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Season 2

23 :02x01 - In My Time of Dying

Dean discovers that he survived the crash... but is trapped as an ethereal spirit outside of his comatose body. He befriends someone else in a similar condition and tries to find a way to contact Sam and John. Meanwhile, John goes to extreme measures to save his son.
Guest Stars: Jeffrey Dean Morgan as John Winchester | Jim Beaver as Bobby Singer | Lindsey McKeon as Tessa | Fredric Lehne as Yellow -Eyed Demon (as Fredric Lane) |
Co-Guest Stars: Marcel Maillard as Possessed Truck Driver | Sarah Groundwater as Paramedic #1 | Randal Edwards as Paramedic #2 | Benson Simmonds as TBD | Julian D. Christopher as Doctor (as Julian D. Christopher) | Todd Wolfhaden as TBD | Carrie Fleming as Dying Nurse (as Carrie Anne Fleming) | Nicola Anderson as Nurse | Marsha Regis as Nurse | Daniel Bacon as Orderly | Sharon Bell as Nurse
Director: Kim Manners
Writer: Eric Kripke
Songs: Creedence Clearwater Revival -- Bad Moon Rising, Ted Nugent -- Stranglehold

24 :02x02 - Everybody Loves a Clown

Sam and Dean receive a message on their father's cell phone from a woman named Ellen and head out to find her. They discover that Ellen is the owner of a roadhouse that serves as a meeting place for hunters. Meanwhile, a circus clown is targeting young children who will let him into their home so he can brutally murder their parents.
Guest Stars: Alona Tal as Jo Harvelle | Chad Lindberg as Ash | Samantha Ferris as Ellen Harvelle | Alec Willows as Clown / Barry Papizian / Rakshasa |
Co-Guest Stars: Ken Kramer as Mr. Cooper | Nicole Munoz as Nora | Julius Chapple as Nora's Dad | Lexie Huber as Nora's Mom | Quinn Lord as Evan | David Stuart (1) as Evan's Dad | Alexis Llewellyn as Second Little Girl | Dean Redman as Second Girl's Father | Kirsten Williamson as Second Girl's Mother | Colin Naples as Small Clown
Director: Philip Sgriccia
Writer: John Shiban
Songs: The Chambers Brothers -- Time Has Come Today, Three Dog Night -- Shambala, Captain & Tennille -- Do That to Me One More Time

25 :02x03 - Bloodlust

The brothers get the Impala running and head out to investigate a Montana case with cattle mutilations and decapitations. They end up teaming with Gordon Walker, a hunter whose motivation to destroy supernatural beings may be stronger even than theirs. Together they hunt a nest of vampires. Then Sam learns something about the vampires that might change everything and Ellen gives him some advice about Gordon.
Guest Stars: Sterling K. Brown as Gordon Walker | Amber Benson (1) as Lenore | Samantha Ferris as Ellen Harvelle | Ty Olsson as Eli |
Co-Guest Stars: Derek McIver as Sheriff | Ralph Alderman as Morgue Attendant (Jeff Manners)
Director: Robert Singer
Writer: Sera Gamble
Songs: Journey -- Wheel in the Sky, AC DC -- Back in Black, Long John Hunter -- Time and Time Again

26 :02x04 - Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things

While visiting their mother's gravestone, Dean notices a patch of cursed ground, and insists that a zombie is on the loose. Sam thinks he's just burying his grief for their mother, but Dean persists. The Winchesters eventually discover that someone has used necromancy to bring back a dead girl... but the zombie is seeking revenge on those who wronged her in life.
Guest Stars: Tamara Feldman as Angela Mason | Christopher Jacot as Neil |
Co-Guest Stars: Serge Houde as Professor Mason | Jared Keeso as Matt Harrison | Leela Savasta as Lindsey
Director: Kim Manners
Songs: Supergrass -- Sad Girl

