Season 4

61 :04x01 - Lazarus Rising

Four months have passed and Dean awakes to find himself in a pine box -- he's been freed from Hell. He reunites with Sam and Bobby, but soon they all begin to wonder what pulled Dean out of Hell.
Guest Stars: Jim Beaver as Bobby Singer | Genevieve Cortese as Kristy/Ruby | Misha Collins as Castiel | Traci Dinwiddie as Pamela Barnes |
Co-Guest Stars: Scott Parsons as Demon Customer | Jennifer Halley as Demon Waitress | Marc Gaudet as Demon Fry Cook
Director: Kim Manners
Writer: Eric Kripke
Songs: The Republic Tigers -- Fight Song, Jason Manns -- Visions, AC DC -- You Shook Me All Night Long

62 :04x02 - Are You There God? It's Me, Dean Winchester

Sam and Dean are thrown off guard when the spirits of Meg and Agent Henricksen accuse the brothers of failing them. Though stunned, the brothers must help Bobby, who is devastated after fighting angry ghosts of children he couldn't save.
Guest Stars: Jim Beaver as Bobby Singer | Genevieve Cortese as Kristy/Ruby | Misha Collins as Castiel | Nicki Aycox as Meg Masters | Charles Malik Whitfield as Special Agent Victor Henricksen | Chris Gauthier as Ronald Resnick |
Co-Guest Stars: Audra Rickets as Olivia Lowry | Daniel Arnold as Ghostly Man | Eva Casha as Ghost Twin #1 | Lara Casha as Ghost Twin #2 | Krista Mitchell as Ghostly Woman
Director: Philip Sgriccia
Writer: Sera Gamble
Songs: Billy Squier -- Lonely is the Night

63 :04x03 - In the Beginning

Dean is shocked to discover he has been transported back in time to Lawrence, Kansas. But the shock is short-lived after running into a younger John Winchester and Mary who are in love.

Dean is unaware why he was sent back but is enjoying his time with his parents and new-found grandfather, who may be the key to Sam and Dean's predicament.
Guest Stars: Mitch Pileggi as Samuel Campbell | Misha Collins as Castiel | Genevieve Cortese as Ruby | Matthew Cohen as Young John Winchester | Amy Gumenick as Young Mary Winchester | Allison Hossack as Deanna Campbell |
Co-Guest Stars: Christopher B. MacCabe as Dr. Brown / Yellow-Eyed Demon | Ken Camroux-Taylor as Mr. D | Troy Anthony Young as Reg | Andy Nez as Daniel Elkins | Mark McConchie as Car Salesman | Nadine Wright as Beth Whitshire | Max Lloyd-Jones as Charlie Wiltshire | Viviana Dal Cengio as Liddy Walsh | Robert Dayton as Unknown
Director: Steve Boyum
Songs: The Allman Brothers Band -- Ramblin' Man

64 :04x04 - Metamorphosis

Sam and Dean learn Jack Montgomery is transforming into Rugaru, a flesh-eating monster. People infected are unaware as to what is going on until they turn into cannibals and begin to eat human beings. Sam tries to reason with Jack so that he will control his urges, but Dean refuses to believe that the urges can be subdued.
Guest Stars: Genevieve Cortese as Ruby | Dameon Clarke as Jack Montgomery | Joanne Kelly as Michelle Montgomery | Ron Lea as Travis |
Co-Guest Stars: Craig Stanghetta as Bartender | Angelique Naude as Girl in Bar | Colby Wilson as Guy in Bar | Marcus Hondro as Demon (as Marcus Hondo)
Director: Kim Manners

65 :04x05 - Monster Movie

Sam and Dean look into a string of murders committed at Oktoberfest. The first victim is found with bite marks, leading them to believe they were caused by a vampire. However, the second victim appears to be killed by a werewolf. When a mummy rises from the crypt, Dean believes that a shape-shifting creature is behind the attacks.
Guest Stars: Todd Stashwick as Dracula | Melinda Sward as Jamie | Holly Dignard as Lucy (as Holly E. Dignard) | Michael Eklund as Ed Brewer |
Co-Guest Stars: Gary Chalk as Sheriff Deitrich | Todd Scott as Museum Guard | Carmen Lavigne as Anne-Marie | Geoff Redknap as Unknown | John Stewart as Pizza Delivery Guy | Jason Poulsen as Rick Deacon | Giacomo Baessato as Unknown
Director: Robert Singer
Writer: Ben Edlund

