Reading is Fundamental - Recap

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In Neighbor, MI, straight-a student Kevin Tran is playing his cello at home during his scheduled rehearsal period.

In South Chicago, Dean and Sam move into an abandoned building and examine the chunk of clay they stole from Dick Roman.

Kevin finishes rehearsing on schedule and gets a call from his girlfriend, Channing. She assures him that his SATs are fine but Channing insists that he has to be perfect. He prepares to write his college admission estate but realizes that he has nothing to say.


Dean prepares to hammer open the piece of clay. After the first strike, a storm starts outside.

Kevin looks outside as a storm starts up.

Dean keeps hammering and finally uncovers a black stone tablet with writing on it.

Lightning slams down through the roof of Kevin’s house and hits him, lifting him up into the air. After a moment he drops to the floor, his eyes glowing yellow.

Meg is at Castiel’s hospital bed in Indiana reading when he wakes up and sits upright.

Edgar is working at one of the future Leviathan human processing sites when Dick Roman calls him.

The next warning, the phone rings and Kevin wakes up. His mother leaves a message about his test and he realizes that he’s overslept. Kevin grabs his things and starts to head out, but he suddenly has visions of the tablet.

Dean wakes up as Sam listens to a newscast about the sudden onslaught of worldwide storms. They confirm that Bobby is there but figures that he’s low on spiritual energy after his fight with Dick. Sam points out that every woman in the last month of pregnancy went into labor simultaneously. He’s unable to identify the writing and Dean wonders why Dick wants it. Sam suggests they hole up at Rufus’ cabin and Dean agrees, and Sam gets a call from Meg. She tells them that they have to come see Castiel because he woke up, but refuses to give them any other details other then that he’s “different.” They realize that Castiel woke up when they broke open the clay.

That night, Kevin takes his mother’s call and starts driving. Channing calls him and asks where he is, and he tells her that she’s been chosen because of his birthright. She thinks that he’s having a meltdown but Kevin insists that he’s not allowed to stop, hangs up, and keeps driving to Indiana.

Sam and Dean arrive at the hospital and Meg gets them in past security. Castiel greets them with a “pull my finger” gag, blowing out the overhead lights with his powers. Once they replace the bulbs, Castiel explains that he has his memories back and how he can now see the route of nature. He also finds Meg beautiful, much to her disgust. Castiel explains that he heard a “ping” when they unearthed the tablet, and explains that they were the ones who freed the Word from the vault of the earth. He hugs the brothers and talks about cats’ penises, and then identifies the handwriting of the Word as Metatron. Metatron was the scribe of Heaven and took dictation for good. However, Castiel can’t read the writing because it wasn’t meant for angels. When Meg asks to look at it, Dean tells her to back off. Castiel gets upset and teleports away, dropping the tablet and shattering it into three pieces. Meg tells them that he’s in the dayroom and Dean goes to get it while Sam collects the pieces. He refuses to answer Meg’s questions and she threatens to leave and take Castiel with her, getting power where she can. They hear someone back in Castiel’s room and go back to discover that Kevin has stolen the word and run off. Sam and Meg finally manage to catch Kevin, who tells them that he can’t let go of the tablet.

Dean tries to talk to Castiel, figuring his behavior is a result of Sam’s insanity. Castiel insists on playing a game of Sorry!

Meg and Sam get Kevin back into the hospital and he insists that it’s for him. Sam tells him to open it and Kevin examines the pieces. They reassemble at his touch.

As Dean plays and loses, Castiel talks about the birth of homo sapiens and talks to Dean using the game moves as a metaphor. Dean tries to get him to explain about Metatron, figuring they can help him, but Castiel insists that he can’t break the rules. However, Dean reminds him that he broke the rules when became God and unleashed the Leviathans. He sweeps the board off the table and, when Castiel says that he’s sorry, points out that the angel is only playing sorry.

Kevin is able to read the Word but warns that it hurts. The Word speaks of the origins of the Leviathan and how God locked them away, and Kevin realizes that they’re real. Meg senses something approaching as the lights flicker, and two angels, Hester and Inias arrive. Hester casts Meg aside with a gesture, recognizing her as a demon.

As Castiel picks up the pieces, he realizes that Sam is talking to angels.