27 :02x05 - Simon Said

Sam gets another premonition of death, this time in Blue Ridge, Oklahoma. The brothers investigate and discover that Andy Gallagher is Sam's age and had a fire in his nursery when he was six months old. They soon realize that he has the power to control people, but Dean isn't convinced that Andy is responsible for a recent string of suicides.
Guest Stars: Samantha Ferris as Ellen Harvelle | Alona Tal as Jo Harvelle | Chad Lindberg as Ash | Gabriel Tigerman as Andy Gallagher | Elias Toufexis as Weber / Ansen Weems |
Co-Guest Stars: Chiara Zanni as Tracy | Blu Mankuma as Dr. Jennings | Eric Keenleyside as Dennis | Rachel Wainwright as Holly Beckett | Ivan Vance as County Office Security Guard | Richard Lett as Ed | Ian Rozylo as Gas Station Attendant | John Dadey as Police Officer
Director: Tim Iacofano
Writer: Ben Edlund
Songs: REO Speedwagon -- Can't Fight This Feeling, Spinal Tap -- Stonehenge

28 :02x06 - No Exit

Blond women have disappeared from an apartment building for 80 years. Jo gives the file to the Winchesters after her mother Ellen refuses to let her investigate. However, she defies her mother and joins Sam and Dean in the field, and they discover that the ghost responsible is the spirit of of H. H. Holmes, America's first serial killer, is behind the murders.
Guest Stars: Alona Tal as Jo Harvelle | Samantha Ferris as Ellen Harvelle |
Co-Guest Stars: Andrea Brooks as Katie | Brent Chapman as Ed the Superintendant | Stephen Aberle as H. H. Holmes | Chris Eastman as Nebraska Tourist | Lisa Marie Caruk as Teresa Ellis
Director: Kim Manners
Writer: Matt Witten
Songs: Foreigner -- Cold As Ice, Cheap Trick -- Surrender

29 :02x07 - The Usual Suspects

Sam and Dean travel to the scene of the murder of a lawyer and his wife who claimed to had seen a ghost prior to their deaths. But Sam and Dean don't get far when local authorities come across the brothers' record and arrest them for a double homicide. However, when the ghost begins to visit detective Ballard, the woman that arrested the brothers, she begins to think that Sam and Dean's story might just be true and she might be next.
Special Guest Stars: Linda Blair as Detective Diana Ballard |
Guest Stars: Jason Gedrick as Detective Peter Sheridan |
Co-Guest Stars: Keegan Connor Tracy as Karen Giles | Andy Stahl as Jeff Krause (as Andrew Stahl) | Shannon Powell as Claire Becker | Diana Dutra as Policewoman
Director: Michael Rohl

30 :02x08 - Crossroad Blues

Two miraculously successful individuals die after claiming to be haunted by hell-hounds. Sam and Dean discover that each of them visited a bar where a demon has been making people's dreams come true in exchange for their souls. They find the last person and Sam protects him while Dean summons the demon. However, he is shocked when it reveals the truth surrounding his father's death, and tempts Dean into getting the one thing he wants the most -- his father.
Guest Stars: La Monde Byrd as Robert Johnson | John Lafayette as George Darrow | Jeannette Sousa as Dean's Demon (as Jeannette Souza) |
Co-Guest Stars: Yvonne Myers as Johnson's Lady | Aleks Paunovic as Boyden's Partner | Catherine Thomas (2) as Sylvia Pearlman | Deni Delory as TBD | James Lafazanos as Hotel Manager | Christie Laing as Johnson's Crossroad Demon | Vincent Gale as Evan Hudson | Leah Cairns as Julie Hudson | Marcus Champagne as TBD | Richard Cohee as TBD | Lilian Umurungi as Sylvia's Maid
Director: Steve Boyum
Writer: Sera Gamble
Songs: Robert Johnson -- Cross Roads Blues, Big Bill Broonzy -- Key to the Highway

31 :02x09 - Croatoan

Sam has a vision of Dean killing a demon-possessed man. The brothers travel to River Grove, Oregon to find answers to Sam's premonition, and discover a virus-stricken town where the victims are driven to kill. Sam is infected by the virus and prepares for his deadly fate, but proves immune so Dean decides to tell Sam the truth about what John told him before he died.
Guest Stars: Kate Jennings Grant as Dr. Amanda Lee | Bobby Hosea as Mark | Diego Klattenhoff as Duane Tanner |
Co-Guest Stars: Sonja Bennett as Pamela Clayton | Nolan Gerard Funk as Jake Tanner | Laurie Murdoch as Mr. Tanner | Chilton Crane as Beverly Tanner | Simon Longmore as Barricade Guard
Director: Robert Singer
Writer: John Shiban

