A Little Slice of Kevin - Recap

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At a pre-school, children are playing outside and a teacher takes one of the kids to the restroom to wash up. Her eyes glow black as she takes the boy in. A light glows inside and a storm suddenly comes up, frightening the children. As they run for cover, a tornado forms and the bathroom door rips open... revealing that the demon and the boy have disappeared.

Dean is driving down the road when he passes Castiel walking along the side of the road. When he backs up, there's no sign of Castiel. He meets his brother at the cabin they've rented and Sam reports that a boy disappeared from a pre-school and a tornado formed nearby. Other people have vanished and natural disasters have accompanied the disappearances. None of them have anything in common and the brothers head out to investigate.

Crowley is torturing the angel Alfie, who has already given him all the names he has. When Alfie says that the other angels will come for him, Crowley says that they have their own concerns and asks for the rest of the names. Alfie says that the next generation isn't born yet and Crowley believes him... and then tortures him some more. Once he's done, he goes down the hall and speaks with all of the missing people, who are gathered around a table.

Kevin comes back to the abandoned bar where he and his mom Linda are hiding out. She douses him with holy water and insists that they have no life. Linda insists that they have to stop running and take a stand, and make a bomb like the one that he used on Crowley's demon. When Kevin points out that they needed demons to gather the components last time, Linda says that she hired a witch, Delta Mendota, off of Craigslist to put the bomb together. Delta calls in by webcam and tells them that she has most of the ingredients. She asks for the recipe but Linda reminds her about their deal. Delta assures them that she takes her witch business seriously and she's on it.

The Winchesters talk to the teacher, Miss Hagar, and she explains that she doesn't remember anything about what happened. Sam performs a muttered exorcism to see if she's still demon-possessed, and they confirm that she smelled sulfur when she woke up. The brothers go back to the motel, sure that a demon grabbed the boy.

As Sam sleeps, Dean goes over the photos of the missing people and then catches a glimpse of something outside the window. He goes to investigate and Sam wakes up. His brother says that he thought he saw Castiel outside, and earlier on the road. Sam points out that it isn't possible, but Dean insists that he did everything he could to pull their friend out of Purgatory. His brother warns him to move past it before it tears him up and goes back to bed.

Castiel, Dean, and Benny approach the portal and Benny insists that it's there and that "they" promised. Castiel insists on pointing out that there's no proof that an angel can pass through the portal and thanks Dean for everything.

Crowley tells to his abducted victims, who think that he's an alien. He shows them the tablet and none of them recognize the writing. When one of the victims protests, Crowley telekinetically chokes him until he spits up blood. One woman approaches Crowley and tries to translate without success.

Delta comes to the bar and Linda douses her with holy water. She only has brought a small amount of what they need to build the bomb and says that she'll deliver the rest when she gets paid.

Sam checks the Internet and confirms that people are disappearing all over the world under the same circumstances. Dean is in the bathroom washing up and sees Castiel in the mirror. He turns around and Castiel greets him. They sit down with their friend and Castiel says that he hasn't been at full power and couldn't reach them. Dean asks how he made it out and Castiel admits that he can't remember. All he does remember is hiding from the Leviathans and then he found himself at the side of the road. Castiel goes to the bathroom to clean up and Dean stares after him.

The trio arrives at the area where the portal is supposed to be. It appears, reacting to Dean, and he cuts his arm. He then cuts Benny's arm and they merge blood, and Dean starts chanting. Their hands glow and Benny's soul is sucked into Dean's blood. Dean and Castiel climb upward and two Leviathans slam down in front of them.

Dean tells Sam that something is very wrong. He remembers everything that happened to him when he escaped, and he doesn't believe that Castiel is telling the truth. Dean is sure that Castiel couldn't have fought his way out alone, and Sam wonders what did get their friend out. Castiel comes out, clean and shaven.

Once she uses the bathroom, Delta insists on getting paid and Linda reluctantly gives in. She sends Kevin to get her purse in the next room, and he discovers that someone has broken the salt line. Crowley and a demon teleport in and they realize that Delta has betrayed them. He congratulates her and then teleports her away. Linda offers herself but Crowley has no use for her and teleports away with Kevin. Linda grabs a super-soaker filled with holy water, sprays the other demon, and runs away.