Hester tells Sam to step aside so that they can protect the prophet and the Keeper of the Word. When Inias prepares to kill Meg, she stabs him with an angel-killing knife, cutting his hand. Castiel teleports in and the angels are shocked to see him alive. Hester accuses Castiel of abandoning them after rallying them, and angrily demands to know what he’s been doing. Castiel admits that he doesn’t have answers for them. When he starts rambling again, Hester realizes that he’s insane. Dean uses a blood-sigil to banish all three angels temporarily, Kevin demands to know what’s going on, and Sam introduces Dean to the Keeper of the Word.

The brothers update Kevin on the situation, and he tells them that the tablet is an emergency note. Meg says that they need to start running and figures that she’s better off staying with them. The Winchesters hit the road and head for Rufus’ cabin. The next day they stop at a gas station to refuel. Sam gets food and avoids Meg, and he sees a news report on a Detective Collins in charge of Kevin’s case and believes that a cult is responsible. Outside, Meg sees two demon truck drivers watching her.

Sam tells Dean what he saw and they wonder where Meg is. She comes over and says that everything’s fine, and they keep on driving. That night, Kevin wakes up and starts panicking again. Castiel calls Meg and tells her that he’s in Perth. She provides directions and he instantly teleports into the car, startling Kevin. He explains that Hester and Inias are members of his old garrison, assigned to watch the earth. They’re following protocol to take the Keeper of the Word to the desert to learn the Word away from Man. Dean reminds them that they need the tablet to fight Dick, and Castiel warns that they’ll have to duck Hester and the others... without his help.

At the cabin, Sam puts up angel-cloaking sigils but can’t put up the warding sigils without repelling Castiel as well. Dean sets Kevin up in the basement and has him start translating. Meanwhile, Castiel talks to Sam, who worries that it is his insanity that is affecting Castiel. Castiel explains that he saw Lucifer at first but it was only a projection of Sam’s insanity. Now he sees everything, and Sam’s insanity gave him a focus to overcome his own crushing grief and loss. Sam promises to help him get better, but Castiel doesn’t understand what he means by “better.”

Kevin continues translating and has another panic attacks. Dean provides a brown bag for him to breathe into. When Kevin wonders why him, Dean doesn’t have an answer for him and tells him to go back to work.

Meg sneaks out of the cabin and goes to meet the two demons from earlier. She offers Crowley Castiel to buy her way back into the King of Hell’s good graces. However, once she confirms that they didn’t tell any other demons, Meg kills them both with the mystic knife. She goes back to the cabin and discovers that the Winchesters have set a devil’s trap for her. She hands over the knife but says that she killed the demons rather than turn Castiel over to them. Meg explains that she had a cause and lost it when Lucifer and the Yellow-Eyed Demon were destroyed. Her new cause is bringing down Crowley, warning that he’s always a problem, and she isn’t interested in screwing over the Winchesters or handing over Castiel when he’s supported her. After a minute, Sam breaks the devil’s trap and releases her.

Castiel is happy to see everyone working together, but warns that when Meg killed the demons, she sent out a mystical beacon. Hester and her angels smash through the door and the angel accuses Castiel of having fallen beyond hope. Inias grabs Kevin and Dean insists that they’re trying to clean up Castiel’s mess. He asks for more time to work with Kevin, but Hester insists that Castiel became corrupted when he rescued Dean from Hell. When Castiel comes to Dean’s defense, she beats him and then prepares to kill him for his betrayal. When Inias tries to stop her, she knocks him aside... and Meg kills her.

Inias asks Castiel to return with them but the angel says that his place is no longer with them. Kevin finishes translating the Word and gives the completed notebook to Sam. Inias sends the two remaining angels to take Kevin to his home, vowing to protect him. Meg has already slipped away but Castiel isn’t surprised. Sam goes over Kevin’s notes and discovers that a Leviathan can only be slain by the bone of a righteous angel, dipped in the blood of the fallen. Castiel hands over a vial of his own blood and then admits that he doesn’t know what he’s going do, and is amazed by the experience.

Mrs. Tran is at home talking to Detective Collins, who advises her to trust him. The two angels teleport in with Kevin, who assures his mother that they are there to protect him. However, “Collins” steps forward and kills them both, saying that Leviathan beats Angel. He then turns to Kevin, transforming back into the form of Edgar.