32 :02x10 - Hunted

When Dean tells Sam about what John told him before he died, Sam heads off to Indiana without Dean knowing. There Sam meets Ava Wilson, a psychic who was looking for Sam in order to warn him about his fate. Meanwhile, Dean tracks down his brother and discovers that hunter Gordon Walker plans to kill Sam, believing he's a monster.
Guest Stars: Samantha Ferris as Ellen Harvelle | Chad Lindberg as Ash | Sterling K. Brown as Gordon Walker | Katharine Isabelle as Ava Wilson |
Co-Guest Stars: Bill Mondy as Dr. George Waxler | Richard de Klerk as Scott Carey | Levi James as Ava's Fianc├ę / Brady | Tom McBeath as Scott's Dad | Jason Benson as Police Officer | Monique Ganderton as Pool Player (deleted scene)
Director: Rachel Talalay
Songs: Jefferson Airplane -- White Rabbit, Muse -- Supermassive Black Hole

33 :02x11 - Playthings

At a small Connecticut inn, Sam and Dean encounter a single mother, Susan, whose daughter, Tyler, often plays with an imaginary friend. As Susan and Tyler are packing to move after selling the run-down Pierpont Inn, Sam and Dean begin to notice strange dolls with backward heads, an urn with a hoodoo pattern, and a mysterious old woman confined to the attic. Tthe brothers soon discover that the imaginary friend may be the ghost behind recent deaths of people living in the rural Connecticut town.
Guest Stars: Annie Wersching as Susan Thompson | Matreya Fedor as Tyler Thompson | Conchita Campbell as Maggie Thompson |
Co-Guest Stars: John R. Taylor as Sherwin | Brenda McDonald as Rose Thompson | Jonathan Bruce as Larry Williams | Rob Bruner as Mr. Witherspoon | Talia Williams as Young Rose Thompson
Director: Charles Beeson
Writer: Matt Witten

34 :02x12 - Nightshifter

Sam and Dean investigate a string of robberies with disturbing similarities. In each robbery, a top-notch employee holds up and robs the business and then commits suicide. The Winchesters discover that a shape shifter is at work and try to get ahead of it at the next business it intends to hit: a bank.
Guest Stars: Chris Gauthier as Ronald Resnick | Charles Malik Whitfield as Special Agent Victor Henricksen |
Co-Guest Stars: Stephen E. Miller as Okey Dokey Guard | Alison Matthews as Frannie Wandel | Sanjay Talwar as Jewelry Store Manager | Holly Hougham as Newscaster | Georgia Craig as Sherri | Roman Podhora as Lieutenant Robarts | Kurt Max Runte as Sgt. Tucker | Emy Aneke as Sampson | Brad Turner (1) as African-American Bank Customer
Director: Philip Sgriccia
Writer: Ben Edlund
Songs: Styx -- Renegade, The Scorpions -- Rock You Like A Hurricane

35 :02x13 - Houses of the Holy

The Winchester brothers look into the murders of several people who say they were visited by an angel and were simply carrying out God's will. After further investigation, Sam and Dean find that those murdered were guilty of secret crimes, but the brothers split on what they think the truth is -- Sam believes that there is an angel that caused the murdered, but Dean thinks that a demon is the cause of the deaths. However, Dean soon changes his belief when he sees the unexplainable.
Guest Stars: Denis Arndt as Father Reynolds | David Monahan as Father Thomas Gregory |
Co-Guest Stars: Heather Doerksen as Gloria Sytnik | Dan Mellor as Pedophile / Frank | Wesley Salter as Zach Smitt | Sean Rogerson as Rapist | Zara Taylor as Woman | Brent Fidler as TV Evangelist
Director: Kim Manners
Writer: Sera Gamble
Songs: Jamie Dunlop -- Down on Love, Bob Dylan -- Knocking On Heaven's Door

