What's Up, Tiger Mommy? - Recap

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An old man, Mr. Vili, arrives at a bank in Chicago and asks to see his safe-deposit box. The clerk is surprised when he says that it's box number one. She removes it and Vili removes a small metal box from inside the box. He opens it and takes out a bone, and tells the clerk that it's a very valuable bone. Vili then tells her that he's making a withdrawal and stabs her with the bone.

Sam and Dean have stopped off with Kevin to get food and Kevin asks them to swing by to check on his mom, Linda. He points out that Crowley was willing to kill his girlfriend and Dean gives fin. They drive to Neighbor, MI and watch the house. Linda seems okay but Dean notices several demon-possessed individuals in the neighborhood. The brothers move in and take them out.

Inside, Linda's friend Eunis assures her that she's doing the right thing by being there. There's a knock at the door and Linda finds Kevin. Dean and Sam are with him and sprinkle Linda with holy water to make sure that she isn't possessed. They smell sulphur and run to the kitchen and Sam casts a ritual to trap the demon in Eunis so it can't escape to warn Crowley. Once the house is secure, Dean and Sam explain about the tablet and how it can seal the demons away from Earth for once and for all. They prepare to take her to a safehouse but Linda says that she will protect her son's soul no matter what. Dean turns to Kevin, who realizes that he can't tell his mother what to do. Realizing that it's a lost cause, the Winchesters tell Linda that she'll have to get a tattoo to prevent demon possession and she promptly agrees.

After Linda and Kevin get their tattoos, the group heads to Laramie, WY where Kevin hid the tablet in a bus station pay locker. They discover that it's missing and they talk to the station manager, Jerry who says that they just caught the thief: his predecessor. Clem Smedley. Posing as FBI agents, the brothers interrogate Clem and ask what happened to the tablet. As Sam talks to him, Dean remembers...

In Purgatory, Benny and Dean interrogate a monster to find Castiel's location. When it doesn't answer, Dean prepares to torture it.

Dean grabs Clem and slams him into the wall. He holds a knife to his throat

When Dean holds a knife to the monster's throat, it finally tells him where he can find Castiel.

Clem tells Dean that he sold the tablet at a pawnshop.

Dean kills the monster once it's told him everything it knows.

Dean release Clem and leaves with Sam. They go to the pawnshop and talk to the clerk, Lyle. As they go in, Linda notices a red sportscar outside. Lyle refuses to tell them anything and points out that there are security cameras all over the place. Linda steps in and threatens to report that Lyle hasn’t paid the $10,000 in taxes on his car outside and threatens to call in a tax appraiser. Lyle quickly caves and the group drives to the motel of the man who bought the tablet.

At the hotel, Dean knocks at the door but gets no answer. A man in a dove-gray suit and top hat approaches them and addresses Kevin by name. He introduces himself as Beau and gives Kevin an invitation to an exclusive auction where he'll be selling the Word of God tablet. Beau assures them that the Prophet will be safe and that he is the right hand of Plutus, the God of Greed. His god has warded the auction house against angels and demons, making it the safest place that Kevin could go. Beau agrees to add the three of them to the ticket and disappears. Dean wonders what they can sell to raise enough money to bid on the tablet. Sam briefly considers the Impala and Dean warns him against it, and Sam says that all they need to do is get Kevin close enough to memorize the tablet.

The foursome goes to the auction house and Beau lets them in once they pass through all of the metal detectors. They pass through the exhibition hall and find the tablet in a case, but the writing is covered with a metal plate. Crowley arrives and figures what they had planned. When he greets Linda, she slaps him and tells the demon to stay away from her son. Plutus arrives, overweight and dressed in a track suit, and Beau tells them that the auction is beginning. As they go in, an angel in a Wiener Dog host body named Alfie comes in. He identifies himself as Samandriel and says that he's there to ask them about Castiel. Dean says that they were trapped to Purgatory and Castiel didn't make it back. Alfie says that there are still some angels who believe that Castiel's heart was in the right place. He thinks that too much heart was always Castiel's problem and walks away.

