The Girl With the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo - Recap

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Dean and Sam set up base in an isolated cabin and try to work up what Dick Roman and the Leviathans are up to. Bobby’s ghost appears to them and he warns them that he’s still having trouble generating enough energy to remain stable. He tells them that the Leviathans have already broken ground at the Wisconsin site and are making a state-of-the-art slaughterhouse. Dick has bought out most restaurants and is using the contaminated food to dumb down the human population, and then ensure their health and buy their loyalty by curing cancer and other disease. Once the Leviathans have created their perfect herd, they’ll start feeding on them and wipe out the species.

Before they can head to Wisconsin, Sam receives an email sent automatically from Frank Deveraux’s hard drive. In it he tells them that he set the email up to send if anyone tampered with the hard drive, which has all of the information on the Winchesters’ alternate identifies. The hard drive also has a tracking device on it and Sam confirms that it’s now inside of Dick’s corporate headquarters.

Five Hours Earlier

Charlie Bradley arrives for work at Richard Roman Enterprises and goes to her desk. She hacks into a Republican super PAC and transfers their funds to an environmental organization as her co-worker Harry comes over. He warns her against it but Charlie assures him that she’s got it covered. Her boss, Pete, calls her into his office where Dick Roman is waiting for her. He talks vaguely of how close he is to victory and admits that he’s impressed by her hacking activities. He then tells her to hack Frank’s hard drive in the next day three days or she’s fired.

Back at her desk, Charlie goes to work and accesses Frank’s hard drive. However, it sets off a virus that scrambles her computer, and she’s unaware that it’s also sent an email to Sam and Dean.

Sam and Dean are ready to break into the company headquarters but Bobby reminds them that the Leviathans will identify them immediately once they show their faces. He suggests that they mail his flask in so he can do some reconnaissance, but they admit that they’re worried that he’ll give in to his rage and become a mindless ghost. The Winchesters tell Bobby that they can’t risk accepting his help and leave for Chicago.

The next morning, Harry comes in as Charlie manages to crack Frank’s hard drive. However, she can’t resist and looks at the files he accumulated, and learns everything that Frank knew about the Leviathans... including the fact that Dick is their leader. She looks around nervously to spot Pete and Harry tells her that he went to the parking garage for a smoke break.

In the parking garage, Dick and his Leviathan bodyguard Tarrell confront Peter and tell him that he doesn’t have the spark they need to keep an eye on Charlie. Tarrell takes on Pete’s form and then kills him... unaware that Charlie has come down and seen the entire thing. She takes the day off claiming illness and heads home. When she gets there, the Leviathan Pete calls her and Charlie tells him that she’s having womanly problems. Once she hangs up and starts to leave, Sam and Dean arrive at her front door. When she goes for a prop movie sword, the brothers easily disarm her and use borax to confirm that they’re not Leviathans.

The brothers tell her about Frank and confirm that they found her home address because Frank auto-hacked her desk’s webcam. They need Charlie to hack Dick’s emails so they can find out what is going on and she reluctantly agrees. However, she discovers that Dick is on a private server and there’s no way to access it except from his office. The Winchesters ask her to go in since they can’t due to the security cameras, and warn her that Dick will kill her eventually if she doesn’t help them take care of him. Charlie agrees and creates a fake security key to get back into the building.

That night, Sam and Dean wait outside in a van and Sam sabotages the security cameras, buying her a 15-minute window of opportunity. As they watch her on the security cameras, they spot Bobby’s flask in her bag and realize that the ghost planted it there so he could get into the building. The brothers have no choice but to call and tell her not to lose the flask, claiming it’s a family heirloom. Sam talks her in past the front desk guard when she freezes up, When she gets upstairs, however, she discovers that there’s another guard watching Dick’s office. Dean tells Charlie to flirt with him, but she explains that she’s a lesbian. Nonetheless, Dean has no choice but to talk her through a flirtation, much to Sam’s amusement. The guard, Bill, is duly impressed and lets Charlie use the executive washroom.

Once she’s alone, Charlie enters Dick’s office and hacks his password and start downloading the files. When Bill comes to check on her, Bobby uses his powers to move a door long enough to distract the security guard and give Charlie time to fake emerging from the bathroom. She then bluffs her way past Bill, removes the flash drive once the download is finished, and gets out.

At the van, Dean and Sam wait and prepare Molotov cocktails with borax. Charlie gets to her desk and sends them the files, just as the Leviathan Pete come sin. She claims that she’s working late and he seems to accept her story. Once he leaves, Charlie checks the files and discovers that Dick stopped all of the digs several days ago. According to the transit records, he has a suitcase coming from a dig in Iran that will arrive at a private airfield in 42 minutes.

Rick gets word from one of his underlings, Victor, that the suitcase has arrived. Victor assures his boss that it’ll be there and then goes after the deliverymen.

Charlie packs up to leave and finds Dick behind her. He says he was hoping to find her there.

The plane lands and Victor picks up the suitcase. As he drives off, Sam and Dean watch him go and wonder what to do next. When Victor arrives at Dick’s office, they open the suitcase and discover it contains an explosive borax container and a timer counting to zero.

Two hours earlier

Charlie erases the files on the Winchesters and starts to leave after telling them about the suitcase. They tell her to buy them some time and she sends an email telling Dick that the plane is running late. The Winchesters then get to the airport and switch the suitcase for one they’ve prepared with the borax explosive.

Charlie packs up to leave and finds Dick behind her. He has her show him the contents of Frank’s hard drive, unaware that she’s already erased the information. Meanwhile, the Winchesters open the suitcase and discover that it contains a hunk of red clay. They call Charlie, who is unable to answer because Dick is still with her. She and Dick are both unaware that Bobby is behind Dick, trying to direct his telekinesis at the man who murdered him. After talking about her imagination, Dick leaves Charlie to go to his office when Dick arrives with the suitcase. The borax bomb goes off, injuring both of them, and Dick calls the building and orders a security lockdown.

Charlie is locked in the building and Dick and Pete arrive. Bobby finally manages to focus and crack the front door’s glass, and then blasts back the two Leviathans. He knocks Pete into Charlie, breaking her arm. Sam and Dean bust in through the glass and dose Pete with borax. While Sam picks up Charlie, Bobby shoves Dick back and the CEO realizes who he’s up against. The Winchesters leave, taking the flask with them, and Bobby is pulled out. As they drive away, Dean admits that they haven’t figured out a way to kill Dick yet.

Back at the office, Dick goes back to his office and eats Victor as punishment for losing the clay piece.

Once they get Charlie’s arm taken care of at the hospital, the brothers escort her to the bus depot so that she can start a new life and avoid Dick and the Leviathans. She assures them it isn’t the first time that she’s had to start a new identity from scratch. Once she leaves, the Winchesters make sure the flask is in the car across the street and wonder to do with Bobby. They figure that he’s losing control and turning into a vengeful spirit, but Dean figures that they have to deal with the clay piece and the Leviathans first.