Co-Guest Stars: Don Thompson as Mr. Guenther | Jerry Rector as Joe the Plumber | Halli Page Philliipe as Sairie | Jamie Schwanebeck as Ritchie
Director: Ken Girotti
Writer: Eric Kripke

10 :01x10 - Asylum

Sam and Dean travel to an abandoned sanitarium where they find that the patients once revolted against cruel and unusual punishments given to them by the head doctor. The brothers search the area for lost college students, but the spirits make them go insane, and end up turning Sam against Dean.
Guest Stars: Brooke Nevin as Kat | Nick D'Agosto as Gavin (as Nicholas D'Agosto) | Tom Pickett as Lt. Danny Gunderson |
Co-Guest Stars: James Purcell as Dr. James Ellicott | Norman Armour as Dr Sanford Ellicott | Peter Benson (2) as Lt. Walter Kelly | Karly Warkentin as Kelly's Wife | Nancy Bell as Female Patient / Spirit | Nicole LaPlaca as Patient / Spirit | Richard Dietl as Patient / Spirit | Leif Bridgman as Patient / Spirit | Roy Campsall as Patient / Spirit | John Gray (2) as Patient / Spirit
Director: Guy Norman Bee
Songs: Bachman Turner Overdrive -- Hey You

11 :01x11 - Scarecrow

Sam and Dean part ways when Sam insists on ignoring John's orders and tracking down Jessica's killer. Dean travels to a town that's hiding a dark secret about a scarecrow, and their perpetual prosperity, while Sam meets up with an attractive hitchhiker.
Guest Stars: Nicki Aycox as Meg (Meg Masters) | Jeffrey Dean Morgan as John Winchester | Tania Saulnier as Emily Jorgeson | Tom Butler as Harley Jorgeson | P. Lynn Johnson as Stacey Jorgeson | William B. Davis as Professor |
Co-Guest Stars: Brent Stait as Scotty | David Orth as Sheriff | Dean Wray as Driver #1 | Christian Schrapff as Vince Parker | Brendan Penny as Steve | Leah Graham as Pauly | Angela Moore as Bus Station Clerk | Lara Gilchrist as Holly Parker | Tim O'Halloran as Driver #2 | Mike Carpenter as The Scarecrow
Director: Kim Manners
Story: Patrick Sean Smith | Teleplay: John Shiban
Songs: Bad Company -- Bad Company, Creedence Clearwater Revival -- Lodi

12 :01x12 - Faith

During a fight with a hobgoblin, Dean is electrocuted, causing deadly damage to his heart. Sam tries to find a way to save Dean, and comes across a preacher who claims he can cure the incurable. But the brothers soon discover that the preacher's miracles are happening due to help from the Grim Reaper, who trades one life for another, "less worthy" life.
Guest Stars: Julie Benz as Layla Rourke | Rebecca Jenkins as Sue Ann Le Grange | Kevin McNulty as Reverend Roy Le Grange |
Co-Guest Stars: Gillian Barber as Mrs. Rourke | Jim Codrington (1) as Doctor | Alex Diakun as Grim Reaper | Colin Lawrence as Jason | Woody Jeffreys as TBD | Tiffany Knight as Ford City Doctor (as Tiffany Lyndall-Knight) | Shawn Reis as Tall Deputy | Aaron Craven as David Wright | Scott E. Miller as Cop | Pat Waldron as TBD | Conrad Whitaker as Burly Deputy | Erica Carroll as Nurse | John Hainsworth as Emphysema Victim | Cainan Wiebe as Boy Victim | Kenya Jo Kennedy as Girl Victim | Rikki Gagne as Abortion Advocate / Jogger | Nick Harrison (1) as TBD
Director: Allan Kroeker
Songs: Blue Öyster Cult -- Don't Fear The Reaper

13 :01x13 - Route 666

Dean and Sam travel to Missouri after Cassie, one of Dean's ex-girlfriends, calls him to investigate two racially motivated murders. They find that each murder involves a black truck that has no driver and leaves no tracks. Meanwhile, Dean has to deal with the feelings that he still has for Cassie.
Guest Stars: Megalyn Echikunwoke as Cassie Robinson | Kathleen Noone as Mrs. Robinson | Alvin Sanders as Jimmy Anderson | Gary Hetherington as Mayor Harold Todd |
Co-Guest Stars: Dee Jay Jackson as Dockworker | Mike Busswood as Ron Stubbins | Ron Robinson as Young Martin Robinson
Director: Paul Shapiro
Songs: Blind Faith -- Can't Find My Way Home, Bad Company -- She Brings Me Love, Joe Walsh -- Walk Away

