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Supernatural: Frontierland

Dean and Sam learn that Eve can be destroyed by the "ashes of the phoenix," but the only recorded instance of such a monster is in 1861, when it was killed by Samuel Colt. The brothers convince Castiel to transport them into the past to recover the ashes, but the angel can only give them 24 hours. However, when Castiel is injured by one of his fellow angels, he must turn to Bobby for help to bring the brothers back.

Episode Info

Episode number: 6x18
Production Number: 3X6068
Airdate: Friday April 22nd, 2011

Alternate Airdates:

UK (E4) Oct 05, 2011


Guest Stars
Jim BeaverJim Beaver
As Bobby Singer
Dean WrayDean Wray
As Sheriff
Sonya SalomaaSonya Salomaa
As Rachel
Sam HenningsSam Hennings
As Samuel Colt
Scott HylandsScott Hylands
As Judge Tye Mortimer

Co-Guest Stars
Gordon Michael WoolvettGordon Michael Woolvett
As Deputy
April TelekApril Telek
As Darla
Jim ShieldJim Shield
As Demon Cowboy
Stephen Bradley JonesStephen Bradley Jones
As Demon Cowboy (as Steve Bradley)
Howard SiegelHoward Siegel
As Old Man
Main Cast
Jared PadaleckiJared Padalecki
As Sam Winchester
Jensen AcklesJensen Ackles
As Dean Winchester
Misha CollinsMisha Collins
As Castiel


It's high noon in Sunrise, Wyoming, on March 5, 1861. Dean Winchester, wearing a sheriff's badge, and another man step out onto the street, draw, and shoot at the stroke of noon...

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Episode Notes
The show opening is replaced with a Western-themed intro, similar to the one from the TV series Bonanza.

Episode Quotes
Bobby Singer: Either of you jokers ever heard anything about a Phoenix?
Dean: River, Joaquin, or the giant flaming bird?

Dean: We'll Star Trek 4 this bitch.
Bobby Singer: I only watch Deep Space Nine.
Dean: It's like I don't even know you guys anymore. Star Trek 4. Save the whales. (Bobby and Sam shrug)

Castiel: You only have 24 hours.
Sam: What? Why?
Castiel: Well, the answer to your question can best be expressed as a series of partial differential equations...
Bobby Singer: Aim lower.

Sam: Look, just because you're obsessed with all that Wild West stuff...
Dean: No I'm not.
Sam: You have a fetish.
Dean: Shut up. I like old movies.
Sam: You can recite every Clint Eastwood movie ever made, line-for-line.
Bobby Singer: Even the monkey movies?
Sam: Yeah. Especially the monkey movies.
Dean: His name is Clyde.

Bobby Singer: You goin' to a hoedown?
Castiel: Now is it, is it customary to wear a blanket?
Dean: It's a serape. And yes, it's... never mind, let's just go.

Dean: Hey, we should try the saloon first. See what we get from the locals.
Sam: Sure.
Dean: Think we'll have time to hit on the saloon girls? (Sam glares) Kidding. Come on.

Sheriff: So what can I do for your boys?
Sam: Uh we're looking for a man.
Judge Tye Mortimer: I'll bet. Nice shirt there.
Dean: What's wrong with my shirt?
Judge Tye Mortimer: You're very clean.
Dean: It's dirtier than it looks.

Elkins: What'll you have?
Dean: Well, okay, great. I'll have your top-shelf whiskey.
Elkins: Only have the one shelf.

Dean: Maybe you got to go find him and make history. I'll stay here, hook up with the posse. Because you know me. I'm the posse magnet. I mean, I love posse. Make that into a t-shirt.
Sam: You done?

Samuel Colt: All right. All right
Sam: That's.. that's it?
Samuel Colt: Well, when you've done this job as long as I have, a giant from the future with some magic brick doesn't exactly give you the vapors.

Dean: You know what this means?
Bobby Singer: Yeah, I didn't get a soulenscopy for nothing.

Cultural References
Bobby Singer: I only watch Deep Space Nine.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is the third TV series in the Trek franchise. The actor who plays Bobby, Jim Beaver, was married to the late Cecily Adams, who appeared in four episodes of the series as Ishka.

Dean: C'mon, Cas, I Dream of Jeannie your ass down here pronto.

I Dream of Jeannie is a 1960s sitcom about a Jeannie and her "master," an Air Force major.

Dean: So we get stuck with Miss Moneypenny.

Miss Moneypenny is superspy James Bond's long-suffering co-worker and secretary to his boss, M.

Dean: And look like a spaceman?

One of several references to the Back to the Future movies. Marty's modern-day clothing is mistaken for those of a spaceman in the first movie. In the second movie, Marty receives a message left for him from someone in the past, just as Sam does here. In the third movie, Marty travels back to the 19th century Old West, wears a serape, and uses the alias "Clint Eastwood."

Bobby Singer: Even the monkey movies?

Clint Eastwood made two "monkey movies," Every Which Way but Loose in 1976, and Any Which Way You Can in 1980. His co-star was an orangutan, Clyde.

Dean: Marshal Eastwood. Clint Eastwood.

Clint Eastwood is an actor and director, known for his various cowboy roles in 1960s spaghetti Westerns as well as more modern revisionist Westerns such as Unforgiven.

Dean: This here's Walker. He's a Texas Ranger.

Walker, Texas Ranger was a long-running CBS series about a modern-day Texas Ranger, Cordell Walker (Chuck Norris).

Dean: Candygram for Mongo.

Seen in the movie Blazing Saddles (1974), when Sheriff Bart (Cleavon Little) tries to knock out the super-strong Mongo by posing as a candygram deliveryman and giving him an exploding candygram.

Bobby Singer: Well, we can't just strand those idjits in Deadwood, can we?

Deadwood is a HBO series about the town of Deadwood, South Dakota, in the Old West. Jim Beaver, the actor who plays Bobby, was a regular character on the series.

Dean: Yippee-ki-ya, mother...

John McClane says this at the conclusion of the various Die Hard movies.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorEric Kripke
Executive ProducerBen Edlund  |  Philip Sgriccia  |  Sera Gamble  |  Robert Singer  |  McG  |  Eric Kripke
Co-Executive ProducerPeter Johnson  |  Jim Michaels  |  Adam Glass
ProducerTodd Philip Aronauer
Co-ProducerJerry Wanek  |  Serge LaDouceur
Associate ProducerKristin Cronin
Production DesignerJohn Marcynuk
EditorTom McQuade
CastingRobert J. Ulrich  |  Alex Newman  |  Carol Kritzer  |  Eric Dawson  |  Coreen Mayrs  |  Heike Brandstatter
First Assistant DirectorKevin Parks
Second Assistant DirectorDebra Herst (1)
MusicJay Gruska
Music EditorDino A. Moriana
Music SupervisorAlexandra Patsavas
Costume DesignerDiane Widas
Set DecoratorGeorge Neuman
Location ManagerRuss Hamilton (2)
Property MasterChristopher Cooper
Assistant EditorDonald Koch
Supervising Sound EditorCharlie Crutcher
Director of PhotographySerge LaDouceur
Stunt CoordinatorLou Bollo
Production ManagementCraig Matheson
Executive Story EditorDaniel Loflin  |  Andrew Dabb  |  Brett Matthews
Key Makeup ArtistSarah Graham
Visual Effects SupervisorIvan Hayden
Visual Effects ProducerGrant Lindsay
Key HairstylistJeannie Chow
Special Effects SupervisorRandy Shymkiw
Original CastingPatrick Rush
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