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Citizen Fang - Recap

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At Carencro, LA, the waitress, Elizabeth, tells the chef at the gumbo shack to close everything down. Benny, posing as a chef named Roy, assures her that he can handle it. Once she leaves, one of the remaining customers admits that Elizabeth is quite a girl and asks Benny if he has any designs on her. Benny says that he isn't and the man says that he's considering it. The other customer, hunter Martin Creaser, calls Benny over for a refill.

Later, Benny closes the diner and leaves for the night. Martin follows Benny into the swamps and the vampire easily hears him. He moves on ahead and a minute later, Martin hears signs of a struggle. He draws his knife and moves forward, tripping over the body of the dead customer. The man's throat is torn out and blood is everywhere.

As Dean picks up some food, Sam gets a call and tells the caller to hang tight. When Dean gets in the Impala, Sam tells him that they have a vamp kill in Carencro and their friend Martin is the source. Dean points out that Martin was at an insane asylum and Sam explains that the doctors released him. He called Sam, who asked Martin to watch Benny. Dean doesn't believe it but Sam points out that hunters don't let vampires walk around freely. Now Martin is saying that Benny has killed someone, and Dean says that they should look into it.

The brothers arrive in Carencro and meet up with Martin at his hotel room. He explains that he's been watching Benny for a week and he was fine until the previous night. Martin followed him home, heard a scream, and found the customer. Dean asks how he knows Benny did it if he didn't see anything, but Martin insists that there's no other explanation. Martin realizes that Dean knows the vampire and Dean says that he's not going to rush to judgment. He asks Sam for some time and Martin objects, but Dean says that he needs a couple hours and if it's Benny then he'll deal with it. Sam agrees and Dean takes off, and Martin says that they should go after Benny immediately. Sam refuses and admits that it's not easy to see things for what they are.

Sam is outside playing with the dog when Amelia comes out. He asks what she plans to say to her husband Don now that they've discovered he's alive, and says that he's not ready to give up what they have. Amelia agrees and asks for a few days alone to clear her head and Sam agrees.

Dean goes to the gumbo shack and asks Elizabeth for some pie. As they talk, he notices some photos of Benny posted on the cash register. He asks after Benny and Elizabeth tells him that the cook works on the night shift. She tells Dean that Benny said he was taking a few days off and Dean gives her his number so Benny can reach him if he comes back.

Outside, Dean calls Benny's phone and leaves a message warning his friend that it looks like he killed someone.

That night, Benny checks his phone but doesn't take the message. He then looks down at a woman's bloody corpse.

The next day, Benny is burying the corpse when Dean finds him. The vampire says that he's not the killer and Dean, holding a knife behind his back, asked who he buried. Benny admits that it as the second victim and says that he ignored his calls because he didn't want to involve Dean. The vampire asks if Dean is going to talk, and Dean holds onto the knife but invites him to start talking. Benny explains that a rogue vampire named Desmond arrive in town. He knew Benny from the old days and was hoping Benny would give him some cred when he starts a new nest. Benny said no so Desmond is leaving corpses to roust Benny out.

When the vampire says that no one is going to kick him out of his hometown, Dean realizes that it's Benny's hometown. Benny found a family member to keep him accountable: Elizabeth, his great-granddaughter. Dean hastily assures his friend that he didn't make any moves on her. Elizabeth doesn't know who Benny really is and he wants to keep it that way. Benny knows about Martin and isn't concerned, but Dean warns his friend that Sam is on his trail. Despite that, Benny says that he has to deal with Desmond, but Dean tells him that he needs to sit on the sidelines while he convinces Sam and Martin to go after Desmond.

Dean goes back to the motel and tells Sam and Martin what Benny said. Martin doesn't believe it and grows increasingly angry. Sam asks if they're going on trust, pointing out that it's never gone well for them in the past. Dean admits that every relationship he's had has gone to crap, but he knows Benny has never let him down. Sam gripes about how Dean has finally found someone he can trust and then says that Dean is too close to Benny. Dean warns them that if they do go after Benny, Sam will likely die and Martin won't last a minute. Martin knocks Dean out and tells Sam that he's made his choice and now they need to do their job.

After handcuffing Dean to the radiator, Martin leaves with Sam and talks about what John would have thought if he knew Dean was working with a vampire. Sam pushes him against the wall and threatens to take him off the case if Martin doesn't follow his lead. Martin agrees but says that he knows how he'd feel if his brother chose a vampire over him.