66 :04x06 - Yellow Fever

Dean becomes the latest victim of a ghost sickness that causes the victims to steadily become more fearful until their hearts burst. With time running out, the brothers must figure out how to destroy the ghost responsible.
Guest Stars: Jim Beaver as Bobby Singer | Sierra McCormick as Lilith | Jack Conley as Sheriff Al Britton | Stephan DuVall as John Garland | David Mattey as Luther Garland |
Co-Guest Stars: Jerry Wasserman as Coroner | Darcy Cadman as Deputy Linus | Michael Roberds as Mark Hutchens | Brady Schlecker as Frank O'Brien | Jessica Erwin as Unknown | Darren Daurie as Unknown | Wade Fennig as Unknown
Director: Philip Sgriccia
Songs: Survivor -- Eye of the Tiger

67 :04x07 - It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester

With Halloween quickly approaching, Sam and Dean must find a witch who is making human sacrifices in order to summon a demon. Meanwhile, Castiel returns with Uriel, an angel wanting to smite the entire town.
Guest Stars: Robert Wisdom as Uriel | Misha Collins as Castiel | Don McManus (1) as Don Harding | Ashley Benson as Tracy Davis |
Co-Guest Stars: Kirsten Robek as Mrs. Wallace | Jean-Luc Bilodeau as Justin | Luisa D'Oliveira as Jenny | David Ingram as Luke Wallace | Alex Robertson as Unknown
Director: Charles Beeson
Writer: Julie Siege

68 :04x08 - Wishful Thinking

In a small town, a young girl's teddy bear comes to life. Sam and Dean discover that the town's wishing well really works, blurring the line between reality and fantasy.
Guest Stars: Anita Brown as Hope Lynn Casey | Ted Raimi as Wesley Mondale |
Co-Guest Stars: Chang Tseng as Chinese Waiter | Nicole Leduc as Audrey Elmer | Barbara Kottmeier as Candace Armstrong | Calum Worthy as Invisible Kid | Chad Krowchuk as Waiter | Ryan Grantham as Todd | Michael Teigen as Deputy | Sean Devine as Hunter | Noel Johansen as Unknown | Cainan Wiebe as Bully #1 | Talon Dunbar as Bully #2 | Evan Muirhead as Bully #3 | Chris Peake as Unknown | Jessica Olafson as Girl in Shower (as Jesicca Olafsen)
Director: Robert Singer
Story: Ben Edlund, Lou Bollo | Teleplay: Ben Edlund

69 :04x09 - I Know What You Did Last Summer

Sam and Dean must team up with Ruby to find Anna, a girl who can listen in on angelic conversations... and who the demons want to acquire. Meanwhile, Sam fills Dean in on how he met Ruby during Dean's time in Hell.
Guest Stars: Robert Wisdom as Uriel | Genevieve Cortese as Ruby | Misha Collins as Castiel | Julie McNiven as Anna Milton | Mark Rolston as Alastair | Gwynyth Walsh as Psychiatrist |
Co-Guest Stars: Anna Williams as Ruby #1 | Drew Nelson as Crossroads Demon | Dave Collette as Demon Orderly | Shawn Hall as Pool Player | Samantha Page as Little Girl | Michelle Hewitt-Williams as Maid | Anthony Harrison as Captive Demon | Glenn Ennis as Lilith's Demon #1 | Mark Ferns as Lilith's Demon #2
Director: Charles Beeson
Writer: Sera Gamble

70 :04x10 - Heaven and Hell

While Castiel and Uriel seek out Anna, who can overhear angelic conversations, the Winchesters hide her from Heaven and Hell alike and discover the origins of her powers.
Guest Stars: Robert Wisdom as Uriel | Genevieve Cortese as Ruby | Misha Collins as Castiel | Julie McNiven as Anna Milton | Mark Rolston as Alastair | Traci Dinwiddie as Pamela Barnes
Director: J. Miller Tobin
Story: Trevor Sands | Teleplay: Eric Kripke
Songs: Bad Company -- Ready for Love

