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Season 7

127 :07x01 - Meet the New Boss

Dean, Sam, and Bobby must come to grips with Castiel, who now has the powers of God and sets off to redress the wrongs of the entire world. To defeat God, they must summon Death. Meanwhile, Sam tries to deal with his memories of Hell after the block in his mind cracks.
Special Guest Stars: Misha Collins as Castiel |
Guest Stars: Jim Beaver as Bobby Singer | Mark Sheppard as Crowley (as Mark A. Sheppard) | Julian Richings as Death | Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer |
Co-Guest Stars: Fred Henderson as Preacher | Paul Herbert as Security Guard | Tanya Champoux as Interviewee | Luis Javier as Blind Man | Robert Helmbecker as Dr. Weiss | Hilary Strong as Mrs. Weiss | Elizabeth McLaughlin as Senator Michelle Walker | Sachin Sahel as Senator's Aide
Director: Philip Sgriccia
Writer: Sera Gamble
Songs: Foghat -- Slow Ride, Nancy Sinatra -- Those Boots Are Made For Walking

128 :07x02 - Hello, Cruel World

The Leviathans begin their plans to consume everyone who dwells on Earth. While Dean and Bobby try to track them down, Sam is still haunted by Lucifer, who only he can see or hear.
Special Guest Stars: Misha Collins as Castiel |
Guest Stars: Jim Beaver as Bobby Singer | Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer | Kim Rhodes as Sheriff Jody Mills | Cameron Bancroft as Dr. Gaines | Benito Martinez as Edgar | Olivia Steele Falconer as Annie |
Co-Guest Stars: Lori Ann Triolo as Head Nurse (as Lori Triolo) | Patti Allan as Madeline Harris | Michael Rys as Hospital Administrator | Hamza Adam as Forensic Tech | Justin Breault as EMT | Travis Nelson as Gym Student / Leviathan | France Perras as Receiving Nurse | Andrew Macfarlane as Scott | Jason Duiven as Gym Student / Leviathan
Director: Guy Norman Bee
Writer: Ben Edlund
Songs: The Doobie Brothers -- Black Water

129 :07x03 - The Girl Next Door

After escaping the Leviathans in Sioux Falls, the brothers hole up in Montana to heal their injuries. However, Sam reads about a local case of an icepick killer and takes off on his own to deal with it despite his recent mental issues.
Guest Stars: Jim Beaver as Bobby Singer | Colin Ford as Young Sam | Emma Grabinsky as Young Amy | Jewel Staite as Amy | Benito Martinez as Edgar | Sean Owen Roberts as Chet | Cameron Bancroft as Dr. Gaines | Steven Garr as Bozeman Coroner |
Co-Guest Stars: Lori Ann Triolo as Head Nurse (as Lori Triolo) | Leslie Hopps as Amy's Mother (as Leslie Hopps Deschutter) | Michael Nyuis as Convenience Store Clerk | Nick Harrison (1) as Bozeman Cop | Willy Lavendel as Coffee Vendor | Claude Duhamel as Drug Dealer | Andrea Whitburn as Junkie (as Drea Whitburn) | Christina Schild as OR Doctor | Lyova Beckwitt as Jacob | Nico McEown as Bully #1 | Donnie MacNeil as Bully #2 | Steve Thackray as Amy's Drunk Victim | Janet Glassford as Librarian
Director: Jensen Ackles
Songs: Goo Goo Dolls -- Two Days in February

130 :07x04 - Defending Your Life

Two men turn up dead, killed in a manner similar to crimes that they committed in the past. When the brothers investigate, they discover that the Egyptian god Osiris is judging people and weighing they're guilt... and if they are guilty, they meet a final, permanent justice. Osiris decides that his next target will be Dean.
Guest Stars: Jim Beaver as Bobby Singer | Alona Tal as Jo Harvelle | Faran Tahir as Osiris | Julian D. Christopher as Warren (as Julian D. Christopher) | Emilie Ullerup as Mia |
Co-Guest Stars: Crystal Balint as AA Counsellor | Stephen Powell (2) as Ghost Husband | Jenn Griffin as Flower Shop Girl | Teach Grant as Christopher Fisher | Angelo Renai as Matthew Hammond | Melita Fawcett as Ghost Wife | Gerry Waldman as Rabbi | Leanne Merrett as Guilty Woman at Bar | David Allan Pearson as Detective
Director: Robert Singer
Writer: Adam Glass

