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We Need to Talk About Kevin - Recap

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One Year Later

In the Maine wilderness, a couple is camping at night when a bright light outside wakes them up and then goes out. Something approaches through the woods as the husband, Will, goes out to investigate. He sees nothing and at first and then sees Dean, covered in blood. Dean draws his gun and asks where he is and then asks where the road is. The couple gives him directions and Dean takes their duffel bag and leaves.

Clayton, LA

Dean hitches a ride near to the town, goes out in the woods, and digs up a human skeleton. He suddenly grabs his arm in pain and pulls the sleeve back, revealing glowing blood within. Dean cuts his arm and drips the blood onto the skeleton that he's dug up. A man, Benny, appears behind him and asks what took him so long, briefly revealing razor-sharp fangs. He asks Dean what they do next and Dean says that they do what they discussed. Benny says that it's goodbye, they shake hands, and Dean tells him to keep out of trouble.

Kermit, TX

Sam is at a quiet suburban home and gets up in the middle of the night, leaving a woman and a dog in the bed. He goes outside and drives away, unaware that someone is watching him.

Whitefish, MT

Sam pulls up to an old cabin and goes inside, and Dean grabs him and tests to see if he's a shifter, a demon, or a Leviathan. Once he's sure that it's Sam, he tells his Sam to test him. Sam doesn't see the point and they hug, and Dean tells Sam that he's spent the last year in Purgatory. When Sam wonders where Castiel is, Dean says that he didn't make it and doesn't want to go into details. Dean asks why Sam didn't respond to any of his numbers and Sam explains that he got rid of all his phones and gave up hunting. Angry, Dean says that he was busy killing monsters but Sam points out that he had no one and was alone for the first time in his life. He fixed up the Impala and just drove, and Dean wonders if he looked for him against orders. Sam admits that he did and Dean points out that they've always disobeyed orders because they loved each other and walks away.

Dean gets out their old phones and checks his messages. Sam makes dinner and they sit in silence until Dean determines that Kevin called Sam and said that he escaped from Crowley after three months and needs help. Sam wonders what they should do and Dean just plays more of Kevin's messages until Kevin finally gave up when he got no answer. Dean points out that Kevin was their responsibility and tells Sam that he couldn't answer the phone.

Sam tries to work out the background noise from Kevin's last call and traces it to a bus station in Centreville, MI. His high school girlfriend, Channing Ngo, goes to college there. Sam suggests that they find him, admitting it was their responsibility, and they pack up. Dean notices that the inside of the Impala smells like dog but Sam feigns innocence. Later, they stop at a motel for the night and Dean sees two kids run by, shooting toy guns at each other.

Dean remembers running through the woods, stalking a human monster. He gets the drop on his opponent and pins him against a tree, and then asks where Castiel is. The monster knows who Dean is but claims that he doesn't know where Castiel is. Dean stabs him with his knife and then decapitates him, and another of the creatures attacks him. Benny arrives and decapitates it.

Dean goes into the room but soon wants to get going. Sam figures that Kevin will survive for another twelve hours and suggests that Dean get some sleep. Dean takes offense, wondering if that's what he does now, and Sam says that the world went on and it wasn't up to just him to stop the monsters. His brother doesn't buy it and asks if there was a girl involved. Sam admits that there was and then there wasn't but that she had nothing to do with his decision.

That night, Sam tells Dean that he found something he never had before. He met Amelia when he hit a dog. Dean reminds him that the rule is that there are no dogs in the car, and Sam asks why he's still on edge. His brother hesitates at first, saying Sam wouldn't believe him, but finally explains that he spent all of his time fighting. Despite that, he felt pure when he fought there.

Dean reluctantly thanks Benny, who says that he has a way out for humans. As they circle each other, Dean doesn't believe there's an escape and Benny wonders if he's gone native. When Dean asks him to prove it, Benny refuses and says that he's either in or not. He plans to hop a ride with Dean because the portal will only allow humans through it. When Dean wonders how he can trust him, Benny says that he can't. Dean wants to find Castiel first and when Benny hesitates, Dean tells him that he's either in or not

In Centreville, the brothers talk to Channing and she claims that he never showed up. The brothers are skeptical but Channing says that she dumped him when she realized he wasn't going to campus. They split up to search the campus. Meanwhile, back at the room, Channing tells her roommate to shut up. Her eyes turn black and she cuts the girl's throat and catches her blood in a basin. The demon then reports that Dean is back.