36 :02x14 - Born Under a Bad Sign

A missing Sam finally makes contact with Dean, who travels to his younger brother and discovers he has no memory of the last few days... and he's covered in blood. As they retrace Sam's step, Sam begins to believe that his dark side has finally taken over.
Guest Stars: Jim Beaver as Bobby Singer | Alona Tal as Jo Harvelle |
Co-Guest Stars: Philip Granger as Manager | Richard Kahan as Gas Station Clerk | Vince Murdocco as Steve Wandell
Director: J. Miller Tobin
Songs: REO Speedwagon -- Back on the Road Again, The Doors -- The Crystal Ship

37 :02x15 - Tall Tales

Sam and Dean investigate a series of urban legends coming to life on a college campus. When they start arguing incessantly, they have no choice but to call in Bobby for help.
Guest Stars: Jim Beaver as Bobby Singer | Richard Speight, Jr. as Janitor | David Tom as Curtis |
Co-Guest Stars: Barclay Hope as Professor Arthur Cox | Tara Wilson as Coed | Emma Lahana as Jen | Desiree Loewen as Classy Girl | Elena Esovolova as Starla | Neil Grayston as Frat Kid | Chad Hershler as Research Scientist | Matreya Fedor as Taylor | Angela Case as Brunette Trickster Girl | Mashiah Vaughn-Hulbert as Blonde Trickster Girl (As Mashiah Vaughn)
Director: Brad May (1)
Writer: John Shiban
Songs: Chris De Burgh -- Lady in Red, Barry White -- Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe, JunkFood -- Next to You, James Gang -- Walk Away

38 :02x16 - Roadkill

Sam and Dean come to the aid of a woman, Molly, who claims that her car went off the road after encountering a ghost. There's no sign of the car, and the brothers take Molly along to hunt down the ghost, as it becomes clear that their encounter with Molly isn't random chance.
Guest Stars: Tricia Helfer as Molly McNamara | Dan Gauthier as David McNamara | Winston Rekert as Jonah Greeley |
Co-Guest Stars: Maria Marlow as David's Wife
Director: Charles Beeson
Songs: The Animals -- House of the Rising Sun

39 :02x17 - Heart

While investigating the mysterious death of a lawyer who appears to have been mauled to death by an animal, Sam and Dean realize that they are tracking a werewolf. As they look into the death, Sam becomes attracted to Madison, the victim's secretary, and when it appears that Madison will be the next victim, Sam does all he can to protect her.
Guest Stars: Emmanuelle Vaugier as Madison |
Co-Guest Stars: Nate Quinlan as Nate Mulligan | G. Patrick Currie as Kurt Mueller (as Patrick Currie) | Brad Dryborough as Glen | Caroline Carter as Hooker | Rob Hayter as Policeman | Teryl Rothery as Coroner | Lindsay Maxwell as Madison's Friend | Yasmine Vox as Stripper
Director: Charles Beeson
Songs: Screaming Trees -- Look At You, Queensr├┐che -- Silent Lucidity, The Stooges -- Down on the Street

40 :02x18 - Hollywood Babylon

While in Hollywood taking some R&R, the brothers investigate the mysterious death of an actor who was killed on the set of a horror film. Rumors begin to fly that he was killed by a ghost, but Sam and Dean soon find that the death was a publicity stunt. However, when a studio executive and the film's producer are found dead, Sam and Dean realize that the rumors about a haunted set may be true.
Guest Stars: Gary Cole as Brad Redding | Don Stark as Jay Wiley | Regan Burns as McG | Michael B. Silver as Martin | Elizabeth Whitmere as Tara Benchley / Wendy | Benjamin Ratner as Walter Dixon (as Ben Ratner) |
Co-Guest Stars: Andrew Francis as Rick Craig / Brody | Morgan Brayton as Elise Drummond | R. Nelson Brown as Gerard St. James / Frank Jaffy (as rnelsonbrown) | Torrance Coombs as Mitch | Alycia Purrott as Kendra / Ashley | Graeme Duffy as Dave | Patricia Nudd as TBD | Gerry Rousseau as Billy Beaird | Julie Patzwald as Tour Guide | Leah Graham as TBD
Director: Philip Sgriccia
Writer: Ben Edlund
Songs: Herb Alpert & Tijuana Brass -- Green Peppers

