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Hunteri Heroici - Recap

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In Oklahoma City, Gary Frieling meets his mistress Olivia Kopple in the park. He admits that he didn't think she would come after the last time, and Olivia admits that she didn't think so either. As they hold hands, Olivia hears Gary's heart thumping. He clutches at his chest and Olivia stares in horror as his heart beats out against his skin and then erupts outward.

Dean and Sam stop for gas and Sam is talking with Linda Tran. He finally gets her to hang up and tells Dean that Garth got them to the houseboat and Kevin is having trouble reading the half of the tablet they have. Dean checks in with Castiel, who admits that he isn't listening in on angel frequencies if he wants. When the brothers wonder why, Castiel explains that he doesn't want anything to do with Heaven anymore. He's decided that he still wants to help people so he's going to become a hunter. Castiel tells them that he's found a case: a man's heart jumped out of his heart in Oklahoma City. As he prepares to teleport away, Dean tells him that if he wants to be a hunter then he has to drive there like a normal person.

In Oklahoma City, Detective Glass shows them Gary's corpse and Castiel confirms that he wasn't taking drugs before he died. She takes a call and steps out, and Castiel analyzes the corpse based on its odor. However, he doesn't know that Gary was having an affair with Olivia because she gave too much detail in her statement. Castiel is duly impressed with their deductive abilities.

Sam is helping Amelia move in to her new home when he finds her wedding scrapbook. She comes in and warns that her father is coming and may think that they're moving too fast, but Sam assures her that they're making up for long time. When Stan arrives, he doesn't think much of Sam or the house. When she goes to get something for them to drink, Sam tries to explain what he does now. Stan isn't impressed that Sam works in maintenance and says that Sam looks like a fixer-upper.

Sam and Dean talk to Gary's wife and Castiel offers to interrogate her. He starts as Columbo and progresses to violence, and Dean quickly calls him away. They watch as Sam starts to question Mrs. Frieling. Olivia, the next-door neighbor, comes in and Castiel blurts out that Gary was sleeping with Olivia. However, Mrs. Frieling says that she knew and that she and Gary had an arrangement.

In town, a man is atop a roof and preparing to jump onto the street below. He steps out to jump... and floats in mid-air. The man figures that God wants him to live and then he drops like a rock. Detective Glass calls Castiel and the Winchesters in and assures them that it was a suicide. However, she has two witnesses that saw the man float for ten seconds before he fell. They realize that it's something out of a cartoon and try to explain to Castiel what cartoons are. When that doesn't work, they go back to the motel and have him watch some on TV. Castiel figures that he understands while Dean admits that he doesn't know what they're up against. As they haggle over sleeping arrangements, Castiel hears a broadcast on the police frequency about a bank robbery that sounds "loony."

The trio arrives at the bank and find Detective Glass there. The third victim, a security guard, has been squashed beneath an anvil. The guard interrupted a thief and died. Glass explains that the robber has been hitting multiple locations and each time he or she paints two large black dots on the walls. Once she leaves, Dean has Castiel lift the anvil. There's a large X on the floor and Dean figures that the killer is following the rules of the cartoons. They check the black dot but are unable to pass through it into the vault.

Back at the motel that night, Castiel reads John's journal and Dean asks how he's doing. The angel says that he's fine but Dean suggests that he might go to Heaven and find out how he got out of Purgatory. Castiel refuses and snaps at him when he persists. He finally admits that when he was possessed by the Leviathans, he vaporized thousands of angels. Dean wonders if the angels might try and kill him but Castiel is worried that he might kill himself when he sees what he did.

Sam comes in and informs them that the thief robbed a house near the park where Gary died and at the same time. The suicide died near another building that the thief was robbing, and neighbors near the other robbery sites reported strange cartoon-like activities. They figure that the thief's power creates a bubble of weirdness that he can't control except with the security guard. Sam has also confirmed that each robbery involved a home belonging to a retiree at the Sunset Retirement Home.

The trio goes to the retirement home and asks the manager, Dr. Dwight Mahoney, for permission to talk with his residents. They split up and Dean and Castiel talk to a woman, Sheila Tate, whose house was robbed. She mistakes Castiel for her dead husband Charles and admits that she hid diamonds there. When Dean wonders if she's noticed anything strange, Mrs. Tate says that the cat has been talking about how much it hates the mouse and Castiel goes to interrogate the cat.

Sam notices one resident staring off into space and the orderly figures that some of them couldn't take the real world.

Amelia makes dinner for Sam and Stan. They traditionally have spaghetti and hot dogs because Stan was in the Army and moved around a lot. Sam comments that his father was in the Marines but Stan isn't impressed with the jarheads. When Amelia goes back to the kitchen, Stan says that he thought Sam served because he has the look of someone who has been through a lot. He suggests that Sam is trying to just hold on and figures that Amelia is doing the same. Stan knows why Amelia ran after her husband died, and wonders what Sam is hiding from.

Dean checks in with Sam and they realize they haven't come up with anything. However, Sam sees a photo on the board and reminds Dean about a contact of John's, Fred Jones. He was a psychokinetic and the boys met him when they were young. Fred is staying at the retirement home and the brothers call Castiel over and go to Fred's room.