131 :07x05 - Shut Up, Dr. Phil

Sam and Dean investigate three bizarre deaths in the same town and learn that the victims are all tied to a real estate developer, Don Stark. They soon realize that Don's wife, Maggie, is a witch and has learned that he had an affair and is striking down anyone close to him.
Special Guest Stars: James Marsters as Donald Stark | Charisma Carpenter as Maggie Stark |
Guest Stars: Sean Owen Roberts as Chet |
Co-Guest Stars: Meredith McGeachie as Sue | Cindy Busby as Jenny Klein | Jason Bax as Dewey Stevens | Tanya Hubbard as Wendy's Sister | Nils Hognestad as Chris | Alycia Purrott as Wendy Goodson | Michael Patric as Sheriff
Director: Philip Sgriccia
Songs: Bobby Goldsboro -- See the Funny Little Clown

132 :07x06 - Slash Fiction

The Leviathans put a new plan into motion, having two of their own duplicate the Winchesters and go on a killing spree. While the brothers go out to dispose of their counterparts, Bobby interrogates their captive Leviathan and gets an unexpected visitor.
Guest Stars: Jim Beaver as Bobby Singer | Mark Sheppard as Crowley (as Mark A. Sheppard) | James Patrick Stuart as Dick Roman | Sean Owen Roberts as Chet | Kim Rhodes as Sheriff Jody Mills | Kevin McNally as Frank Deveraux | Shaun Smyth as Special Agent Morris | Morgan David Jones as Special Agent Valente | Michael Hogan (1) as Sheriff |
Co-Guest Stars: Jason Coleman (2) as Cop #1 | Ramon Terrell as Leviathan | Joseph Allan Sutherland as Cop #2 (as Joseph Sutherland) | Debbie Timuss as Megan | Alexander Vishniakoff as Cashier | Mark Docherty as Newscaster | Sonia Beeksma as Newscaster | Martin Novotny as 1st Newscaster | Natalie Brooke Edwards as Sheriff's Daughter | Brian McBride (2) as 2nd Newscaster | Ian McMurray as Young Man at Diner |
Uncredited: S.E. Hinton as Diner Patron
Director: John Showalter
Songs: Air Supply -- All Out of Love

133 :07x07 - The Mentalists

Despite their recent separation, Sam and Dean are forced to work together when they both end up in Lily Dale, the most psychic town in America, to investigate the bizarre deaths of two mediums.
Guest Stars: Dorian Brown as Melanie Golden | Johnny Sneed as Jimmy Tomorrow | Rukiya Bernard as Camille Thibodeaux |
Co-Guest Stars: Dmitry Chepovetsky as Nikolai Lishin | Maureen Thomas as Granny Goldy | Georgia Hacche as Camille's Client | Jennifer Koenig (2) as Kate Fox | Tabitha St. Germain as Cynthia | Gary Jones (1) as Skeptical Husband | Kathryn Dobbs as Nikolai's Friend | David Bloom as Curator | Mia Ingimundsen as Margaret Fox | Travis Woloshyn as Waiter | Dan Willmott as Chief Bramberg
Director: Michael Rohl

134 :07x08 - Season 7, Time for a Wedding!

During the brothers' annual pilgrimage to Las Vegas, Sam makes a life-shattering decision and takes on a new partner. Dean soon finds a new hunter as a partner, but the Winchesters meet again when they end up investigating the same case.
Special Guest Stars: DJ Qualls as Garth |
Guest Stars: Mark Sheppard as Crowley (as Mark A. Sheppard) | Emily Perkins as Becky Rosen | Leslie Odom, Jr. as Guy |
Co-Guest Stars: Tammy Gillis as Kelly | Evan Frayne as Craig Burrows | Mike Kovac as Jackson | Teana-Marie Smith as TBD | Nicole Fraissinet as Jocelyn Caruso | Luisa Jojic as Marsha Burrows | William Samples as TBD | Teresa Bourassa as TBD
Director: Tim Andrew
Songs: The Association -- Cherish

