Survival of the Fittest - Recap

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Dick invites Crowley to sit down within the devil’s trap and have a drink. Crowley figures that Dick knows that the Winchesters are planning to use Crowley’s blood to kill Dick. Dick figures that Crowley has a vial of blood hidden away as insurance and offers him Canada while the Leviathans keep America. In return he wants Crowley to give the Winchesters the blood of a lesser demon and then get out of the way. Crowley considers the offer and finally agrees, producing a massive contract ready for inspection.

Sam and Dean are driving to find the bone of a righteous person, even though Dean doesn’t think it will pay off. They catch a stock report pointing out that Dick has holed up SucroCorp HQ.

Bobby, possessing Louise’s body, is walking down the street and sees a TV broadcast on Dick.

Crowley and Dick iron out the details of the contract.

Dean and Sam break into a mausoleum belonging to a nunnery crypt. They finally locate a suitable subject and start removing the bones.

Dick and Crowley finish working out the contract and sign.

The Winchesters return to Rufus’ cabin and try to summon Crowley but he doesn’t arrive, and Sam wonders if something has gone wrong. Meg shows up and tells them that Castiel teleported her to him again. Dean goes out to talk to Castiel, who is more interested in talking makeup testing on monkeys. Castiel finally comes in and insists that he doesn’t participate in aggressive activity. He went to Meg when he discovered that his former angelic garrison protecting Kevin was wiped out, and the Prophet has disappeared.

As Castiel finishes talking, Meg notices the summoning ritual and warns them that he can show anytime once he’s been summoned. Crowley teleports in and is pleased to see Castiel, the angel who betrayed him. When Castiel comes to Meg’s defense, Crowley reminds them that they came to him even though they’ve been harboring the angel. When the demon says that he can crush Castiel, Meg wonders where he gained that kind of power. Avoiding her question, Crowley demands answers from Castiel and soon realizes that he’s insane. Dean tells the demon to pick a battle and Crowley gives them a vial of his blood. Sam asks why he was late and Crowley immediately tells him that Dick trapped him and offered him a deal, which Crowley claimed to accept. He assures them that the blood is his and points out that they don’t have much choice. Before he goes, Crowley tells Meg that he’ll pick her up when they’ve settled with the Leviathans, because he can’t risk upsetting Castiel.

Bobby-in-Louise purchase a machete and tries to steal a truck. When he reaches in the back and touches a cold iron chain, he’s repelled out of Louise’s body. Louise begs him to let her go, but Bobby sees a newspaper article about Dick, grows angry again, and repossesses her.

Susan gives Dick an update and he tells her to go to the freezer and get the arm.

Kevin tries to get out of the office where he’s been locked. A Leviathan lab technician brings a blonde girl, Polly, in and then locks them both up. She introduces herself but is otherwise stoned from the Leviathan toxin.

The Winchesters mix the blood of Castiel, Crowley, and the Alpha Vampire and pour it on the nun’s bone. Nothing happens and they realize they have no way to tell. Castiel arrives with ham sandwiches as a consolatory gift, and he insists that he won’t go with them to fight the Leviathans despite what Crowley said.

The next morning, Susan delivers the arm to Dick and informs him that the delegates are on their way. Dick then takes the arm out... the one that belongs to the original Dick Roman.

The Leviathan lab tech brings a dress in and tells Polly to put it on. As she removes her clothing, Kevin examines the pins on the dress.

Dick and Susan greet the arriving delegates.

The lab tech brings food for Kevin, who complains that he’s Vegan. Once he takes Polly away, Kevin starts picking the door lock with one of the pins.

Dick greets the delegates and brings them up to speed on his plans to divide up the U.S., while the lab tech brings Polly in. Kevin sneaks in and listens to Dick, and then heads for the door. However, Susan catches and stops him. Meanwhile, Dick has Polly brought forward and explains that she will be demonstrating a key part of his plan.

Sam and Dean arrive outside and hack into the surveillance cameras using a backdoor that Charlie installed. However, as they check the various cameras, they see Dick in different locations.

