There Will Be Blood - Recap

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Dick meets with a business reporter, Gloria Jane, and talks about his company’s buyout of SucroCorp The company is leading manufacturer of sucrose and Dick talks about how wants to improve health by dialing back on additives and making sure that Americans live longer. After the interview, Dick tells his Leviathan assistant Susan to have one of their kind take over Gloria while he contemplates another of the Word of God tablets. He then goes to see their prisoner, Kevin, and asks him to translate the Word. When Kevin refuses, Dick offers him a letter of recommendation to Princeton. When that doesn’t work, the Leviathan threatens to have Kevin’s mother killed unless he cooperates.

Sam and Dean hole up at Rufus’ cabin and try to decipher Kevin’s notes on the Word of God. Dean figures that they grab the components and kill Dick, but Sam wonders what happens to the rest of the Leviathans. They’re not sure but Dean figures that God isn’t telling them any detail. While they talk, Bobby’s spirit watches them. When Dean goes into the bathroom to brush his teeth, Bobby appears to him and insists that he’s stronger than ever. He figures that they need the blood of an Alpha and Crowley. When Dean points out that all of the Alphas are dead, Bobby gets impatient and the bathroom mirror cracks. He gets control of himself and tells them that he has faith that they’ll figure it out, and insists that he’s fine.

Dean comes out as Sam watches a commercial for SucroCorp. He tells his brother about Bobby’s theory while Sam explains that SucroCorp makes corn syrup and it is found in almost all foods. Bobby grows impatient with them ignoring his theory and slams the laptop lid down. The brothers then perform a ritual to summon Crowley.

Kevin finishes translating the tablet and Dick has Edgar release the teenager’s mother. Dick then tells Kevin that he’ll be staying with him for a little longer and tells Edgar he needs to drop in on an old friend.

Crowley agrees to give them the blood... once they have the other components. He warns that his enemies could use his blood against him, and figures that the angel blood will be the hardest to acquire. The brothers avoid mentioning Castiel. Crowley tells them that the Alpha vampire is still alive. He inscribes the words Hoople, ND on the tabletop in blood and teleports away.

The brothers drive to Hoople and stop at a gas station. They leave the flask in the car and go inside to talk privately, and discuss whether Bobby is giving into his rage. Sam warns that the stronger Bobby gets, the closer he goes insane with revenge. However, the brothers are distracted when they notice that all of the customers are stoned from the corn syrup, just like the turducken victims. Dean realizes that he can’t eat any of the junk food without putting himself at risk and Sam offers him some bananas.

The brothers soon track down the vampire’s lair in town and Bobby leaps at the chance to go ahead and scout. He returns and tells them that there aren’t any vampires but there’s something they need to see. When they go inside, they find the corpses of several vampires, their mouths burned as if they had eaten acid. Sam spots a secret panel and Bobby goes in while the brothers find the trigger and open it. Inside is a pink-decorated bedroom and a young girl, Emily.

The Winchesters hide their machetes and says that they just want to talk. Emily explains that a vampire abducted her from a playground twelve years ago and kept her as a “special girl.” The other vampires kept her pure for the Alpha to feed on because virgins are a delicacy. Sam promises to get her back to her mother, and Emily admits that she doesn’t remember her. Emily tells them that the dead vampires brought back three humans who gave up without a fight. When the vampires fed on them, they died immediately. One vampire didn’t feed and is now hunting animals for food. Sam figures that the corn syrup is responsible. Emily says that she has a vague idea of a retreat that the Alpha keeps and offers to help.

Later, the surviving vampire returns and discovers that Emily is gone. Edgar has been waiting and demands to know where the Alpha is. He easily subdues the vampire, takes on his form and memories. Once he knows where the retreat is, the Leviathan kills the vampire.

The next morning, Sam and Dean are shopping for fruit and vegetables and figure they need dead man’s blood to fight the vampires. However, Dean figures that the contaminated blood from any of the corn syrup victims will work even better. They approach one man and Dean points out that everyone is so dazed that they don’t even need to bother with a cover story. Sam takes the man’s blood and he barely notices. After making sure Bobby and his flask are in the car, Sam suggests to Dean that Bobby hang back. Dean figures that he won’t like it, but Sam warns that the more action he sees, the greater the chance he spins out of control.

