The Rapture - Recap

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Dean is dreaming of fishing on a dock when Castiel appears in his mind. The angel says they need to talk but warns that Dean’s dreams aren’t secure. He gives Dean an address with a piece of paper and tells him to meet him there. After Dean wakes up, he and Sam go to the address and find a building devastated by some great battle. Inside on one wall is the symbol that Anna used to send angels back to Heaven. They also find Castiel, unconscious. When they wake him up, it quickly becomes clear that it isn’t Castiel, but Jimmy Novak: Castiel’s willing host body.

Back at the guys’ hotel, the Winchesters try to discover what happened and what Jimmy remembers. Jimmy admits he has no idea what has transpired. He remembers a year ago living in Pontiac, IL, and eating supper with his wife Amelia and daughter Claire, and saying grace before the meal. He then dozes off in front of the TV. When it starts emitting eerie noises, Jimmy wakes up and the noise soon becomes overwhelming.

In the present, Dean insists on send Jimmy back to his family but Sam warns that they may be able to use hypnosis or a spell to gather something useful from Jimmy’s minds. Worse, the demons will come after Jimmy to learn what he knows. They tell jimmy, who only wants to be reunited with his family. Sam refuses to let him go. However, that night, Jimmy and Dean sleep when Sam slips outside and around the corner. Once he’s gone, Jimmy opens his eyes and slips out. As he goes, Sam is trying to drain the last drops of blood from a flask.

The next morning, Dean derides Sam for letting Jimmy go on his watch. Sam snaps at him briefly then says they need to start looking. Meanwhile, Jimmy is on a bus back home and remembers how he continued to hear static on TVs and radios, and soon realized that an angel, Castiel, was talking to him. Amelia comes home to find Jimmy sticking his hand in a pot of boiling water, only to remove it unharmed. Jimmy insists it’s a miracle but Amelia isn’t so sure.

As the guys drive to Jimmy’s home, Anna suddenly appears in the back seat behind them. She complains about them letting Jimmy go, but notices something different about Sam. She tells them that someone high up in the ranks of Heaven hauled Castiel out of his host body, and that Jimmy may already be dead.

Jimmy arrives at his home and looks through the window to see his wife and daughter. He remembers a year ago how Amelia thought he was delusional and tried to get him on medication. She threatens to leave if he doesn’t try to get help for his “delusions.” Jimmy goes out on the yard and calls to Castiel for answers. A light shines down and Jimmy “talks” to Castiel. Castiel asks him for help and promises to protect Amelia and Claire, so Jimmy agrees to let the angel inhabit his body. Claire comes out and Castiel bluntly tells her he’s not her father, and then leaves.

In the present, Jimmy gets to his home and talks to Amelia when she answers the doorbell. She admits that she had him declared dead because he disappeared for a year, and doesn’t want Claire to see him. Jimmy lies and says he checked himself in to an asylum. Now he tells her that he’s cured of the delusions and he’s ready to be with his family. He asks Amelia to take on whatever she can handle.

The guys stop to get gas and Sam secretly calls Ruby and tells her he needs her blood.

At the Novak house, the family sits down for breakfast but Jimmy doesn’t say grace. They’re interrupted when their neighbor Roger comes over. He talks to Jimmy privately and asks what happened. When Jimmy says that whatever happened, it’s over, “Roger” says that it isn’t, and that he plans to kill Claire. His eyes go black then revert to normal as Amelia comes in. Jimmy takes advantage of his distraction and attacks him, insisting Roger is a demon. Amelia thinks her husband is nuts but he grabs her and Claire and gets them into a pantry. He tries to seal the room with salt but Amelia tells her daughter to run. Roger grabs Claire and his “wife” Lisa arrives to attack Jimmy. Amelia comes to her husband’s aid, and Dean arrives in time to kill Roger before he can kill Claire. Sam tries to use his power on “Lisa” but nothing happens. The demon leaves her body before Dean can kill her as well.

Dean and Sam get the Novak family far enough way for safety, then explain to them what’s going on. They warn Jimmy that he has no choice and the demons will keep coming for him. Sam tells him all he can do is leave his family behind and hope for the best. Jimmy tells Amelia that she’ll have to leave. She apologizes for not believing him, then wonders how long they’ll have to be apart. He doesn’t have an answer for them. Sam steals a car for them, then the brothers leave with Jimmy. As soon as they’re gone, Amelia’s eyes turns black and she slaps Claire when the girl questions her.

As they drive, Dena asks Sammy why his powers are fading, and Sam admits he doesn’t know what happened. “Amelia” calls Jimmy and tells him that his wife has been possessed. She offers an exchange and sets a meeting for an abandoned warehouse. The brothers send Jimmy in to stall while they sneak in and execute their plan. As he goes inside, Jimmy calls out to Castiel and calls upon to keep his promise and help his family. He gets no answer and goes inside where “Amelia” is waiting for him. She tells him he didn’t stick to the deal and reveals that her minions have already captured Sam and Dean. She prepares to kill them all, and starts by shooting Jimmy. As he falls to the ground, another demon advances on Claire, who is tied up in chair. The demon prepares to kill her, but “Claire” suddenly rips her hand free and touches the demon’s skull. She banishes the demon within and then casually bursts her bonds. Dean and Sam attack their captors while Jimmy realizes that Castiel has entered his daughter’s body.

A weakened Sam fights with a demon, and finally cuts its throat and drinks its blood. He looks up to see Dean and “Claire” watching him. Sam kills the demon then evicts the demon from Amelia’s body. “Claire” tells Jimmy that his work is done and it’s time to go to his reward. However, he tells Jimmy that Claire will now serve as the angel’s host body. Jimmy asks that Castiel use him instead. Castiel re-enters jimmy’s body, healing his wounds. He walks past Amelia and Claire, but stops when Dean asks him what message he has. Castiel bluntly tells him that while he was away he was “taught” that he serves Heaven, not Man or Dean.

As Dean and Sam drive away, Sam tells Dean to get it over and get mad at him. Dean insists that he’s not mad, just tired and he wants it over. Bobby calls Sam and tells him they need to come to his place to handle an emergency. When they arrive, Sam steps into Bobby’s panic room to see what the problem is… and Dean and Bobby seal him inside, saying that he’s the demonic threat..