Dick has Polly undress and explains that she’s too thin for their purposes so that quality has to be bred out. He gives the girl an injection of Additive 3.0 and she dies, vomiting up white goo. Dick explains that Additive 3.0 targets those with the characteristics they want to breed out, and is a darn good dairy creamer as well.

As Sam and Dean recheck the cameras, Sam spots Louise pull up and go inside, and he remembers her from the motel. He figures that Bobby has possessed her and tells Dean to stay put with the weapon while he stops their friend. Sam catches up to Bobby and tries to stop him, but Bobby draws the knife and slashes at him. He tries to choke Sam but sees his reflection in a mirrored windshield and realizes what he’s doing. Bobby pulls himself out of Louise’s body and disappears, and Sam carries her out before they’re spotted on the security cameras.

Sam and Dean go back to the cabin after dropping Louise at the hospital. Meg is disgusted that they left, and Sam says that Dick made more Dicks by having them touch the original’s arm. Dean notices Castiel flinch and asks what his problem is, and Castiel continues to insist that he can’t help them for fear of destroying everything again. Angry, Dean tells the angel to clean up his mess and Castiel teleports away to get a game of Twister. Meg points out that since Castiel contained all of the Leviathans, he can tell which Dick is the real/fake Dick.

That night, Dean and Sam realize that it’s pointless to try to spot the real/fake Dick on their own since they all copied the original’s brain. Bobby arrives and tells them that they should have burned the flask in the first place. He admits that he can’t control himself any more than any other ghost can, and eventually he’ll get them all killed. Bobby tells them to kill Dick because it’s the job, not because of revenge, and advises them to go when it’s their time to go. The brothers light up a brazier and Bobby says he hopes to run into them on the other side... in the distant future. Dean tosses the flask into the brazier and Bobby disappears in a burst of flame as it melts. The Winchesters then turn to Castiel, who has watched the entire thing.

Castiel goes back to playing board games and Dean finally asks him to teleport him somewhere. The angel agrees and takes Dean to the boathouse where the Impala is stored. Castiel points out that he’s cursed and will get them all killed. Dean says that he’d rather have him, cursed or not, and says that they’re all cursed. Castiel realizes that Dean has forgiven him and agrees to go with him and do his best. He asks what the plan is and Dean figures that since Dick knows they’re coming, they’re going to announce themselves.

The next day, Meg drives the Impala onto the SucroCorp grounds, smashing through the front gate. She smashes the car into a sign and takes out the first wave of Leviathans with Borax and a sharp blade. Meanwhile, Castiel teleports Sam and Dean inside and they go to the conference room. However, Castiel confirms that the Dick inside isn’t the original.

As Meg goes inside, two demons intercept her, knock her down, and inform her that Crowley wants to see her.

Sam finds Kevin and frees him, and he tells them about the additive that kills the skinny people. Kevin insists that they have to blow up the lab.

At the lab, Dick is admiring the creamer containers as Dean and Castiel sneak in behind him and decapitate the lab tech. Dean draws the weapon and assures Dick that he knows that he’s the real one. Castiel attacks Dick and Dean stabs him with the bone weapon. Dick pulls it out and breaks it, but Castiel grabs him while Dean stabs him with the real weapon. After a moment, the weapon and Dick both explode, just as Kevin and Sam arrive.

When the smoke settles, Sam discovers that Dick, Dean, and Castiel have all disappeared. Crowley teleports in and assures Sam that his army of demons have arrived to take control now that the Leviathans are in disarray. He figures that Sam can take out the remaining Leviathans, and admits that he doesn’t know where Dean and Castiel are. Crowley’s demons grab Kevin and leave, and he tells Sam that he got what he wants and now he’s on his own.

Dean wakes up and finds Castiel standing nearby. The angel explains that they’ve been blasted into Purgatory, and the souls of all the monsters are lurking about. Castiel teleports away, leaving Dean alone as the monsters close in.