71 :04x11 - Family Remains

When the ghost of a young woman haunts an abandoned house, Sam and Dean investigate. However, the situation gets complicated when a family moves in and ignores the brothers' warnings.
Guest Stars: Helen Slater as Susan Carter | David Newsom as Brian Carter | Bradley Stryker as Ted | Alexa Nikolas as Kate Carter | Dylan Minnette as Danny Carter | Mandy Playdon as The Gibson Girl |
Co-Guest Stars: Gerry Rousseau as Bill Gibson | Mark Wynn as The Gibson Boy | Karin Konoval as Mrs. Curry
Director: Kim Manners

72 :04x12 - Criss Angel Is a Douchebag

The brothers investigate a magician's convention where the participants are dying off-stage from illusions that an older magician, The Incredible Jay, is performing on-stage.
Guest Stars: Barry Bostwick as The Incredible Jay | Luke Camilleri as Jeb Dexter | Genevieve Cortese as Ruby | Richard Libertini as Vernon Haskell | John Rubinstein as Charlie | Michael Weston as Young Charlie (as Michael Rubinstein) |
Co-Guest Stars: Alex Zahara as Patrick Vance | Amber Lewis as Bar Waitress | Ecstasia Sanders as Vance's Assistant | Jordan Becker as Doorman | Christopher Burns as Chief (as Chris Burns)
Director: Robert Singer
Writer: Julie Siege

73 :04x13 - After School Special

Sam and Dean find out that a spirit is haunting one of their old schools. Through flashbacks we see what school was like for the Winchesters
Guest Stars: Colin Ford as Young Sam | Brock Kelly as Young Dean | Candice Accola as Amanda Heckerling | Chad Willett as Mr. Wyatt |
Co-Guest Stars: Tim Henry as Dirk McGregor Sr. | Cainan Wiebe as Barry Cook | Casey Dubois as TBA | Adam Macdougall as TBA | Jenna Romanin as TBA | Eileen Barrett as Dean's Teacher | Hayley Saulnier as TBA | Reilly Dolman as TBA | Adam Kennedy (2) as TBA | Marie Avgeropoulos as Taylor | Merritt Patterson as Cheerleader | Maggie Ma as Jennifer Tanaka | Jermaine Peralta as TBA | Dan Joffre as Coach | Doug Abrahams as Eddie
Director: Adam Kane
Songs: Foreigner -- Long, Long Way From Home

74 :04x14 - Sex and Violence

Sam and Dean investigate murders in a small town and fall under the sway of the Siren responsible.
Guest Stars: Jim Beaver as Bobby Singer | Genevieve Cortese as Ruby | Maite Schwartz as Dr. Cara Roberts | Jim Parrack as Nick Monroe | Mark Hildreth as Lenny Bristol |
Co-Guest Stars: Tosha Doiron as Vicki Benson | Lawrence Haegart as Adam Benson | Moneca Delain as Belle | Fulvio Cecere as Strip Club Owner | Brandi Alexander as Stripper | Christopher Baker (2) as Siren (as Chris Baker)
Director: Charles Beeson
Songs: White Zombie -- Thunder Kiss '65

75 :04x15 - Death Takes a Holiday

Dean and Sam investigate a town where no one can die... ever. Meanwhile, Alastair prepares for his next move against the forces of Heaven.
Guest Stars: Misha Collins as Castiel | Christopher Heyerdahl as Alastair | Traci Dinwiddie as Pamela Barnes | Lindsey McKeon as Tessa | Alexander Gould as Cole Griffiths |
Co-Guest Stars: Mike Dopud as Jim Jenkins | Andrew Wheeler as Mugger | Viv Leacock as Jim's Friend | Maya Massar as Mara Griffiths | Gabriel Carter as TBD | John Burnside as TBD | Phillip Mitchell as TBD | Kristian Haas as TBD | Chris McNally as TBD
Director: Steve Boyum

76 :04x16 - On the Head of a Pin

Castiel and Uriel recruit Dean to use the torture skills he honed in Hell to interrogate Alastair, who they believe knows which demon is responsible for the murder of seven angels.
Guest Stars: Robert Wisdom as Uriel | Misha Collins as Castiel | Genevieve Cortese as Ruby | Julie McNiven as Anna Milton | Christopher Heyerdahl as Alastair |
Co-Guest Stars: Brent Woolsey as TBD | Crystell Hendricks as TBD
Director: Michael Rohl
Writer: Ben Edlund