14 :01x14 - Nightmare

Sam has a premonition about a man's death that is staged to look like a suicide. Once Sam convinces Dean to investigate the case, they are puzzled when they can't find proof that something supernatural was behind the death. However, they soon realize that the dead man's son, Max, has telekinesis and is using it to kill off his abusive family members.
Guest Stars: Brendan Fletcher as Max Miller | Beth Broderick as Alice Miller |
Co-Guest Stars: Fred Keating as Neighbor | Avery Raskin as Roger Miller | Susinn McFarlen as Neighbor Lady | Dalias Blake as Policeman | Cameron McDonald as Jim Miller
Director: Philip Sgriccia
Songs: Bob Seger -- Lucifer, Bob Seger -- Two Plus Two

15 :01x15 - The Benders

Sam and Dean head to Minnesota where a young boy witnesses a man vanish into thin air. Shortly after arriving, Sam is targeted by the same abductor, and Dean is left to search for his brother. However, the brothers discover that their kidnappers are humans, using the captives as human prey for their sadistic "hunting expeditions."
Guest Stars: John Dennis Johnston as Pa Bender | Jessica Steen as Deputy Kathleen Hudak | Johnny Cuthbert as Alvin Jenkins |
Co-Guest Stars: Ken Kirzinger as Jared Bender | Shawn Reis as Lee Bender | Ryan Drescher as Evan McKay | Alexia Fast as Missy Bender | Sandra Steier as Dispatcher | Sadie Lawrence as Mrs. McKay
Director: Peter Ellis (1)
Writer: John Shiban
Songs: Joe Walsh -- Rocky Mountain Way, George Gershwin -- Sweet and Low Down

16 :01x16 - Shadow

While following a lead concerning a mysterious death in Chicago, Sam reunites with Meg. Sam suspects it's more than a coincidence, and Meg soon ambushes Sam and Dean. She explains that it's a trap... for John, using them as bait.
Guest Stars: Nicki Aycox as Meg Masters | Jeffrey Dean Morgan as John Winchester |
Co-Guest Stars: Lorena Gale as Landlady | Melanie Papalia as Meredith Allen | Nimet Kanji as Bartender
Director: Kim Manners
Writer: Eric Kripke
Songs: Little Charlie And The Nightcats -- You Got Your Hooks In Me, Vue -- Pictures of Me

17 :01x17 - Hell House

Dean and Sam track down the ghost of Mordechai Murdoch, who haunts an old Texas farmhouse. However, the brothers discover that Mordechai is a tulpa, created by thousands of people believing in it after the fake legend of him was posted on a popular website. Now, Sam and Dean must stop the spirit from killing any more people who enter the house.
Guest Stars: Travis Wester as Harry Spengler | A.J. Buckley as Ed Zeddemore | Shane Meier as Craig Thursten |
Co-Guest Stars: Brittney Irvin as First Teenage Girl (as Britt Irvin) | Colby Johannson as James | Kyle Labine as Third Teenage Boy | Jase-Anthony Griffith as Sheriff | Agam Darshi as Jill | Jay Nicolas Hackleman as Second Teenage Boy | Natasha Peck as Second Teenage Girl | Gerry MacKay as Mr. Goodwin | Nick Harrison (1) as Mordechai Murdoch | Krista Bell as Dana
Director: Chris Long
Songs: Blue Öyster Cult -- Burnin' for You, Blue Öyster Cult -- Fire of Unknown Origin

