Exile On Main St. - Recap

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One year after the Apocalypse, Dean goes about his normal day. He wakes up next to his girlfriend, Lisa Braeden, gets up, makes breakfast, and goes to work as a carpenter. Dean then comes home and participates in a barbeque party with the neighbors, and then works on the family car with Ben. That night, Dean makes sure the house is secure and goes to bed... with a shotgun beneath the bed.

One night, Dean goes out drinking with his neighbor, Sid. He refuses to discuss his past in any detail, and claims that he and his partner uses to be in "pest control." The waitress leaves her number on the bill for Dean, and Sid points out that he still manages to attract the women. Dean dismisses it and the two men leaves. However, Dean hears a woman's scream from a nearby hotel. He goes to investigate and makes his way past the renovations. On one wall he finds scratch marks and a bloody handprint, but no sign of the woman.

Dean goes home and checks on the Internet, and then calls the police. They have no report of a missing person. When Lisa comes in, Dean lies while turning off the computer. She goes upstairs to bed and Dean secures the house and checks on the Devil's Trap hidden beneath the front-door rug.

The next day, Dean notices a trail of claw marks on surfaces, leading to his backyard shed. He hears something inside the shed, takes out a hidden gun, and prepares to shoot it... only to discover that it's a small terrier. Sid sees him and wonders what he's doing, and Dean says that he's doing some pest control and looking for a rabid possum. He figures he was just imagining things, until he notices traces of sulfur on the door.

Dean goes to the garage where the Impala is stored. He starts to get out his demon-hunting equipment, but Lisa comes in and Dean tries to pretend that he's getting a hammer. Lisa isn't convinced and realizes that Sid saw something. Dean tells her that he's just nervous, but he wants Lisa to go to the mall with Ben while he checks things out, just in case.

Once they leave, Dean prepares for the hunt. The lights flicker and he hears something in the next room. Dean goes to investigate and finds the Yellow-Eyed Demon, Azazel, waiting for him. He tells Dean that he left a trail for him to follow, and that Lucifer freed him during the Apocalypse. Dean fire a shot but Azazel is unaffected, and the demon grabs him. As he prepares to break Dean's next, Sam comes up behind Dean and injects him with a drug, knocking him out.

When Dean wakes up, he finds Sam sitting nearby. Sam explains that Dean was hallucinating Azazel because a Djinn touched him and injected a hallucinogenic drug they carry in their bodies. Sam cuts himself and drinks salted water to prove that he's really himself, and Dean hugs him. Dean asks how he escaped Lucifer's cage, and Sam admits he doesn't know, and that he's been unable to contact Castiel via prayer. Dean soon realizes that Sam has been free for a while, and his brother admits that he has been free for almost a year. Dean angrily wonders where why Sam didn't contact him, and Sam explains that he didn't want to draw Dean away from Lisa and Ben.

When Dean wonders where he's been, Sam says that he joined up with some other hunters, people that are like family to him. He takes Dean to a safe house where three young hunters are gearing up. Sam introduces them as Gwen, Christian, and Mark, and explains that they are their cousins, the Campbells, on their mother' side. Samuel Campbell, Mary's father, comes in. He explains that he was resurrected just like Sam, and that he sought out the cousins and taught them about their family heritage as hunters. Samuel asks the other hunters to step outside so they can discuss what happened to Dean. Sam explains that that the Djinns came after him, seeking revenge for Dean killing one of theirs. They dosed Sam with the same poison, trying to induce an overdose, but Samuel was able to provide a cure. Dean wants to protect Lisa and Ben and they go to his house, but they discover that the hunter Samuel stationed to watch the house is dead, poisoned.

Dean runs inside but doesn't find a trace of Ben and Lisa. He starts to call the police, but Lisa and Ben come in at that moment. Dean tells them to pack because they're staying with a friend. They're shocked to see Sam, who they thought was dead. Dean gets them out of the house and they go to Bobby's house. He agrees to put them up. Once they're secure, Dean realizes that Bobby knew that Sam had returned a year ago. He angrily wants to know why, and Bobby says that he wanted Dean to have a chance at a normal life. He knew that if Dean found out Sam was around, he would have gone back to hunting. Dean explains that he drove himself nuts trying to find a way to rescue Sam, but it was all for nothing since Sam was free. Bobby insists that he made the right call.

Dean talks to Lisa and tells her what's going on, and that he endangered her and her son by hoping he could ignore his past. Lisa figures that he's trying to say goodbye, and says that they were great together, that Dean was the perfect father for Ben, and that the last year together with Dean was the best year of their life.

Dean and Sam return to Samuel and his hunters, and Samuel says they need to wait for the Djinn to come to them. Dean objects and says they need to fight the Djinn. Christian comments that Dean should leave hunting to the professionals, and Dean says they can use him and Sam as bait to draw out the Djinn. Samuel reluctantly agrees to the plan.

Everyone goes to Dean's house, and Sam discovers Dean's secret passion. Samuel admits that he admires Dean for trying to have a normal life, and that his daughter Mary was the same way. However, he says that the family has been hunting monsters 24/7, and that there is a resurgence of old and new monsters stalking the world. With all the troubles, the Campbell hunters need Dean back in the game.

As they wait, Dean talks to his cousin Mark, who is standing watch outside in the van. He's spotted three Djinn in the nearby trees, and Dean realizes that they're waiting until they can outnumber the hunters. Dean tells Samuel to get his people out so he and Sam can lure the Djinn inside. Samuel reluctantly agrees. Once he leave with the others, Dean offers a sympathetic ear if Sam wants to talk about his time in Hell. However, Sam isn't interested. When Dean looks out the window, he spots the Djinn inside Sid's house... killing him and his wife. Enraged, Dean immediately runs off to save them despite Sam's advice. Before Sam can go after him, a male Djinn sneaks up behind him and attacks.

Dean gets to Sid's house and confirms that the couple are dead of Djinn poison. The two remaining Djinn, a male and female, attack him and quickly subdue him. The female gives Dean a double dose of poison and says that they'll watch him die quickly as revenge for his killing their father.

Sam defends himself using one of Dean's golf clubs, and manages to beat the Djinn to death. However, the other two Djinn come into the Braeden house and attack him.

Dean hallucinates Lisa and Ben returning home to be with him, and Azazel appearing to torment Dean with what he'll do them. Den finds himself in his childhood bedroom, and is forced to watch as Azazel telekinetically pins Lisa to the ceiling and then forces Ben to drink his blood. Lisa blames Dean for everything and then bursts into flames.

The Djinn disarm Sam and prepare to poison him. Samuel arrives and kills the male, and tells Sam to go help Dean while he deals with the female. However, once Sam leaves, Christian subdues the Djinn by capturing it in a bag so it can't touch anyone. Samuel tells Christian to get it away before the Winchesters return.

Sam gets the antidote to Dean in time, but is surprised to hear that Dean is going to stay with Ben and Lisa and continue his normal life. Dean insists that he's already put them at risk, and staying with them is the only way to protect them. Sam says that he wants Dean with him because he knows that Dean will risk himself without a second thought to protect others, just as he ran off to protect Sid and his wife. When Dean says that Sam would have done the same thing, Sam insists that he wouldn't have. Dean isn't convinced and gives him the keys to the Impala. Sam refuses them, saying he has his own car set up the way he wants it. They go outside and agree to stay in touch, and Sam drives away... alone.