Fallen Idols - Recap

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In Canton, Ohio, Cal Hopkins invites his friend Jim Grossman over and takes him to the garage. They're both James Dean fans, and Cal has finally managed to purchase "Little Bastard," the cursed car that Dean was driving when he died. Cal prepares to start it up and Jim goes to get a camcorder to record the historical event. Cal gets in the car and the radio starts on its own. The temperature drops in the garage. Outside, Jim hears the car starts up and goes to investigate. He discovers that Cal is dead in a head-on collision... even though the car is standing stock still.

Dean and Sam are driving the Impala to Canton to investigate Cal's death. Sam wonders why they're bothering when the Apocalypse is coming, and Dean explains that they need to get used to working with each other since they've separated, and with everything that happened leading up to that. Sam isn't convinced.

The brothers impersonate FBI agents and talk to the local sheriff, Rick Carnegie. He's already arrested Jim for the murder and insists it's an open-and-shut case. He figures that Jim was jealous and killed his friend. Dean points out that doesn’t explain how Jim died but the sheriff isn't interested. They talk to Jim, who tells them that the car in question was Little Bastard. Dean insists on checking out the car and tells Sam about the curse, and how the car disappeared in the 70s. Dean gets the engine number and then orders Sam to check it out. He goes to a bar and hits on a waitress. When Sam calls, he's not thrilled to learn that Dean has dumped the case on him. However, he tells his brother that the engine ID doesn't match with Little Bastard.

Professor William Hill is in his study at home and wishes his maid Consuela good night. Once she closes the door, the temperature in the room goes down. Hill turns to see Abraham Lincoln standing in the room with him. Lincoln grabs him by the throat and Hill's head explodes.

The next day, Dean and Sam visit Hill's home and ask Carnegie about the murder. He explains that Hill was shot in the head, but there's no sign of a bullet or powder residue. They talk to Consuela, who says that she saw someone in the house as she was leaving. Sam uses what Spanish he knows to learn that the housekeeper saw Abraham Lincoln.

Back at their motel, Dean goes over Jim's video footage and sees the reflection of James Dean on the car. Sam brings up Hill's web page and learns that he was a major Abraham Lincoln fan. They figure that they have a case of famous ghosts coming back to kill their greatest fans. However, Dean notes that the odds of two such ghosts in a small town are unlikely. Sam agrees, until he learns that there's a wax museum in town.

At the museum, the brothers talk to the owner and he admits that Hill and Cal were regular visits, and they have exhibits of Abraham Lincoln and James Dean. Each wax statue has a personal item from the owner: Lincoln's hat, Dean's key chain, FDR's iron lung, and Gandhi's glasses.

That night, Dean calls Bobby without telling Sam to bring their friend up on the case. Sam complains that Dean is ignoring him but his brother says he'll have to get over it. They go back to the museum to destroy the personal effects, figuring the ghosts are tied to the items. They split up and Sam goes to the Lincoln statue. The doors close on their own as the temperature drops and his gun is ripped from his hands. The ghost of Gandhi, Sam's hero, attacks and tries to bite him. Dean hears the noise and breaks in and burns Gandhi's glasses. The ghost quietly disappears.

The next day, Dean is packing to leave and insists that they've taken care of things. Sam notes that the Gandhi ghost didn't disappear like a normal ghost and thinks that they have to investigate further. When Dean ignores him, Sam insists that they have to start working as partners. He admits that even before he turned to Ruby and demon blood, Dean didn't treat him as a full partner. Sam drank the blood so that he could be strong on his own. Now he wants Dean to let him grow up. Carnegie calls them to his office and tells them that they have a new problem. Two girls have reported that their friend Danielle was abducted by... Paris Hilton.

Sam performs autopsies on the bodies and discovers that they have seeds in their stomach. They also bled much less upon dying than they should have. Back at the motel, Sam brings up information on Leshii, a god who occupied a forest in the Balkans until 30 years ago when it was cut down. Leshii could shapeshift and killed its worshippers to feed on their blood. Once it killed its victims, it filled their stomachs with seeds from its forest. The only way to kill it is to decapitate it with an iron axe.

Sam and Dean go back to the wax museum and search the place. As they check a room set up as a forest, they find Danielle, unconscious and tied up. As they start to free her, Leshii, still looking like Paris Hilton, comes in and knocks the brothers out. When they wake up, Leshii explains that she plans to perform the complete ritual to sacrifice first Danielle and then the brothers. She explains that when her forest was destroyed, she wandered the earth drawing sustenance from what fanatical worshippers she could find. However, with the Apocalypse drawing night, she figured that she could settle down and pick one place to pig out. However, since she has no worshippers, she feeds on those who worship any celebrity. When Dean points out that he doesn't even like Paris Hilton, Leshii says that she plans to transform into the shape of John Winchester, Dean's hero, and kill him. As she goes to touch the axe, which belonged to John, Sam and Dean manage to break free and Sam decapitates her with the axe.

Later, the sheriff lets the Winchesters know that Danielle is okay and he's put an APB out on Paris Hilton. Dean apologizes to Sam for his treatment, and admits that he helped cause the Apocalypse by killing the First Seal. Sam tells him that it's time that they both stop worrying about how angels and demons plan to use them as vessels and start fighting back. Dean agrees and as a gesture of trust, gives Sam the keys to the Impala.