Castiel is washing off his face at a stream when Dean and Benny find him. Castiel seems puzzled to see them and admits that he's not sure if he's sane. Benny demands an answer for why Castiel abandoned Dean, and Castiel admits that he ran away. The angel tells Dean that Leviathans have been following him and he ran away to keep Dean safe. Castiel tells Dean to leave, who says that they're going home. Benny explains about the portal but admits that he doesn't know if will let an angel through. Dean insists that he needs Castiel, daring the Leviathans to do their worst, and vows not to leave without him. Castiel nods and says that he understands.

As the auction begins, Crowley recognizes Alfie and greets him. He then tells the Winchesters that there's no point in getting the banishment spell as he'll just create more demons. Beau begins the bidding on the various relics and the Winchesters realize that they're heavily outclassed, money-wise. Dean steps out to go to the restroom and spots a worker putting artifacts in a vault for safekeeping. When the assistant walks past, Dean "accidentally" bumps into him and steals his keys. There are two more assistant inside and Dean claims that he got lost as he spots the tablet among the items.

The Hammer of Thor is up for bid and Mr. Vili wins, offering the bone and five-eighths of a virgin. The Word of God comes up for bid and Crowley and Alfie bid against each other. The reserve price isn't met so Beau throws in Kevin. Plutus teleports Kevin into chains and Beau explains that Kevin is the only one who can translate. Linda offers everything she has but Beau tells her it's not enough. She finally bids her soul. Crowley offers a million souls but Plutus explains that the value is in the sacrifice, not the quantity. The King of Hell bids his own soul but Plutus just laughs, pointing out that he doesn't have a soul. The God of Greed congratulates Linda while Crowley stalks off.

Once the auction is over, Linda wonders what will happen. Sam tells her that she won't die but she'll wish that she was. Beau comes in to take her soul and Linda asks for a moment alone. As they go, Sam admits that the whole thing sucks but Dean figures that they got off cheap. Alfie comes in and tells Linda that what she did was amazing. He offers to protect her son but Linda points out that the last time the angels protected, Kevin, they died and Kevin went missing for a year. Alfie accepts and walks away.

Mr. Vili collects the Hammer of Thor and then Plutus brings Kevin in. He tells them that he may sell Linda's soul or just tuck it away to keep him warm at night. Linda steps forward but Dean grabs her arm and reveals that the tattoo on her arm has been burned off. Crowley speaks through her, shoving them aside, and explains to Plutus that in return for an island in the South Pacific, Beau burned the tattoo off of Linda's arm so Crowley could possess her.

Beau stabs Plutus in the back while Crowley kills Plutus' assistant. Dean grabs the demon-killing knife from the box of stored items and Sam tackles Linda's body. The brothers dare Crowley to come for Kevin but he runs with the tablet. Dean goes after her while Beau opens fire on Sam and Kevin. Sam ducks behind a table with Vili, while Kevin runs for the door. Beau prepares to shoot Kevin but Sam hits him with the Hammer of Thor. As Kevin goes after his mother, Sam asks Vili where he got the five-eighths of a virgin and hits him with the hammer.

Dean grabs Crowley in Linda's body and prepares to kill her, but Kevin arrives, distracting Dean long enough for Crowley to leave her body. He goes to his own nearby body, picks up the tablet, and tells Kevin that he now knows who his real father is from his time in Linda's head. Crowley tells Kevin to run because the Winchesters have a habit of getting people close to them killed, and then walks away.

Linda is in a coma and Dean tells Kevin that she's tough and should be able to pull through. Kevin points out that Dean was ready to kill her and refuses to hear his explanation. He tells the Winchesters to get out so he can talk to his mother alone. The brothers wait outside and Sam asks if Dean would really have killed Linda. Dean says that he would no matter what if they could have gotten rid of Crowley. They realize that there's no noise coming out from the next room and go in. Kevin has left with Linda, leaving a note saying that they shouldn't come for him and that people Dean doesn't need end up dead. Sam assures him that it isn't true.

Dean remembers Castiel sliding back out of his grasp, yelling for help.