41 :02x19 - Folsom Prison Blues

When a ghost begins killing off inmates one by one at prison, Sam and Dean let themselves get captures so they can go into the penitentiary to investigate the deaths from the inside. However, when FBI agent Henricksen takes over the murder cases, the brothers soon find that getting out of the prison may be more difficult than finding the murderous ghost.
Guest Stars: Charles Malik Whitfield as Special Agent Victor Henricksen | Bridget White as Mara Daniels (as Bridget Ann White) | Jeff Kober as Randall | Garwin Sanford as Deacon |
Co-Guest Stars: Kurt Evans as Special Agent Carl Reidy | Robert Parent as Museum Security Guard | Andee Frizzell as Ghost of Nurse Dolores Glockner | Alistair Abell as Monitor Guard | Steven Cree Molison as Lucas | Clif Kosterman as Tiny | James Michalopolous as Poker Playing Prisoner | Chris Nowland as Unknown | Byron Lucas as Unknown
Director: Michael Rohl
Writer: John Shiban
Songs: Booker T and the MGs -- Green Onions, Alice in Chains -- Rooster

42 :02x20 - What Is and What Should Never Be

While on the trail of a Djinn, Dean wakes up one night and finds that he is in an alternate reality where Mary never died and John Winchester and his sons never hunted monsters. In this life, Sam is in law school and engaged to Jessica, and Dean has a steady job and a beautiful girlfriend. However, when a strange woman begins following him around , Dean realizes that all of the people that he and Sam saved have died, and has to decide if he wants to stay in his new life or return to reality.
Guest Stars: Samantha Smith as Mary Winchester | Adrianne Palicki as Jessica | Michelle Borth as Carmen Porter |
Co-Guest Stars: Melanie Scrofano as Girl in White | Kwesi Ameyaw as Professor | Mackenzie Gray as The Djinn
Director: Eric Kripke
Songs: Ramones -- What A Wonderful World, Lynyrd Skynyrd -- Saturday Night Special

43 :02x21 - All Hell Breaks Loose (1)

Sam is kidnapped by the Yellow-Eyed Demon and finds himself trapped in a ghost town along with other children with special abilities much like his own. Sam and the others who have been abducted soon find out that the Yellow-Eyed Demon has brought them together in order to determine which is the most powerful. The Yellow-Eyed Demon shows Sam the truth behind the death of one of his parents. Meanwhile, Dean and Bobby team up to help save Sam before the battle breaks out, but, unfortunately, are too late.
Guest Stars: Jim Beaver as Bobby Singer | Fredric Lehne as Yellow-Eyed Demon (as Frederic Lane) | Samantha Smith as Mary Winchester | Gabriel Tigerman as Andy Gallagher | Chad Lindberg as Ash | Aldis Hodge as Jake Talley | Katharine Isabelle as Ava Wilson | Jessica Harmon as Lily |
Co-Guest Stars: Hannah Dubois as Acheri
Director: Robert Singer
Writer: Sera Gamble
Songs: Boston -- Foreplay/Long Time, Martyn Laight/Carlin -- Wrapped Around Your Finger

44 :02x22 - All Hell Breaks Loose (2)

Dean refuses to accept Sam's death, and makes a painful sacrifice to bring him back. Meanwhile, the Yellow-Eyed Demon uses Jake to advances his master plan to take over the Earth and Sam and Dean must track him down before it's too late.
Guest Stars: Samantha Ferris as Ellen Harvelle | Jim Beaver as Bobby Singer | Fredric Lehne as Yellow-Eyed Demon (as Fredric Lane) | Jeffrey Dean Morgan as John Winchester | Aldis Hodge as Jake Talley | Ona Grauer as Female Demon |
Co-Guest Stars: Kaare Anderson as TBD
Director: Robert Singer
Songs: Kansas -- Carry On Wayward Son, Boston -- Don't Look Back
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama | Horror/Supernatural
Status: Returning Series
Network: CW ( USA)
Airs: Wednesdays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 13, 2005
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