Blood Brother - Recap

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In Eagle Harbor, Washington, a man, Quentin, walks down an alleyway. Benny approaches him and Quentin is surprised to realize that he's alive. The vampire reminds Quentin that he held down his legs while the old man ordered his people to saw off Benny's head. Benny demands to know where the old man is and when Quentin refuses, Benny takes out a large knife. Two of Quentin's fellow vampires come out and Quentin says that the Old Man is going to want to see Benny for himself. Benny tells him if they kill him then he knows who he'll see when he goes where he's going. He then decapitates Quentin and turns to the other two vampires.

In Enid, OR, Sam and Dean break into a motel room and discover that Kevin has left another false credit card trail. Sam points out that Dean did try to kill Kevin's mother. Someone calls Dean and he goes outside, claiming there aren't enough bars. Outside, he talks to the badly injured Benny, who admits that he messed up. Meanwhile, Sam looks outside the window and sees Dean talking. Benny tells Dean that his legs aren't working so well. He says that he needs to ask for one more favor as he crawls toward a nearby fuel tanker.

Dean goes back inside and says that he has to go because he has some personal business to take care of. He tells Sam to stay in Kevin's room and do some research to find Kevin while he takes one day off. Dean drives off and remembers his time back in Purgatory, fighting back-to-back with Benny.

At the motel, Sam starts to check on Amelia but hears something moving in the ceiling. He goes to the bathroom and checks the bathroom exhaust vent.

At the hotel where he's staying, Sam pays the clerk, Everett. When Sam notices that the air conditioning is running erratically, he offers to fix it and Everett says that Sam can stay on as a maintenance man if he can fix it.

Sam fixes the bathroom fan.

Dean arrives at the docks and goes to the tanker freighter where Benny said he'd be. He finds Benny's car and a cooler filled with blood, and goes aboard the freighter. Benny is in the hold and Dean gives him some of the blood. Once Benny recovers, they check into a motel and Benny thanks Dean for his help. When Dean wonders what was going on, Benny avoids the question and says that he has his own deal. Dean doesn't buy it and demands an answer.

As Dean and Benny fight off the attacking monsters, Castiel uses his powers to kill the last creature. The angel agrees with Benny that he may not be able to use the portal that Benny and Dean intend to go. Dean refuses to abandon his friend, insisting they'll do it if it kills all three of them.

Benny tells Dean that he came for Quentin, a member of his nest. He's hunting for his Maker so that he can kill him before he kills him again.

Sam sits outside his room and works on his laptop. He notices a woman going over to an ice machine.

Sam works on the motel ice machine and gets it working. Everett sends him to work on a woman's sink and is surprised when Amelia comes in. She's shocked to see Sam there and he explains that he's fixing her sink.

Benny and Dean go through Quentin's belongings and find a list with some weird names. All of them are crossed off except one and Benny realizes that they're the launch times of yachts. He explains that his nest of vampires keep a small fleet of pleasure craft and circle the Americas. Some vampires would hang around the yachts in dock, find out when they were leaving, and contact the others to hijack the ships and feed on the crew. The Maker rents legitimately and Dean finds a cable bill for Prentiss Island.

As they drive to the docks, Benny explains that when he was turned, his Maker meant everything to him. The Maker believed that he was a supreme being just like the ones he created and became jealous. He never left the vampires out of his presence, but Benny met a Greek heiress, Andrea Kormos. The vampire fell in love and joined her crew, giving up his life as a vampire. They settled in Louisiana but the Maker and his pack found Benny. They beheaded him for his betrayal and the Maker tore out Andrea's throat.

When they get to the docks, Dean and Benny steal a boat and head for the island. Once they land, they approach the nest and Dean considers sending a text message to Sam but then thinks better of it. Benny says that the forest reminds him of Purgatory and says that he's having trouble accepting the real world. Dean insists that they're real and believing that is the only way to cope.

Dean and Benny find the Maker's manor and break in. As they search the place and Dean moves on, Benny finds a photo of Andrea as Andrea comes down the stairs and calls to him. Another vampire knocks Benny out from behind and then the rest of the nest arrives to beat him while Dean watches from hiding.

When Benny wakes up, he discovers that the vampires have chained him to a chair. He realizes that the Maker turned Andrea, who is looking on with the others. Meanwhile, Sam calls Dean but he ignores the call as he dodges a vampire patrolling the halls. Sam checks on Amelia again.