135 :07x09 - How To Win Friends And Influence Monsters

Dean, Sam, and Bobby investigate mysterious disappearances in New Jersey, attributed to the "Jersey Devil," but soon discover that the Leviathans are responsible and have a plan to conquer the country through the miracle of mass-marketing and fast food.
Guest Stars: Jim Beaver as Bobby Singer | James Patrick Stuart as Dick Roman | Benito Martinez as Edgar | Cameron Bancroft as Dr. Gaines |
Co-Guest Stars: Sean Rogerson as Brandon | Olivia Cheng as Susan | Jason McKinnon as Ranger Rick Evans | Gabriel Patrich as Mitchell Rayburn | Nancy J. Lilley as Leann Rayburn | Darryl Scheelar as Leviathan | John Treleaven as Senator in Commercial
Director: Guy Norman Bee
Writer: Ben Edlund

136 :07x10 - Death’s Door

While Sam and Dean watch over a dying friend, Bobby teams up with Rufus to stop a Reaper.
Guest Stars: Jim Beaver as Bobby Singer | James Patrick Stuart as Dick Roman | Steven Williams as Rufus Turner | Henri Lubatti as Reaper | Carrie Fleming as Karen Singer | Edward Foy as Ed Singer | Chelah Horsdal as Bobby's Mother |
Co-Guest Stars: Collin MacKechnie as Young Bobby | Cam Cronin as Doctor (as Cameron Cronin) | Carmel Amit as Lara Coggins | Shaker Paleja as Insurance Representative | Mary Alison Raine as ER Nurse (as Alison Raine) | Nicolai Lawton-guistra as Young Dean
Director: Robert Singer
Writer: Sera Gamble

137 :07x11 - Adventures in Babysitting

While Dean tries to find Dick Roman, Sam looks into the disappearance of a hunter at a truck stop and teams up with the man's daughter to figure out what happened to her father.
Guest Stars: Kevin McNally as Frank Deveraux | Madison McLaughlin as Krissy Chambers | Ian Tracey as Lee Chambers |
Co-Guest Stars: Meghan Ory as Sally | Paula Lindberg as Marlene | Lee Vincent as Coroner | Kimberly Sustad as Amanda Willer
Director: Jeannot Szwarc
Writer: Adam Glass
Songs: Traffic -- Dear Mr. Fantasy, REO Speedwagon -- Riding the Storm Out

138 :07x12 - Time After Time

When the brothers investigate the mummification deaths of two individuals in Canton, Ohio, they soon discover that they're up against a god... and Dean ends up transported to 1944 with no way back.
Guest Stars: Kim Rhodes as Sheriff Jody Mills | Nicholas Lea as Elliot Ness | Jason Dohring as Cronus / Ethan Snider | Melissa Roxburgh as Lila Taylor | Linda Darlow as Ezra Moore |
Co-Guest Stars: Catherine Barroll as Old Lila Taylor | Alec Burden as Husband | Gabe Khouth as Lester Young | Nancy Bell as Terry Cervantes | Andrew Hedge as 1944 Cop | Sam Easton as Witness
Director: Philip Sgriccia

139 :07x13 - The Slice Girls

While the Winchesters investigate a string of brutal serial killings, Dean decides to go to a bar and pick up a woman. They end up having sex, but Dean soon discovers that his one-night stand is anything but.
Guest Stars: Harry Groener as Professor Morrison | Sara Canning as Lydia | Kendall Cross as Charlene Penn | Jill Teed as Madeleine | Alexia Fast as Teenage Emma |
Co-Guest Stars: Craig Anderson (2) as Eddie the Coroner | Madison Bell as Young Emma | Lilah Fitzgerald as TBD | Nick Ouellette as Jerry's Neighbor | Derek Hamilton as First Victim | Kevin Kazakoff as Jerry Price | Robyn Thomas as Baby Emma
Director: Jerry Wanek
Songs: Brett Detar -- The Devil's Gotta Earn, AC DC -- You Shook Me All Night Long

140 :07x14 - Plucky Pennywhistle's Magic Menagerie

Sam and Dean investigate a case in Wichita involving a man who was killed by an octopus on dry land. They soon discover that childhood fears are coming to life, and that a children's pizza place is the center of the phenomena.
Guest Stars: Michael Blackman Beck as Howard |
Co-Guest Stars: Caroline Cave as Libby | Jennifer Spence as Jean Holliday | Laura Jaye as Mrs. Pogue | Dagan Nish as Cliff | Tristan Jensen as Police Officer | Lini Evans as Debra Harper | Rob Van Meenan as Coroner | Alissa Skovbye as Kelly Harper | James O'Sullivan as Saul | Caitlin Cromwell as Stacey | Jakob Davies as Tyler | Garvin Cross as Mr. Pogue | Will Verchere Gopaulsingh as Clown #1 | Eric William Gibson as Clown #2
Director: Michael Rohl