18 :01x18 - Something Wicked

When Sam and Dean find articles about a town where children are inexplicably falling into comas, the brothers discover that a Shtriga, a creature that attacks children, is behind the mysterious comas. During the battle, Dean remembers a past battle with the creature that almost resulted in Sam's death.
Guest Stars: Jeffrey Dean Morgan as John Winchester | Colby Paul as Michael | Ridge Canipe as Young Dean | Venus Terzo as Joanna |
Co-Guest Stars: Ari Cohen as Miles Tarnower | Adrian Hough as Dr. Hydecker | Jeannie Epper as Shtriga | Mary Black as Elderly Patient | Alex Ferris as Young Sam | Erica Carroll as Mother in the Park | Stacee Copeland as Nurse | John Prowse as Tavern Owner | Chandra Berg as Bethany Tarnower | Penelope Cardas as Nurse
Director: Whitney Ransick
Writer: Daniel Knauf
Songs: UFO -- Rock Bottom, Ozzy Osbourne -- Road to Nowhere

19 :01x19 - Provenance

When a young couple mysteriously die after buying a portrait of a 1910 family, Sam and Dean travel to the scene to investigate the painting. The brothers find that each owner of the painting has ended up dead due to a dangerous spirit bound to the portrait. Can they stop it before it kills again?
Guest Stars: Taylor Cole (2) as Sarah Blake | Jay Brazeau as Researcher |
Co-Guest Stars: Jodelle Ferland as Melanie Merchant | Keith Gordey as Daniel Blake (as Keith Martin Gordey) | Linden Banks as Isaiah Merchant | Jody Thompson as Ann Telesca | Curtis Caravaggio as Mark Telesca | Kenton Reid as Waiter | Josh Clark as Mover (as Josh D. Clark) | Sarah Mutch as Girl in Bar | Barbara Frosch as Evelyn
Director: Philip Sgriccia
Songs: Steve Carlson Band -- Night Time, Extreme -- Romantic Pieces, No.1, Grand Funk Railroad -- Bad Time, Black Toast Music -- One More Once

20 :01x20 - Dead Man's Blood

When a vampire hunter and friend of their father's is killed, Sam and Dean are shocked when their father arrives to help them solve the crime. John finds that vampires have stolen a gun that has the capability of killing all evil beings. The brothers, along with their father, set out to get the gun back.
Guest Stars: Jeffrey Dean Morgan as John Winchester | Warren Christie as Luther | Anne Openshaw as Kate | Dominic Zamprogna as Beau |
Co-Guest Stars: Christine Chatelain as Jenny | Damon Runyan as Jenny's Boyfriend | Terence Kelly as Daniel Elkins | Brenda Campbell as Beth | Sean Tyson as Trucker
Director: Tony Wharmby
Songs: Stevie Ray Vaughan -- House is Rocking, MasterSource -- Searching For the Truth, Tito And Tarantula -- Strange Face of Love, MasterSource -- Trailer Trash

21 :01x21 - Salvation

After Sam has a vision of a family being attacked by a demon, similar to the way his mother was attacked, the Winchesters follow demonic signs to Salvation, Iowa, to kill the demon using the Colt. However, Meg calls the family to let them know if they don't give her the gun, she is going to kill their friends.
Guest Stars: Nicki Aycox as Meg Masters | Jeffrey Dean Morgan as John Winchester | Sebastian Spence as Assistant Demon |
Co-Guest Stars: Erin Karpluk as Monica Holt | David Lovgren as Charlie Holt | Richard Sali as Pastor Jim Murphy | Rondel Reynoldson as Receptionist | Serinda Swan as Layla | Josh Blacker as Caleb
Director: Robert Singer
Songs: Kansas -- Carry On My Wayward Son

22 :01x22 - Devil's Trap

To save their father, Sam and Dean enlist the help of a family friend, Bobby Singer. When Meg shows up at Bobby's home, the brothers are able to exorcise the demon from her body and get her to tell them where their father is being held. The brothers race off to rescue their father, resulting in a final showdown between the Winchesters and the demon they have spent their lives looking for.
Guest Stars: Nicki Aycox as Meg Masters | Jeffrey Dean Morgan as John Winchester | Jim Beaver as Bobby Singer | Sebastian Spence as Assistant Demon |
Co-Guest Stars: Matt Riley as Firefighter |
Uncredited: Marcel Maillard as Possessed Truck Driver
Director: Kim Manners
Writer: Eric Kripke
Songs: Triumph -- Fight the Good Fight, Creedence Clearwater Revival -- Bad Moon Rising, Joe Walsh -- Turn To Stone
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama | Horror/Supernatural
Status: On Hiatus
Network: CW ( USA)
Airs: Thursdays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 13, 2005
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