Sam tells Amelia that someone jammed lines down the sink and she asks why he's there. He says that he's helping out and asks why Amelia is staying in a motel when she moved in three months ago. Amelia says that she hasn't found a place yet and tells Sam to go, and he gives her the keys and leaves.

Dean calls Sam and asks what he wants, and explains that he's in the middle of a vampire's nest. When Sam wonders why Dean went in alone, Dean says that he has a friend.

Andrea tells one of the older vampires, Sorento, to bring the Maker. Once he leaves, Benny wonders why she's so highly placed and Andrea says that the Maker trusts her judgment and she answers only to him. When Benny says that she's sleeping with the Maker, Andrea slaps him and then tells the vampires to get what the Maker needs. Once they're alone, Andrea kisses Benny and tells him that the Maker changed his mind for some reason. Benny apologizes, blaming himself, but she assures him that he never hid anything from her. He wonders why she stayed with the nest and Andrea reminds him of what it's like when one has a new life. Benny says that he understands and Andrea gives him a knife, reminding him that they can't kill their Maker. Since Benny came back from the grave, it proves that the Maker isn't all-powerful. He tells her that he came to stop the killing and Andrea tells him to do it and then they'll be together. Sorento returns and tells Andrea that the Maker wants Benny brought to him.

Sam argues with Dean about going off on his own to hunt, and Dean texts him his location and hangs up. He leaves the phone on a table, decapitating a vampire when he finds it. However, another vampire enters the hallway behind him.

Sorento brings Benny to the Maker, who asks how he came back to the real world. Benny says that he'll just have to show him and the Maker says that he regretted having to kill him. He turned Andrea so that he would have someone to remember Benny by and as a measure of revenge.

Two vampires spot Dean hauling away a corpse and go after him, and he decapitates them as well.

As they travel through Purgatory, Benny explains that he stopped feeding on humans. Dean isn't convinced but Benny points out that it doesn't matter because they won't make it out of Purgatory since Castiel is attracting attention. Castiel spots a Leviathan and tells the others to run.

Sam leaves the motel and steals a car.

The dog goes back to Amelia's room and Sam chases after it. Amelia is somewhat amused and Sam assures her that Dog is doing fine. He congratulates her on her surgical work and she points out that he's kind of creepy. When Amelia figures that he doesn't know where he's going, Sam sits down and says that she's the same because she has no one. She admits that she used to have someone but it's gone and figures that Sam knows what it's like.

Sam still isn't able to get hold of Dean and speeds up.

The Maker warns Benny that he never lets things go and Benny asks why he has so little after living so long. When the Maker says that he has Andrea, Benny reveals that he's not handcuffed. Sorento attacks him and is surprised when Benny easily dodges his attack and then decapitates him. Benny turns to the Maker, who says that he's seen so much that it all means nothing but evil to keep him interested. He tells Benny that he doesn't get it and that they're not alive. Benny slams him into a cabinet and tells him to get back up, but the Maker refuses to get up and that he will end his life the way he chooses. The Maker doesn't fight back and Benny takes a knife out and says that he's going to show him a new world.

A few minutes later, Benny goes to Andrea, shows her his bloody knife, and tells him that the Maker is dead. As he takes her hand, Andrea asks where they're going. Benny realizes that she isn't leaving and Andrea says that they have everything they need right there. She wants to roam the high seas, plundering together, and Benny says that all he wanted was to put her memory to rest and leave a burning crater behind. Andrea tells him that she's right there and Benny says that what he loved isn't there anymore, snuffed out by monsters like him and the Maker. When Andrea asks if she thinks he's better than her, Benny says that they're all damned. Andrea bares her fangs just as Dean comes up, stabs her through the chest, and decapitates her.

As they go to the boat, Benny asks Dean why he kept his word and resurrected him. Dean asks if he's good and Benn says that he doesn't know what he is anymore.

Benny, Dean, and Castiel run but Leviathans slam down from the sky, blocking their path. Dean kills one and Benny decapitates the other before it can kill Castiel. He offers his hand to the angel and helps him up.

When Dean and Benny get back to the dock, Sam is waiting for them. Benny introduces himself and Sam shakes his hand. Dean sees Sam going for a knife and shakes his head, and Benny leaves them to talk things out.