141 :07x15 - Repo Man

Sam and Dean return to the town where they tortured a demon for information four years earlier and then exorcised it. Now the demon is apparently back and taking up its old trade: killing woman. Meanwhile, Sam tries to cope with his visions of Lucifer.
Guest Stars: Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer | Russell Sams as Jeffrey | Nicole Oliver as Nora Havelock |
Co-Guest Stars: Jeffrey Ballard as Nora's Son | Daniel Bacon as Alan | Christian Sloan as Man in Library | Aurelio Di Nunzio as Halfway Home Man (as Aurelio Dinunzio) | Gwenm Carsley as Marjorie Willis | Gary Peterman as Detective Sutton | Graham Coffeng as TBD
Writer: Ben Edlund

142 :07x16 - Out With The Old

The brothers investigate several cases of cursed antiques turning up in Portland, but soon discover something far more sinister when they learn that the Leviathans are buying up real estate in the area. Meanwhile, Sam is still plagued by Lucifer's voice in his head.
Guest Stars: Kevin McNally as Frank Deveraux | Bryan Cuprill as George | Mary Page Keller as Joyce Bicklebee | Darcy Belsher as Scott Freeman |
Co-Guest Stars: Carmen Smith-Morpurgo as Dancer #1 | Emma Rendell as Dancer #2 | Lindsay Ann Sutton as Irena Koganzon | Cameron Dent as Evidence Officer | David Leach as Barista | Rodger Barton as Mr. Marshall | Allyson Grant as Timmy's Mother | Howard Lai as Desk Sergeant | Gordon Grice as Timmy | Taya Clyne as Tracy | Javier Caballero Cano as Janitor | Sarah Hayward as Tea Kettle Woman
Director: John Showalter
Songs: Creedence Clearwater Revival -- Bad Moon Rising

143 :07x17 - The Born-Again Identity

When Sam's worsening mental condition puts him into a psych hospital, Dean goes looking for a healer and finds one man seemingly blessed of God: a man who bears a striking resemblance to Castiel.
Special Guest Stars: Misha Collins as Emanuel Allen / Castiel |
Guest Stars: Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer | Rachel Miner as Meg | Bill Dow as Dr. Kadinsky | Kacey Rohl as Marin |
Co-Guest Stars: Johanna Marlowe as Daphne Allen | Mark Pawson as Allen House Demon | Eli Goree as Marcus | Kal James as Marin's Brother | Shaine Jones as Mackey | Ryan McDonell as Drug Dealer | Toby Levins as Demon Security Guard #1 | Shaun Omaid as Demon Security Guard #2 | Iris Paluly as Nurse
Director: Robert Singer
Writer: Sera Gamble
Songs: The Everly Brothers -- Wake Up Little Susie

144 :07x18 - Party on, Garth

Dean's one-time hunting partner, Garth, calls him in when he runs up against an invisible monster that disembowels its victims. Garth and the Winchesters soon discover that someone has invoked a shojo, an alcohol spirit that someone can only see when they're drunk. Meanwhile, the Winchesters consider the possibility that Bobby's spirit is trying to contact them.
Special Guest Stars: DJ Qualls as Garth Fitzgerald IV |
Guest Stars: Terry David Mulligan as Randy Baxter |
Co-Guest Stars: Andrew Francis as Lee | Debbie Podowski as Shojo | Eric Keenleyside as Jim McAnn | Alex Kliner as Cab Driver | Julia Rhodes (2) as Marie McAnn | Jan Bos as Coroner | Sarah Dugdale as Chloe | David A. Kaye as Chris | Karissa Tynes as Chris' Girlfriend | Kasey Ryne Mazak as Japanese Chef | Shauna Johannesen as Lillian McAnn | Burkely Duffield as Ray McAnn | Megan Charpentier as Tess McAnn | Iain Belcher as Trevor McAnn | Ross Douglas as TBD |
Uncredited: Jim Beaver as Bobby Singer
Director: Philip Sgriccia
Writer: Adam Glass
Songs: Bell Biv DeVoe -- Poison