That night, Emily tries to guide the brothers to the retreat as best she can. They calculate how far she went and the approximate route, and she says that she heard bells at night. Sam figures that it’s a monastery and they confirm that there’s only one in range. When they get to the nearby manor, they spot vampires on patrol and Emily confirms it’s where she was taken. The Winchesters check into a motel and Emily watches TV to catch up what she’s meant. Come morning, they tell Emily to stay put and call Jody Mills if they don’t return. Dean puts Bobby’s flask in the safe and the brothers try to leave, but Bobby slams the door on them. The brothers assure Emily it was just the wind and leave, telling Bobby that they’ll be back soon.

Once the brothers are gone, Emily takes out a cell phone and calls the Alpha vampire. Bobby watches as she tells them that the Winchesters are on their way.

When they arrive at the estate, Dean figures they can easily take the vampires out during the day. Sam suggests that they take a subtler approach. He walks up to the house and Dean reluctantly follows. They discover that the door is open, and vampires grab them and drag them inside.

At the motel, the TV continues to play an interview with Dick while Bobby tries to use every likely combination to get the safe open. As gets increasingly angry, everything in the room starts shaking. The maid, Louise, comes in just as Bobby realizes the combination is his birthday. He appears to Louise and ask for her help, and then leaps into her body and says he only needs it for a little while. Bobby then goes to the safe, opens it, and takes the flask.

The vampires bring the Winchesters to the Alpha, who is intrigued by why they would come to see him. Sam says that they’re there to talk and Dean points out it was their grandfather who tortured him. One of the vampires beats him for his impertinence and then promises to feed on them. Sam says that they know about the plague, but the Alpha says that he’s already met with Dick and they’re on excellent terms. The vampire knows about Dick’s plans to sedate the human population, but Sam warns that humans are being rendered poisonous to monsters. The Alpha figures that it’s a bluff but Sam insists that they need his blood for their weapon. Dean admits that they don’t want to go down with them. A young boy, Allan, comes in and tells Alpha that Edgar is there. Dean figures he’s there for them and says they need weapons, but the Alpha orders his people to send them to the study while he meets with Edgar and determine the truth.

Edgar comes in and smells Dean’s blood on the table.

Sam figures that the Alpha will give the Leviathans the benefit of the doubt, but Dean figures the vampire is over-confident and Edgar will dispose of him. There are blood bags in the room and Dean has Sam use a needle to pick the lock. He then reveals that he has one syringe of the stoner blood hidden in his sock.

The Alpha cheerfully offers the Winchesters to Edgar, and then asks about the contaminated corn syrup. Edgar says that it’s a mistake.

As Dean and Sam make their way through the manor, a vampire kills them. They use the stoner blood on it and it destroys the vampire in seconds. Now that they’re out of blood, they look for knives.

The Alpha wants to know why Dick has been avoiding him, and Edgar finally tells him that they want the vampires to burn. The additive will kill anything that feeds on humans except them. The Alpha throws borax that he’s hidden in the champagne bucket onto Edgar, but the Leviathan knocks him down and prepares to take his blood. Dean attacks Edgar, distracting him long enough for Sam to decapitate him. When they try to take the Alpha’s blood, Emily tries to defend her master and the Alpha comes to her defense. He offers them his blood as thanks for taking care of Edgar. Sam hesitates and then insists that the Alpha turn over Allan as well. As a sign of good faith, the Alpha lets them take the boy as well. The Alpha can’t resist taunting them because they hate having to leave unfinished business, and Dean assures him that they’ll meet again.

After dropping Allan off with his parents, the Winchesters return to their motel room and discover that Bobby has escaped and taken the flask with him. Without it they have no way to track him. Dean realizes that all of their allies are insane or gone, and their best chance of winning at this point is Crowley.

Dick casts a ritual and summons Crowley to his office, placing him in a devil’s trap, and says they have much to talk about.