77 :04x17 - It's a Terrible Life

Sam and Dean both work at a ironworks company. Dean is in sales and marketing, Sam in tech support. They don't remember each other, or their lives as Hunters. However, when a ghost starts causing suicides among the employees, the brothers have to learn quickly who and what they are, or die trying.
Guest Stars: Kurt Fuller as Mr. Adler | Jack Plotnick as Ian | A.J. Buckley as Ed Zeddemore | Travis Wester as Harry Spengler |
Co-Guest Stars: Richard Side as Paul Dunbar | John Holmsworth as TBD | David Milchard as Dean's Co-worker | Steve Elliott as TBD | Brian McCaig as TBD
Director: James L. Conway
Writer: Sera Gamble
Songs: The Kinks -- A Well Respected Man

78 :04x18 - The Monster at the End of This Book

Dean and Sam learn that they're the protagonists in a series of cult novels detailing the adventures of two intrepid supernatural hunters. They confront the author, only to discover that he's the prophet of the Lord... and he's writing the Winchester Gospels. Now Sam must deal with the writer's next prophecy: that he gives in to Lilith.
Guest Stars: Misha Collins as Castiel | Kurt Fuller as Zachariah | Katherine Boecher as Lilith | Robert Patrick Benedict as Chuck Shurley (as Rob Benedict) | Keegan Connor Tracy as Sera Siege |
Co-Guest Stars: Michael P. Northey as Comic Book Store Owner | Mike Klemak as Trooper | Terri O'neill as Waitress | Megan Leitch as Female Driver | Reilly Kiff as Little Girl
Director: Michael Rohl

79 :04x19 - Jump the Shark

The guys are on the road when a call comes in on their dad's old cell phone. A college student named Adam Milligan says that his mother's disappeared and he's trying to get hold of his father: John Winchester.
Guest Stars: Jake Abel as Adam Milligan | Dedee Pfeiffer as Kate Milligan |
Co-Guest Stars: Heather Feeney as Lisa Barton | Michael Puttnam as Cemetary Director | Eby Luking as Denise
Director: Philip Sgriccia
Songs: Burl Ives -- A Little Bitty Tear

80 :04x20 - The Rapture

Dean gets a message to meet with Castiel on important business, but he and Sam discover that Castiel has been recalled to Heaven and his human host body, Jimmy Novaks, has no memory of what happened or what Castiel knew. Unfortunately, the demon forces don't know that, and wouldn't care if they did, and will go to any lengths to get Jimmy for themselves.
Guest Stars: Misha Collins as Castiel / Jimmy Novak | Jim Beaver as Bobby Singer | Julie McNiven as Anna Milton | Wynn Everett as Amelia Novak | Sydney Imbeau as Claire Novak |
Co-Guest Stars: Aaron Pearl as Roger | Linnea Sharples as Lisa
Director: Charles Beeson

81 :04x21 - When the Levee Breaks

Sam is plagued by horrendous nightmares and visions from his past as Bobby and Dean force him to go cold turkey to break his addiction to demon blood. Meanwhile, Castiel makes Dean a deal, and the demons break all but the last few Seals.
Guest Stars: Jim Beaver as Bobby Singer | Genevieve Cortese as Ruby | Misha Collins as Castiel | Julie McNiven as Anna Milton | Christopher Heyerdahl as Alastair | Colin Ford as Young Sam | Samantha Smith as Mary Winchester |
Co-Guest Stars: Juliana Wimbles as Lilith's Chef | Joey Bothwell as Maternity Ward Nurse
Director: Robert Singer
Writer: Sera Gamble

82 :04x22 - Lucifer Rising

On the eve of the Apocalypse, Lilith plans to open the last seal and Dean and Sam find themselves on opposing sides. Zachariah reveals Heaven's intentions and Castiel must make a choice. And the nature of the last seal is revealed.
Guest Stars: Jim Beaver as Bobby Singer | Genevieve Cortese as Ruby | Misha Collins as Castiel | Kurt Fuller as Zachariah | Katherine Boecher as Lilith | Robert Patrick Benedict as Chuck Shurley (as Rob Benedict) | Rob LaBelle as Father Lehne / Azazel | Juliana Wimbles as Lilith's Chef / Cindy McClellan |
Co-Guest Stars: Darren Dolynski as Demon | Artine Brown as Security Guard | Kirsten Kilburn as Nun
Director: Eric Kripke
Writer: Eric Kripke
Songs: Kansas -- Carry On Wayward Son
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama | Horror/Supernatural
Status: On Hiatus
Network: CW ( USA)
Airs: Thursdays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 13, 2005
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