145 :07x19 - Of Grave Importance

A hunter, Annie Hawkins, misses a meeting with the Winchesters. They discover that she was last seen at a famous haunted house and go to investigate... unaware that Bobby is with them as a ghost.
Guest Stars: Jim Beaver as Bobby Singer | Jamie Luner as Annie Hawkins | Antonio Cupo as Whitman Van Ness | Elysia Rotaru as Victoria Dodd |
Co-Guest Stars: Craig Erikson as Quentin | Derek Gilroy as Dexter O'Connell | Stephanie Van Dyck as Debbie Tillen | Steven Richmond (2) as Dudley Scott | Billy Wickman as Brian | Bonn Smith as Jesse | Russell Roberts as Haskel Crane | Farrah Aviva as Psycho Ghost
Director: Tim Andrew

146 :07x20 - The Girl With the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo

Dick Roman orders one of his computer programmers to hack Frank's computer drive and find out the information on the Winchesters' new identities. She goes along but soon finds out everything Frank knew about the Leviathans, and Dean and Sam recruit her to go after Dick and find out what he has planned.
Guest Stars: Jim Beaver as Bobby Singer | Kevin McNally as Frank Deveraux | James Patrick Stuart as Dick Roman | Felicia Day as Charlie Bradbury |
Co-Guest Stars: Jesse Wheeler as Harry | David Stuart (1) as Pete | Darcy Laurie as Victor | Michael Adamthwaite as Bill | Nickolas Baric as Tarrell | Danny Wattley as Front Desk Security Guard
Director: John MacCarthy
Songs: Katrina & The Waves -- Walking on Sunshine

147 :07x21 - Reading is Fundamental

When Dean and Sam open the clay tablet, an unsuspecting high school student becomes involved in the war against the Leviathans. Meanwhile, Meg calls the Winchesters with news about Castiel.
Special Guest Stars: Misha Collins as Castiel |
Guest Stars: Rachel Miner as Meg | Osric Chau as Kevin Tran | Benito Martinez as Edgar | Emily Holmes as Hester |
Co-Guest Stars: Bob Frazer (3) as Rosco | Adrian McMorran as Inias (as Adrian Glynn McMorran) | Michasha Armstrong as Abel | Eric Floyd as Detective Collins | Khaira Ledeyo as Mrs. Tran | Lissa Neptuno as Channing | Jean Paul Najm as Angel #1 | Patrick Roccas as Angel #2
Director: Ben Edlund
Writer: Ben Edlund

148 :07x22 - There Will Be Blood

Dean and Sam must try to gain the two remaining components necessary to defeat Dick Roman: the blood of the Alpha Vampire and Crowley. Meanwhile, the Winchesters must also deal with Bobby, who is slowly giving into his rage and threatens to go out of control.
Guest Stars: Jim Beaver as Bobby Singer | Mark Sheppard as Crowley (as Mark A. Sheppard) | James Patrick Stuart as Dick Roman | Laci J. Mailey as Emily | Benito Martinez as Edgar | Osric Chau as Kevin Tran | Larissa Gomes as Louise |
Co-Guest Stars: Aliyah O'Brien as Gloria Jane | Olivia Cheng as Susan | Nick Hunnings as Vampire | Austin Middleton as Allan | Alex Dafoe as Stoner on Bench | Khaira Ledeyo as Mrs. Tran |
Uncredited: Rick Worthy as Alpha Vampire
Director: Guy Norman Bee
Songs: War -- Why Can't We Be Friends

149 :07x23 - Survival of the Fittest

As Dick Roman prepares to make his move and turn the U.S. into a slaughterhouse, Sam and Dean attempt to assemble the weapon necessary to stop him. However, when Castiel refuses to fight, the Prophet Kevin is captured, Crowley joins the other side, and Bobby goes berserk, everything looks hopeless for the Winchesters.
Special Guest Stars: Misha Collins as Castiel |
Guest Stars: Jim Beaver as Bobby Singer | Rachel Miner as Meg | Mark Sheppard as Crowley (as Mark A. Sheppard) | James Patrick Stuart as Dick Roman | Osric Chau as Kevin | Larissa Gomes as Louise |
Co-Guest Stars: Robert Lawrenson as Leviathan Lab Tech | Olivia Cheng as Susan | Brendan Penny as TBD | Niki Wipf as Polly | Brad Robertson as Demon #1 | James Kot as Demon #2
Director: Robert Singer
Writer: Sera Gamble
Songs: Steppenwolf -- Born to Be Wild, Kansas -- Carry On Wayward Son, Don McLean (1) -- Vincent
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama | Horror/Supernatural
Status: Returning Series
Network: CW ( USA)
Airs: Wednesdays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 13, 2005
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