Out With The Old - Recap

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At a dance studio in Portland, the dancers complain as the top ballerina, Irina Kozanzon, shows up late. When Irina does come in, she insults them about their lack of talent, puts on a pair of toe shoes, and starts rehearsing once the others leave. As a janitor works outside, Irina begins to spin faster and faster, unable to stop herself, until finally the toe shoes rip her feet off.

In Oregon, Dean checks in with Frank, who admits that he hasn’t been able to find out anything further about Dick Roman other than that he’s financing archaeological digs around the world. Frank has been unable to find anything out about the field in Wisconsin that Bobby gave them the coordinates for. Once Dean hangs up, Sam arrives with coffee and admits that he’s been unable to sleep due to his Lucifer hallucinations. He has found an article on Irina’s death and figures that it’s their kind of case. The brothers drive to Portland and, posing as FBI agents, convince the desk sergeant to let them see the crime scene photos. They figure that the toe shoes are responsible.

In the evidence room, the officer is bagging the toe shoes while his daughter Tracy sees them. A ballerina herself, she starts to reach for them but her dad tells her not to touch. She goes to the restroom and sees the toe shoes on the floor. Looking around to make sure that no one is there, Tracy puts the toe shoes on and they shrink to fit her feet.

Sam and Dean come in to ask for the shoes and the officer assumes that Tracy has taken them. The Winchesters run to the bathroom just as Tracy puts them on, and they make her dance. Sam grabs her while Dean manages to pull the shoes off before they kill the girl. Outside, they confirm from the tag that the shoes were sold at a store called Out With the Old. As they pull up, they discover that the toe shoes have teleported themselves from the trunk to the back seat, and Dean feels a compulsion to put them on.

Joyce Bicklebee, a local real estate agent, is visiting a neighboring store with her assistant, George. The owner, Mr. Marshall, refuses to sell to her. As Joyce leaves, George worries that Marshall won’t sell but Joyce assures him that the owner will eventually give in and orders George to open her door. As they leave, Sam and Dean pull up and realize that Out With the Old has been sold and is going out of business. They talk to the owner, Scott Freeman, who admits that he sold the toe shoes and found them in a box that belonged to his dead mother. Sam examines the boxes and discovers that they have mystical sigils on them, and that they were stored in a safe with similar markings. Meanwhile, Dean starts to put the shoes on but Sam yanks them away. Scott explains that his mother passed away a week ago and he opened the safe for the first time to see what she had in there. He admits that there were more boxes and the brothers ask him what else that he sold.

A woman is cooking at home and puts the tea on. She cuts up some vegetables and then turns as the tea kettle whistles. The woman calmly picks up the kettle and pours the boiling hot water into her mouth.

Scott gives the Winchesters the names and addresses of the buyers of the remaining three items. They go to the house to get the tea kettle and find the woman dead. Sam calls the police anonymously while Dean carefully bags up the tea kettle. They then split up to recover the remaining two items: a gramophone and a vintage gentleman’s magazine.

The mother who bought the gramophone starts playing an old record on it, hoping to impress her son Timmy. He ignores it and plays on his Touchpad, and his mother goes upstairs to put away some laundry. However, Timmy hears a voice on the gramophone calling his name. He goes over and listens to it, and then grabs a kitchen knife and prepares to stab his mother as she sits down. Sam arrives just in time to stop the boy, bag the gramophone, and leave. Dean calls to tell his brother that he recovered the magazine and that Sam doesn’t want to know what the porn magazine’s curse was. Sam tells Dean that he’ll meet him back at the store.

When Dean goes back to the store, Scott admits that he kept pushing his mother to sell the store, and that she died in a car crash one day after she finally sold it... to Joyce. Dean tries to offer some comfort without much success, puts the items in the safe, and tells Scott not to touch them. As Dean goes out to get some coffee, he notices that Joyce has bought up most of the stores on the street.

Joyce meets with Mr. Marshall at her real estate office and almost convinces him to sell. However, when she dismisses his history with the story and tells him that he can move on with his life, Mr. Marshall decides that his life hasn’t been a waste and that he’ll keep the store after all. Joyce shakes his hand, but then grips it tightly and transforms into Mr. Marshall. The Leviathan then breaks the owner’s neck, signs the papers herself, and transforms back into her female form. George suggests that she shouldn’t have killed the owner, warning that Dick doesn’t want them to draw attention to themselves, but Joyce dismissively him off. She tells her assistant to take the corpse to its home and stage an “accidental” ire.

Later, Joyce watches from her window as the fire department take away Marshall’s body. George serves her coffee but she complains that it’s not hot enough and warns him that she’s had four previous assistants and that he doesn’t want to go missing like the others. Joyce orders George to get her an espresso at a stand across town and overrides his objections.

As Sam drives back to the store, he starts to doze off rom sleep deprivation. Dean calls from a coffee house and tells him that Joyce’s real estate office is owned by a business called Geothrive Inc. There’s no background on them and they’ve been behind her efforts to buy the property in town. Sam admits that he’s having trouble staying awake and hangs up, and Dean checks Geothrive’s website but is unable to get past their firewall so he calls to get Frank’s help. Meanwhile, Sam dozes off and barely wakes up in time to avoid hitting an oncoming truck.

George is getting coffee and arguing with the barista when Sam stops by to get a cup of coffee. The assistant recognizes him and follows him to the antique store, and then calls Joyce. She figures the Winchesters aren’t aware that they’re in town and gives George explicit orders to come back to her office immediately. When he arrives, Joyce tells him that she’s going to eat the brothers personally to make sure that the job gets done right. When George protests, she tells him to shut up, tries the coffee, and harangues him for not getting it right.

Frank gets back to Dean and tells him that he’s done a background check and confirmed that Dick Roman owns Geothrive. Neither one of them knows how it’s connected to Wisconsin or the archaeological digs and Frank suggests that the Winchesters get out of Portland while they can. Sam finds Dean and admits that Lucifer isn’t letting him sleep and that he can no longer shut him out. Scott calls Sam to tell him that he accidentally looked at a cursed mirror and now he wants to rip his face off. The Winchesters say that they’ll be over to collect the antiques and Scott hangs up... and then asks Joyce and George if he did a good job. Joyce assures him that he did, but that they no longer need him. She has George tie the owner up and then tells her assistant that to avoid another suspicious disappearance or death, George will be posing as Scott for the next thirty years. The assistant is less than thrilled at the news.

The brothers arrive and come in, and Joyce and George are waiting for them. After Joyce banters with them briefly, she attacks Dean while George goes after Sam. However, the assistant whispers to Sam to dunk his head in a bucket of the anti-Leviathan cleaner that he’s prepared, and then go for a sword. Sam follows his directions and decapitates Joyce with the sword.

As the brothers collect the antiques, they tell Scott that he’ll have to leave before the Leviathans come after him. He’s reluctant to do so, but Dean warns him that he doesn’t have a choice. Once Scott leaves, George cheerfully tells them that he plans to eat Joyce to dispose of her for good. He explains that he has always wanted her dead and that they’re allies for the moment. The Winchesters are less than happy at the news, put a sword to his neck, and tell him to explain what Dick is up to. George admits that he doesn’t know much, but he is aware that Dick is planning to build a cancer research center in Wisconsin... and find a cure for humanity. When they wonder why, George tells them that the Leviathans are there to help.

The next night, the Winchesters drive to Frank’s RV with the cursed items. When they arrive, however, they discover that the inside is covered with blood, someone has ripped up the place, and there’s no sign of Frank.