I Believe the Children Are Our Future - Recap

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In Alliance, Nebraska, Amber Greer is babysitting the neighbor boy Jimmy. She hears a noise and goes to the closet and finds him with a bloody fake pencil in his head. She sends him to bed and goes back to watching TV and brushing her hair. She hears a dog barking outside and looks outside, but doesn't see anything.

Later, Jimmy's parents come home and the father prepares to take Amber home. He finds her asleep on the couch and tries to wake her up, but touches her head and feels blood. He rolls her over and discovers the side of her head had been ripped open.

Dean and Sam arrive in Alliance and meet with the local coroner. The coroner tells them that he initially thought it was a wolf attack, but they've confirmed that Amber scratched her own brains out. He can't account for it and assumes it was a case of "phantom itch." The brothers talk to Amber parents and ask if there have been any supernatural occurrences. Dean talks to Jimmy and asks him if he knows anything. When it's clear the boy is lying, Dean gets him to admit that he put itching powder on her hairbrush. As the Winchesters leave, Sam gets a call about a new incident. They go to the hospital where they discover a senile old man used a joy buzzer on a worker... and electrocuted him to death.

Back at their hotel, Dean puts on protective gear and tests the joy buzzer on a ham. The meat is quickly charbroiled despite the fact it's impossible. They wonder if a witch or a cursed item is involved. Sam confirms that both prank items were bought at the same magic and novelty store. They talk to the owner, who is clearly unhappy that children don't buy joke items. Dean provokes him and then uses the joy buzzer on a rubber chicken, and the man recoils in surprise and horror. They realize that the man had nothing to do with the two deaths.

That night, a father puts his daughter's tooth beneath her pillow and tells her the Tooth Fairy will visit. She thinks the idea is creepy and once her father is asleep, puts her tooth beneath her father's pillow and goes back to bed. He wakes up to find a big burly man in a pink tutu standing over him with a pair of pliers.

The next day, Sam and Dean visit the man at the hospital where he was taken after all of his teeth were pulled out. As Dean flirts with a nurse, Sam gets a description of the Tooth Fairy and reports that it got past all of the security systems and alarms. Dean reports other incidents: two kids with stomach ulcers after drinking pop and pop rocks, and a man whose face got stuck when he held it in a weird look too long. Dean realizes that everything that has happened is the kinds of lies that children believe. They wonder if the Trickster is involved but think it's too juvenile for him.

Back at the motel, Sam checks the pattern of incidents and they realize that they form a pattern with one house in the center. When Dean realizes that their motel is in the radius, he shows Sam his hand. The palm is covered with hair and Dean admits that after he flirted with the nurse, he got bored. Dean goes to use Sam's razor to shave.

The brothers arrive at the house and find the only resident, Jesse Turner, is a young boy. He explains that his parents are off at work and he spends much of his time alone. Dean finds a drawing that Jesse drew of the Tooth Fairy and it matches the toothless man's description. Jesse insists that the Tooth Fairy is real, and relates all of the other childhood lies that they've been investigating. Dean shows him the joy buzzer and Jesse is afraid it can electrocute people. When Dean convinces him it can't kill people, Jesse agrees and then pushes the joy buzzer into Sam's chest. Nothing happens this time.

Outside, the brothers figure that Jesse is somehow altering reality with his thoughts and beliefs, and doesn't even know he's doing it. Back at the motel, Sam finds out that Jesse was adopted and his biological mother, Julia Wright, lives in Elk Creek on the other side of the state. They go to see her and Julia admits that she had a son. When they ask if it was a normal pregnancy, Julia runs into the house and goes to the kitchen. They go after her and she throws salt on them, but nothing happens. Julia admits she knows about demons and explains that she was possessed by one and hurt and killed people. She gave birth while possessed and then manage to cast off the demon because of the pain. Julia then swallowed enough salt to drive it out of her body. She considered killing the baby but finally put it up for adoption instead. When Dean asks, Julia explains that she was a virgin and there was no father. They explain about Jesse and assure her he's a good kid.

The brothers call Castiel, who meets them at the motel. Castiel tells them to kill the boy and explains that he's half-demon and half-human, and the Antichrist. He explains the Antichrist is not Lucifer's son, but is demon spawn and a powerful weapon against human. Jesse's power shields him against detection by angels and demons. Jesse will grow stronger now that Lucifer is loose and the demons will eventually find him when he uses his power. Lucifer will then turn Jesse and have him destroy the angels. Dean suggests that they take the boy to Bobby, but Castiel warns that nothing can restrain Jesse if he become angry. Sam suggests that they tell Jesse the truth and give him the choice to refuse evil, but Castiel notes that Sam didn't make the right choice. Castiel disappears and the brothers head for Jesse's house to stop him.

Julia comes home and finds the postman waiting for her. The demon within asks if she recognizes him and demands to know where Jesse is. When she refuses to talk, the demon enters her body.

Jesse is at home and finds Castiel waiting for him. The angel says his parents will remain asleep until morning, apologizes for what he's going to do, and then tries to kill the boy with a knife. Jesse transforms him into an action figure just as Sam and Dean arrive. Dean hastily denies knowing Castiel, and Jesse wonders what he is and how he did what he did. Dean says that he's a superhero and claims that he and Sam work for a government agency that finds kids with special powers and trains them in the use of their abilities. Suddenly Dean and Sam are slammed up against the walls as the possessed Julia arrives. She tells Jesse that the Winchesters are lying and the boy is half-human and half-demon. Julia tells him that his parents have lied to him and leave him alone at home because they don't love him. She says that Dean and Sam lied to him as well and says that Jesse can do whatever he wants. Jesse starts to get angry and the house shakes and the lights flicker. Julia offers him a world without lies if he'll just use his power to make it happen.

Sam offers to tell Jesse the truth. When Julia tries to silence him, Jesse stops her and Sam admits that he and Dean hunt monsters, and Julia is possessed. When Julia interrupts, Jesse forces her to sit down and shut up. Sam explains the angel/demon war and the fact that if Jesse helps the demon side, millions of people will die. He talks about how making the wrong choice will haunt him for the rest life, and admits he has to believe someone can make the right choice even if he didn't. Jesse banishes the demon with a thought.

Dean admits that Castiel is a friend and asks Jesse to restore him. The boy wonders what he should do now if he doesn't want to fight. Sam warns that he's powerful and Jesse wonders if he's a freak. Sam points out that he and Dean are freaks themselves and Jesse realizes that he can't stay. He wants to go with his mother and father, but Sam warns that it'll be dangerous for them too. Dean explains how their father took them with him but was eventually killed by a demon. When Jesse wonders what he should do, Sam tells him he has to make the choice himself. He goes to tell his parents goodbye and looks in on them as they're asleep. He then goes to his bedroom and looks at a poster for Australia.

Sam and Dean go to check on him and discover that Jesse has disappeared. Castiel, restored, tells them that Jesse has gone after putting everyone still alive back to normal. They find a note Jesse left for his parents saying that he loves his parents but he has to leave to keep them safe. Castiel has no way to find Jesse unless he wants to be found.

Later, the Winchesters leave town and Dean wonders if Jesse will be okay. He figures they destroyed Jesse's life by telling them the truth, and he realizes that parents lie to their kids about the minor things to protect them from the real evils of the world. Dean wishes that Dean had lied to them and Sam agrees.