Sam is drinking at a bar when Don approaches him and assures him that he isn't there to fight. Don doesn't blame either one of them for what happened and will respect Amelia's decision no matter who she chooses. He figures that Sam will do the same if he loves her and Sam agrees.

Dean manages to pick the lock on the handcuffs and then calls Benny. Benny is in the woods looking at a photo of himself and Elizabeth when he takes the call. Dean warns him that Sam and Martin are on the way, but Benny says that he's not worried. He insists on going with Dean and offers him Desmond's location. Benny explains that he plans to fake joining up with Desmond and asks Dean if he's in or out.

That night, Martin and Sam close in on Benny's location. Amelia sends a text message to Sam asking for her help right away. Meanwhile, Martin finds the photo and looks up only to discover that Sam is driving off.

Dean meets Benny outside the vampire's lair and asks what the plan is as he loads up on hunting tools. They go inside the old boathouse and split up to look around. Desmond grabs Dean and throws him down. When Dean tries to stab him with a syringe of dead man's blood, Desmond breaks his hand and scratches Dean's throat. As Desmond prepares to feed, Benny decapitates Desmond and helps Dean up. He looks at the blood for a moment and then turns away, saying that he's fine.

Outside, Benny figures that his life there is over and Dean admits that it is once word gets out. Even if Benny could take out the hunters, Dean would have a problem with him. Dean says that guys like them don't have family, but Benny points out that Dean has Sam. Benny figures that he has to go underground, but tells Dean that he has one last thing to do.

Sam tries to call Amelia but she doesn't answer.

Sam is packing when Amelia comes in and asks what he's doing. He explains that he's leaving and she figures that Don threatened him. Sam says that he's just trying to do the right thing and tells Amelia to give Don a chance like she gave Sam. He admits that Amelia saved him.

Benny says that he's going to the gumbo shack and looks at Elizabeth one last time. Dean says that it's time to go and Benny thanks his friend for standing by him. The vampire drives off and Dean calls Martin to tell him that there was another vampire and they killed him. He tells Martin not to follow Benny and the hunter says that he's already long gone. Before he hangs up, Dean tells Martin to find a new line of work.

Martin goes to the diner and borrows Elizabeth's phone, and then calls Benny's number on it. When Elizabeth comes over, Martin chats with her briefly to make sure that Benny knows she's there. Once she walks away, Benny tells Martin to leave her alone. The hunter confirms that Benny is an hour away and tells him that he has 45 minutes to get there.

When Benny returns to the gumbo shack, the lights are off and Elizabeth is tied to a chair in the main room. Martin is hiding behind her and threatens to cut her throat if Benny doesn't surrender. Benny tells him to let Elizabeth go, but Martin refuses. The vampire tries to reassure Elizabeth that everything will be okay but she wonders what is going on. Martin realizes that she doesn't know and calls Benny by his real name. He then inflicts a narrow cut on Elizabeth's throne and tells her to watch as Benny shows signs of hunger. The vampire turns away, trying to control himself, and Martin says that Benny won't feed on his own flesh and blood. The hunter tells Benny to tell Elizabeth about the monster he is and all the dead that he's left behind.

After a moment, Benny regains control and asks Martin what he wants. The hunter wants him dead and Benny steps forward and rests his head on the counter. Elizabeth begs him not to do it and Benny says that he's sorry. Martin steps over to decapitate him and Elizabeth screams.

Sam pulls up to Amelia's home, draws his gun, and approaches the house. He sees Don and Amelia inside, happily watching television, and lowers his gun. Sam goes back to the car, smiles for a moment, and drives away.

Dean is driving when Elizabeth calls him using the phone number Dean gave her earlier, and Dean asks what's wrong. All Elizabeth can say is for him to come. When Dean pulls up to the gumbo shack, a shell-shocked Elizabeth is sitting on the porch. He wipes the blood off her neck and goes inside. The floor is covered in blood and the place is torn up. Martin is dead on the floor, his neck torn out.

Sam goes to a bar and looks at the text message that Amelia supposedly sent. He calls the number back and Dean answers one of the burner phones in the glove compartment. Sam realizes that Dean played him and wants to know what happened. When Dean tells his brother that Benny killed Martin, Sam hangs up rather than hear an explanation. As he turns to go, he finds Amelia waiting for him.