Fred is in his room watching cartoons and doesn't seem to recognize the Winchesters or even respond to them. Dean tests their theory that Fred is surrounded by weirdness by hitting himself in the head and hearing birdies. They wonder how to turn Fred off and Castiel suggests that they kill him. Mahoney comes in and overhears Castiel, and escorts them out. Castiel suggests that he teleport Fred out but Sam warns that anything could set the man off. The brothers have Castiel keep an invisible eye on Fred while they come back that night.

Later, Mrs. Tate is celebrating her birthday in the common room while Fred sits nearby, absently making the channels turn with his mind. He sees Woody Woodpecker lighting an explosive candle and stares. Meanwhile, Mrs. Tate blows out the candle on her cake and it explodes. The RN tries to clean her up while Castiel calls in the Winchesters and explains what happened. Sam confirms that Fred has disappeared. As the RN takes Mrs. Tate out, Castiel notices that she's wearing Mrs. Tate's diamonds. The RN says that her boyfriend gave the bracelet to her.

The trio goes to the boyfriend's apartment and finds the stolen items from the robberies. They find the orderly from the retirement center, bleeding from a gutshot. Castiel heals him and the brothers interrogate him. The orderly says that he discovered Fred's abilities and told Mahoney, and Mahoney started doing experiments. The center manager was always crooked, embezzling the funds, and found out where his residents had their money and valuables hidden. He then drove around with Fred and used his weirdness bubble to commit the robberies. Mahoney panicked when the Winchesters showed up and decided to kill the orderly and Fred. He's heading back to the bank with Fred for one last robbery and then plans to kill the psychokinetic.

Outside, the trio gets into the Impala and Castiel wonders if Fred knows what he's doing. Dean figures that he's living in a dream world.

Sam is washing dishes as Stan talks to his daughter in the other room. He insists that she needs to come home and that her life with Sam won't last. Amelia insists that she's happy with Sam and she hasn't been for a long time. She asks her father to give them a chance and walks away. Stan goes over and offers to help Sam with the dishes, trying to be friendly.

The trio approaches the bank and Dean goes to the building while Sam and Castiel search around. Dean finds a black hole in the wall and discovers he can reach through it. Meanwhile, Castiel senses Fred's power coming from a nearby van. He opens the back and finds Fred inside, watching cartoons. Fred is still non-responsive and Castiel takes Fred's hand before Sam can stop him...

Sam and Castiel find themselves standing in a cartoon desert. Castiel explains that they're inside of Fred's mind and Fred appears. He demands to know who they are and Sam introduces himself. Fred remembers Sam as a child but doesn't remember that any time has passed, and wonders why Sam is there.

Mahoney is using more black holes to rob the safe deposit boxes. Dean comes in with a gun and holds the doctor at gunpoint.

When Sam explains what's happening, Fred insists that he's lying. He doesn't believe that his power works that way but Sam points out that Fred has been spending more time internally then externally. Fred tells him that the worst thing that can happen to someone like him is losing his mind.

Mahoney offers Dean half of the take. When Dean refuses, Mahoney defends his actions, insisting that he's been taking care of the residents when no one else would. He makes a run for it and Dean fires, only to discover that his gun now fires a "bang" flag.

Fred admits that he always loved cartoons as a kid.

Dean tackles Mahoney, complete with captions, and Mahoney hits Dean with a frying pan. He explains that he's been dealing with cartoon craziness for months and came prepared. However, Dean has made a preparation of his own and lured Mahoney onto a black X that he painted. They dive aside as an anvil drops on the X.

Sam tells Fred to take control and admits that he knows what it's like to hide. However, he warns Fred that eventually whatever is looking for him will come along. When that happens, trying to keep the dream alive will destroy everything. The walls fade to white as Sam and Castiel look on.

Mahoney runs for the black hole but discovers that it's solid. The doctor draws a gun on Dean but Fred comes in and tells Mahoney that he won't hurt anyone again. He uses his powers and makes Mahoney shoot himself in the head. Fred looks around and realizes what he's done, and admits that in a month or a year he'll lose control again and someone will get hurt. Castiel says that there might be a way to stop, but warns that the procedure is painful. He's not sure how much of Fred will be left when he's done, and Fred tells him to get on with it.

Back at the retirement center, the brothers look at Fred as he sits in his wheelchair, smiling. He doesn't notice them but assures the Winchesters that Fred is happy. As they prepare to leave, Castiel says that he...

Castiel appears in Naomi's office. She tells him that she won't let him return to Heaven. Castiel explains that he's been trying to avoid what he did in Heaven and wants to make things right. However, Naomi tells him to only come when she summons him. When he wonders what he should do, Naomi asks what he wants to do.

… should stay with Fred and watch over him for a few days. He doesn't know what he'll do, but he says that he can't run anymore.

Stan describes Amelia's performance in a childhood pageant over a few beers. As Amelia answers the phone, Sam watches Stan open a bottle with his bare hand and says that his brother used to do that. He says that he lost Dean and ran, and Stan offers his condolences. Meanwhile, a shocked Amelia finishes her call and then comes back. She tells them that Don is alive.

As Sam and Dean leave, Castiel sits down next to Fred and watches him, smiling.