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That was pretty awful I have to say. Might be the worst episode of the season for me (maybe the series).

It wasn't really so much that it wasn't entertaining (some of it was like Jensen looking at his old 'Days of Our Lives" role as Erick Brady, and saying Jared's last name sound Polish), but the "plot" and story were badly, badly written, and were poorly integrated. Honestly, it felt tagged on, so it wouldn't appear as if they took ten minutes to write this episode.

This episode was part filler, and a small amount of storyline, only the first and last five minutes of the show felt like part of the storyline, then the rest was filler. I don't know why they went this route too when they already have given many odes to the show throughout the series especially the last couple of season. If they wanted to poke fun at themselves, and take us behind the scenes, it's great as a behind the scenes feature, but not as an episode.

Again, I enjoyed some of it, but really it did not really flow well into the story and thus for me was a waste of time.

A better angle would have been to make it completely filler with no hints about current story arc, then maybe have something at the end where Dean and Sam wake up and saying something like "Dude I just hand the weirdest dream. You and I were actors on a Tv show, and Cas was not an angel but an nerd who tweets about
our fights and antics. Then one of them responds: "That is scary".

Message Posted On Saturday, February 26th 2011 at 12:19 am

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