As Sam sits down on a bench and checks the Internet, he sees a woman walk by with a dog.

Sam takes the dog he hit to an animal hospital and begs the nurse, Roberta, to help it. The doctor, Amelia, comes in and examines the dog.

Dean returns and Sam shows him campus security footage of Kevin. He checked out the computer that Kevin used and determined that he's been using the same wireless router for the last two months. The IP address is in Iowa.

Fairfield, IA

The brothers check out the coffee shop that Kevin frequented and confirm he went to a nearby church. When they go there, Kevin sprays them with cleaner and makes sure that they're not Leviathans. Once they reintroduce themselves, Kevin explains that God taught him what to do to stop demons. Sam wonders how he escaped and Kevin explains that Crowley took him to a warehouse.

Crowley assures Kevin that he plans to take the teenager all the way and shows him another tablet. He tells Kevin to translate the Word of God. It concerns demons and is in bits and pieces, and then Kevin complains that it's getting hotter. Once Crowley's minion goes to lower the temperature, Kevin says that there's a hell gate in Wisconsin. The tablet has ingredients for a spell to open it and Crowley provides everything he needs. Crowley travels to Wisconsin and calls to tell Kevin to open the gate. However, Kevin instead casts a demon-killing spell and got out before Crowley could teleport back.

Kevin tells the Winchesters that the tablet is safe and says that there was another spell to close all the hell gates and banish demons forever. Sam and Dean discuss the situation outside and Sam figure that there's no way that Kevin will get out intact. When Dean says that he doesn't have a choice, Sam asks if Dean is the only one who gets free will and Dean points out that it's worth any price to wipe out every demon that ever haunted them.

Sam goes back into the church and apologizes for abandoning him. Kevin admits that it's hard to believe what his life has turned into and Sam admits that it sucks now but will probably get better. He admits that he didn't use to be able to see it but says that there is a way, and Kevin asks for five minutes alone. Dean overhears the conversation and look at his brother.

Sam waits for news on the dog and Amelia tells him that it will recover. She asks if he's going to take it and Sam says that he spends a lot of time on the road. Amelia points out that he's responsible and Sam agrees to take it.

The church shakes and the anti-demonic runes start to glow. The Winchesters prepare their weapons, including the axe that Dean brought back from Purgatory, and two demons barge in. While Sam and Dean fight, Kevin sprays one with holy water, delaying it long enough for Sam to kill it with the demon-killing knife. He then goes to help his brother, killing the other demon. However, Crowley and the possessed Channing come in. Crowley welcomes Dean back and then offers to let Channing go if Kevin goes with him. Dean warns that Crowley is lying and he tells the demon to let Channing talk. She speaks briefly and Kevin agrees as long as it all ends. Dean says that he can't let him do it but Kevin points out that he doesn't have a choice.

Kevin goes to get his stuff and Dean warns that it isn't over. Crowley is unimpressed and tells Kevin to hurry up... and then realizes that he's not answering out the back. When Dean threatens him with the knife, Crowley causes it to turn red-hot with a gesture and goes into the next room with the Channing demon. Kevin drops a bucket of holy water on the two demons and then tells the Winchesters to run. They get to the Impala and drive off, and the Channing demon leaves her body. As the Winchesters drive off, Crowley snaps Channing's neck and Kevin can only watch.

The next day, the Winchesters stop at a gas station and Dean gets a call. He says that it's a wrong number, hangs up, and asks if anyone wants some food. Kevin snaps at them and Dean tells him that now Kevin is in it and he have to do what he has to. Dean goes to get some food, but once he's out of sight he calls Benny back. Benny admits that he's coping with being away for fifty years and Dean suggests that they don't talk until they have some time to take it in. As he watches a funeral, Benny says that Dean was right and Purgatory was pure, and he wishes he had appreciated it more like Dean did. Dean tells him to call if he has an emergency and hangs up.