Dean returns to the motel and Sam admits that all of the freak disappearances have stopped. When Sam recites the names of the seven missing people, Castiel recites them and says that they're future prophets. Only one can exist at a time, and he figures that Chuck must be dead. None of the prophets know who they are but Crowley obviously does. Castiel says that something is going on as Sam's phone rings. It's Linda and she brings him up to speed on what has happened.

Crowley takes Kevin to the future prophets and says that if he doesn't cooperate then he'll simply kill Kevin and move onto the next. When Kevin figures that Crowley will kill him once he reads the tablet, Crowley points out that he doesn't have a choice. When Kevin still refuses, Crowley levitates one prophet into the air and then makes her explode.

The brothers and Castiel drive to the spot where Linda agreed to meet them.

The Leviathans knocks Dean aside and then beat Castiel repeatedly. He fights back as best he can, delaying them long enough for Dean to recover and decapitate them. The portal starts closing and they climb up to it, but Castiel falls behind. Dean enters the portal and grabs his friend's hand, but Castiel loses his grip and falls back.

Dean asks to talk to Castiel privately and demands to know why he gave up. As Castiel realizes that Dean blames himself, Linda pulls up. She explains what happened and gives them Kevin's notes. When they wonder if she knows where Castiel took Kevin, Linda reveals that she has the demon tied up in the trunk and Dean takes out the demon-killing knife.

Crowley ties Kevin up in a separate room and gives him one last chance to cooperate. When he gets no answer, he cuts off Kevin's finger and Kevin agrees to help. He begins translating and Crowley tells him to skip to the game-changing stuff.

After torturing the demon, the brothers drive to the oil refinery Crowley is using as his base. Sam handcuffs Linda to the wheel so Crowley won't get another hostage. Dean finishes off the demon and they go in.

Kevin finds one section on defensive weapons against demons and another about sealing the gates of Hell. Crowley realizes that the tablet is too dangerous to demons to let fall into human hands.

Sam, Dean, and Castiel head through the refinery, disposing of a demon.

Kevin finds what appears to be a farewell note from the archangel Metatron, God's scribe.

Sam heads off on his own and runs into three demons. He destroys them with one of the demon bombs and finds the room with the remaining prophets.

As Castiel and Dean search for Kevin, a demon attacks Dean, tossing him aside. Castiel grabs the demon and kills him, but Dean realizes that the effort has left his friend drained.

Kevin finishes reading Metatron's note referring to a compendium and Crowley demands to know what it means.

Dean tries to pick the lock on the chamber and Castiel says that he's going in.

As Crowley realizes that there are other tablets, Castiel arrives. He tells Crowley that Kevin is coming with him and draws his angelic knife. Crowley has one of his own and tells Castiel that he isn't up for it. Castiel radiates all of his power and Crowley grabs the tablet. Castiel slams his fist down, shattering the table and breaking the tablet in half, and Crowley escapes with one half.

Sam and Dean call in the police to pick up the prophets, while Sam tells Linda and Kevin that Garth will look after them. Kevin vows to seal up the demons forever and Sam tells them to lie low. Meanwhile, Dean tells Castiel that he made a bone-head move. Castiel says that it wasn't Dean's responsibility to get him out of Purgatory and asks if he remembers. He realizes that Dean remembered it the way he had to, touches Dean on the forehead, and tells him to look at it the way it really happened.

Dean enters the portal and reaches back for Castiel. Castiel breaks his grip and tells him to go.

Castiel tells Dean that he pulled away because he didn't want to be saved. He insists that he belonged in Purgatory to do penance for the things he did on Earth and Heaven. Castiel planned to stay all along but couldn't tell Dean. As he tells Dean that he can't save everyone, Sam comes over and Castiel tells him that they've set a few things straight.

Castiel suddenly finds himself in an office. A woman, Naomi, greets him and says that he's home. She introduces herself and says that they rescued him from Purgatory at the cost of many lives. Naomi tells him to tell her everything he knows about the Winchesters. Castiel tells her everything he knows and wonders why, and Naomi tells him to report in regularly and forget he ever met her.

Castiel finds himself right where he was in the middle of the conversation. He doesn't remember what happened and assures them that he's with them. As Castiel walks off, Sam asks Dean if he's good with the angel and Dean says that he is.